The League of Fox

In the First Age, long ago by any standard, The League of Five Fox rebelled against the repressed society of the Kingdoms fighting against the idol rich, the Lords and Barons of the land, and those who didn't care for their own countrymen, this made them outlaws in the eyes of the ruling class.

In the beginning they were lead by a short rogue named Eric Fletcher. He was of lesser height then most, his stature mirroring his status as the son of a farmer, but he was a crack shot and fast. Under his guidance the League fought swift and smart, like the animal that became their namesake and the model for their work. Learning a mastery of archery under Red Fox the five applied their skill against any target pointed out by his discerning eye quickly becoming a thorn in the side of the territorial armies and the men who owned them.

As the age passed Red Fox continued to speak out against the ruling class and teach others his skill and techniques as the League grew in size, but the world had changed. Those who hunted him began to take their frustrations out on those who protected him, gave him sanctuary, and as he lost friends he put more of his time and his energy into bringing the ones responsible down from their lofty towers.

Eric commissioned the construction of 10 additional uniforms and was ready to call for more. Picking from the children of the original four fighters who had long passed, he gave his favorite students the original uniforms and the others received the newer suits with the promise that their children would also be allowed to dawn them in the future, but Eric, The Red Fox of Taught String, was slain before he would ever see his plans come to fruition.

One of the Fifteen was approached by the general of the Lords private guard with the intent to turn him against his leader and perhaps spare his own life in the process but the message was passed directly to Red Fox, who sent his students and those of the League to find safety with their families and destroy the uniforms and recognizable bows so that they would suffer no repercussions. Eric fought alone against those sent to kill him as they came into firing range only to die from an attack from behind by poisoned blade. He never saw his killer or felt them coming, even as he tried to turn and face them the world grew black.

Red Fox was dead but the League had not scattered as he commanded. As his body was taken by troops to burn, the Fourteen came down upon them attacking from the trees and bushes circling the remaining force.

Grabbing the body of their fallen leader, The League of Fox disappeared into the woods spiriting it away to the East so that neither his body nor armour could be used as trophy. The League disbanded but did not destroy the armour. Some hid it, not willing to destroy the ideals it represented, others handed them down to their children with the stories of Red Fox. Even in this era his tale continues, these children telling their children, and so on, but in some generations the armour was discarded or lost when the stories attached to them were forgotten, some bows still exist, and there are still those who remember. But can the fractured league be reunited without the Fox?
Plot Hooks

  • Recovery of stolen goods from thieves taken from an old man. In one satchel is found his bow, of excellent quality amongst items of a more impoverished soul. The return of the dark red wood bow may loosen his lips to recount the tale of Red Fox.

  • A Lord is cracking down on thieves and anyone else he suspects of treachery. Something was taken from right under his nose by a bandit dressed in a very recognizable armour with a hood, red and eared. Who has one of the uniforms of the League, or is it real?

  • The party may stumble on the tale and search for the body's resting place and of course the loot, unbeknownst they are being watched from the trees, arrows aimed at their heads.

  • The group that destroyed the league is still in power. To defeat them for another purpose can they call on the remaining League for help?

  • Rumours that the Red Fox is still alive may prompt justice seekers to bring an end to his banditry and bring him to, well, justice for his crimes. Or they may get is good

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