The magic orb is a small purple-blue colored sphere. It hovers around the user and bestows upon him infinite mana or magic points (what ever you use). It lasts forever unless destroyed. It only has a toughness of about a solid glass ball, so it is easily smashed. It will only leave the owner if he/she dies or is the owner doesn't wish to own it any more. In this case it hovers slowly to the ground waiting for some one to come by and pick it up.

Magical Properties:

It bestows infinite mana to the owner.
Disables defensive magic.
Any magic cast directly onto the orb will be disabled by the orb.
Defensive spells do not, I repeat DO NOT, work on the orb at all.

It can only be destroyed by a physical manner.
It can be pushed out of orbit and if so it floats slowly to the ground giving a chance for your enemy to pick it up and use it against you.
If it is cracked it looses all of its power and color, turning into a clear ball of glass-like material, then falls to the ground. (Falls not hovers, it could break this way.)
It cannot be repaired by any means what so ever.

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