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Liberty’s Call is a Private Military Corporation. In other words, mercenaries. However, their policy differs from that other other PMC’s in that the Almighty Dollar takes backseat to ethics and morality. If you give a Liberty’s Call employee the option of getting one million dollars or saving a good man’s life, he’ll hurry over, save the guy’s life, and then punch you in the face for even asking (and maybe take the money while he’s out- they aren’t saints, you know). Formed in the fires of the great Mercenary’s War of 2010, Liberty’s Call still continues to be shining example to other mercenary organizations, and has even branched into other, related areas of business, which help them pay for their many humanitarian (and bullet-related) ventures.


On July 3rd, 2009, Sergent Chef Jacques 'Cheval' Robespierre was honorably discharged from the French Foreign Legion at the age of fifty-two, after a long and distinguished career in the infantry. Having spent his entire life in the Legion, Robespierre suddenly found himself in a world he neither understood or gave a rat’s ass about. Unable to work many manual jobs due to the reason of his discharge (crippling injury, in the form of a missing right arm), this former hero soon found himself in debt. However, that’s when he met an old friend of his, an American by the name of Paul Uris. Uris was a former Navy SEAL, who was discharged due to funding issues, and had experienced the same times of desperation that Robespierre was going through. In order to solve it, though, he had decided he would do something that would allow him to continue to use his skills- but in a civilian and legal setting. feeling sorry for his French compatriot, he invited him to become his co-founder. The two men assembled a group of other veterans, civilians, and disenfranchised individuals, and made true fighting men out of all of them. Coming together to decide a name, Jacques suggested Liberty’s Call, since he got the boot one day before the American Independence Day.

The outfit started out pretty small, with enough men two for, maybe, one infantry battalion, with helicopter support. They quickly made a name for themselves in the closing days of the Iraq War, launching blistering raids against large insurgent strongholds in the mountains, eliminating all hostiles, and pulling out before a counter-attack is launched from another base. With the funds recieved from the American government and the new Iraqi government, Liberty’s call was able to afford the creation of another battalion, along with light armored support.

The turning point of the corporation’s fame, and the end for their search for an identity, came when the Darfur genocide reached its peak, with thousands dying every day. The world, watching the horror unfold, stood as one and demanded that their governments defend these poor people. Eventually, the ambassador of the United States stood up in the UN and declared, in a clear and uncompromising voice, that the US would be forming a UN interdiction force to stabilize the region. He was quickly shouted down by other representatives, who often had their own ideas. The Chinese government wanted to simply enforce a world-wide trade embargo on the Sudan, the representative of Belgium attempted to railroad a humanitarian package through the assembly… and all the while, the world watched this grotesque display of selfishness and political self-interest with quiet disgust.

And one of those people was Jacques Robespierre.

Within mere minutes of seeing he outburst on the UN floor, Robespierre sprinted through the building, searching for his partner. He knew politics, he knew the signs: it could take months for the UN to decide on an ultimately ineffective course of action, and maybe even as long as a year to actually deploy anyone to enforce it. He knew that something was needed much sooner and faster than that. Finally, he managed to locate his partner having a board meeting with four other mercenary organization owners. He stormed in and and declared,' The people in Darfur need help, and we mercenaries are the ones who shall give it- with or without the government!' The assembled PMC’s were shocked by his proposal, but soon became impressed by his planning and strategy. The first mercenary boots, both belonging to Robespierre, hit the ground in Darfur within the month, and within just a few weeks over 7,000 mercenaries were present.

Like most wars, this one began with a bang, as two companies of Allied infantry launched a raid on a government refinery (who has been accused of indirectly allowing the genocide by suppressing information), destroying it and making off with over $20 million’s worh of oil and killing almost fifty guards. No casualties were taken. Eight more attacks of a similar nature were launched within the week against Janjaweed bases and government facilities near the front, bringing the inital death-toll up to around 600 targets killed, at the cost of only twelve operatives.

Like any sane government, the Sudanese were enraged by these upstarts and sent three divisions, with armored regiments, to quell the uprising. However, the Sudanese forces, in their very first engagement, were completely butchered by the Allied mercenaries in the Battle of the Ridges, where the mercs, holding a line of geographical ridges, held off a company of armored cavalry and a full regiment of mechanized infantry. Overall mercenary casualties consisted of 20 men, out of the 1,000 soldiers present. The Sudanese military soon became bogged down in their own country, fighting a highly-trained and well-equipped military force the likes of which the world has never seen before.

However, Liberty’s Call was also under fire, but from collection agencies. Due to the immense costs of financing the war effort, Liberty’s call was now broke. Luckily, the people of the world intervened. Seeing how well the mercenaries were protecting the locals, many humanitarian organziations donated great sums of money to the organization to keep it running and ready for action. Its training facilities overflowed with new members, and its coffers were filled with enough cash to, as Robespierre and Uris put it,'Win this war the fun way.'

With all of their new resources, Liberty’s call launched a revitalized campaign, luanching small-scale, purely earch-and-destroy invasion of other Sudanese provinces, which would often last for a few weeks until pulling out. Soon enough, the death toll for all Sudanese military and paramilitary forces reached over 12,000; in comparison, perhaps 53 contractors had been killed by enemy fire, with roughly 227 critically wounded. Embarassed beyond words by this degrading assault, the Sudanese Prime Minister, at the verge of tears, ordered the withdrawal of all Jinjaweed and official military forces out of Darfur. The mercs had one.

It was that day that Liberty’s Call became the spectre of freedom. Thanks to their non-political affiliations, they are able to launch missions that would drive their government crazy, and achieve things that the American military could never accomplish for political reasons. Having now expanded to a size of almost 12,500 contractors, Liberty’s Call is now one of the best organizations out there, and all of their members are proud to serve.


The training regimen for incoming Liberty’s Call personnel is a truly intense experience. The process begins at the local recruiting facility, of which there are at least half a dozen. At these small bases, new recruits are processed, equipped, and given their first paycheck, an homage to the old English practice of giving drunken men a single shilling, thus paying them their first check and 'officially' inducting them into the armed forces. The recruits will stay here for about two weeks, drilling intensively in marksmanship and basic survival knowledge, before taking the long ride over to the main training installation outside of Portland, Oregon.

The very second those men take a step off of the bus into the facility, they are stepping into the most difficult week of training- the very same week that induces an 80% drop-out rate in recruits. Once the first recruit steps off the bus, the entire formation is swarmed by Drill Instructors, or D.I.‘s, shouting and screaming at them, mocking everything about them, and giving as many orders to them as possible. These orders often conflict, but the main purpose is not in their completion, but in that through this, the recruits can show their discipline and willingness to follow orders, as well as their knowledge of military protocol. Rifles are re-issued to the recruits, who are almost immediately taken to the firing range for their very first marksmanship test. This test is purely sink-or-swim: if a recruit cannot meet standards, he or she is immediately kicked out of the unit. If the cadets pass this initial test, then they’re allowed to stay in for the entirety of the year-long training process.

Well, provided that they pass the monthly marksmanship, leadership, and survival tests.

And conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

And are able to handle massive amounts of verbal abuse from their D.I.‘s.

This whole process takes a massive, precisely chosen toll on the number of cadets, designed to create a small but elite unit of soldiers capable of any task. As an example of the 'losses,' One doesn’t need to look any further than the recruitment levels of the year 2011, the largest year on record. When the year started, over 23,000 individuals applied for membership.

Of those, 16,000 made it to boot-camp’s first day.

Only around 1,300 of those managed to to survive the first week.

Out of those, 893 managed to graduate.

Yes, it’s that bloody tough.

Many complain that the standards are far too high, especially for a mercenary organization, but the men of Liberty’s Call usually respond with something along the lines of, 'So what? We’re tough, you’re not. Get over it and go join Blackwater or something, you wuss.'


To start this off with a clean slate, let’s get one thing straight: Liberty’s call is NOT a tank unit. It will never BE a tank unit.


Alright, that’s over now. As I was saying, Liberty’s call does not operate heavy armored vehicles- the heaviest ground hardware they’ve got is some IFV’s, and they don’t even have very many of those, anyways. The majority of ground vehicles in their arsenal consist of Humvee’s and attack buggies- light attack and special operations equipment.

The air, though, is a different story. Liberty’s Call operates hundreds of different helicopters, transports, and even fighter-bombers! Deployed from friendly airbases, the airfleet of Liberty’s Call can devestate entire nations and end wars before any ground forces need be deployed.

Many times, though, simply threatening devestating airtstrikes won’t make the enemy quake in their shoes and beg for mercy. Many times, such a thing requires the sacred blood of the organization’s infamous heavy infantry. These men, the consummate experts of warfare, arrive on the battlefield with the finest equipment known to man. The standard issue armament for the contractors is the M82 Banshee assault rifle, so named because of its rather loud fire, which even silencers have issues keeping quiet. The weapon was designed by a coalition of H&K, Fabrique National, and Browning, carries a 75-round, 8mm magazine,is accurate up to around 800 meters (with the appropriate sights or scopes), Can fire in full auto, semi-auto, or three different burst levels, and comes with an extensive rail system to which over 300 different weapons or tools can be attached, with a maximum of around 12 at one time, making the weapon incredibly versatile. The gun has been tested in extreme conditions to see how reliable it is. After unbelievably taxing trials (pouring mud down the barrel and then simply using a wet rag to clean it out, filling the action with sand, submerging the weapon for almost a week), it was found, out of 25,000 shots, to have misfired only 113 times- a truly unbelievable number.

For heavier targets, Liberty’s Call mainly uses the same gear supplied to the U.S. Armed Forces.

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