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January 8, 2007, 12:29 am

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Korian the Lion Man


Lion Man in The Carnival of Forgotten Souls

“And now Lords and Ladies, prepare to be astounded yet again! Here, just behind this curtain, is a most remarkable man. He is one of the most noble and lordly you will ever meet! Take no offence, please. He is as he is; his nobility can be clearly seen. He is a man, yes, but he is also a King of Beasts!”

Korian suffers from a hereditary condition called hypertrichosia, which caused six inches of hair to cover his entire body. Nearly all of his family suffers from this affliction, but the others try to hide it.

He however enjoys it. His hair is a dusky golden color, wavy and fine. He is very handsome, despite his condition. His lion-esque features and charming smile add not only to his attractiveness, but to his noble demeanor as well.

He wears tailored doublets and breeches of the highest quality. His boots are a masterwork of finely crafted leather. He never wears anything on his head except for a circlet (his by right of birth). His hair is always kept neat and combed, and his nail manicured. He is, and acts, as true nobility should.

Born to a minor noble family, Korian grew to understand a very different view of his unique appearance. Unlike others with the same affliction from peasant families, he was still treated with respect and no one ever mentioned his condition. He lived through his youth believing this was not only acceptable but normal.

On a hunt with two of his father’s most trusted men, he came upon a woman being beaten by some of the local farmers. Leaping from his horse, he quickly drove off the mob to find Anati the Crocodile Woman, lying on the ground bleeding and broken.

”Are you alright, dear lady?” Korian asked, brushing the long hair from his eyes. He crouched over the strange woman, inspecting her wounds.”I’m here to help.”
She looked at him, his lion-like features and kind smile softening her defenses somewhat.
”Who are you?” she asked, moving away from him slightly.
”I am Korian, my Lady. And if you would kindly be still for a moment I’d like to bind your wounds before you bleed to death. I’d hate to have that happen” he smiled, trying to calm her.
He motioned for one of the horsemen to bring his saddlebags. The man dismounted and quickly brought the bags to him.
”When you are well bound I’d like to escort you to safety, if you wouldn’t mind.” He began to carefully wrap the wounds on her arms and legs.
She stared at him for a long moment. ”Why are you doing this? Do I not disgust you?” she asked, nearly coming to tears as she spoke.
”My dear Lady, you are no different than I am. I would be a sad excuse for a high born man if I were to see you otherwise” he retorted.
”Do you not see me, good sir?” She raised herself up and held out her arm. “I am a monster!
He took her hand in his and kissed it gently.”You are a woman who required my assistance, nothing more, nothing less.”
Standing slowly he looked about. “And where, might I ask, am I to take you? There must be a safe place for you near here somewhere”
She looked up at him, slightly confused, and pointed into the deep woods. I travel with The Carnival of Forgotten Souls. Our camp is there, just through the treeline.”
Lifting her gently into his arms he turned to the two horsemen,
”Tell my parents I will not be home for highfeast. I have a lovely damsel in distress to attend to” he told them.
The two men turned their horses and galloped off back the way they came.
”Now, my dear Lady, shall we be on our way?”

Quickly tending to her wounds, he tried to find out where she might be safe. She told him of the Carnival, and that she was one of the troupe traveling with them.
He made for the camp with great haste, the wounded woman carried carefully in his arms.

Once safely returned to her companions Anati insisted Korian speak with Mascebus Elmirion Hendamere, the leader of the The Carnival of Forgotten Souls.
After a long time secluded in Mascebus’ wagon, the two men emerged.
Korian had agreed to travel to the edge of the domain and offer protection and passage for them all along the way.
The trip took several weeks, and by the end Korian had found he was hesitant to part with them.
Sending word to his parents, he joined the Carnival that day.

To this day, Korian’s parents are the greatest benefactors to the Carnival.

His main role in the Carnival is to “knight” children, hold “court” at evening feast, and try his best to roar convincingly (which he is getting better at). In private shows he acts as aloof and stuffy as possible, commenting on the many visitors he meets with an air of snobbery (he hates this, but it is part of the show).

Korian is well trained in the rapier, parrying dagger, crossbow, and axe. He is no stranger to conflict, having served as guard in his families land since his youth. He does tend to show a bit more bravado than necessary in combat, often leaping to the front of the battle.

He holds every troupe member in high regard, knowing that there is more to each of them than meets the eye. He is very close to Alten the animal handler.

GM notes : Korian is a young nobleman. He is idealistic, honorable, and chivalrous to a fault. He is educated and shows an uncommon tenderness towards everyone he meets, a trait almost unheard of in a man of his breeding.

He is always at the forefront of the caravan of wagons while traveling, taking the role of protector. This role is important to him and he feels it is his duty to protect the Carnival as he promised to do since the beginning.

He is very social, conversing with nearly everyone he passes. He laughs loud and long, enjoying a good joke or amusing tale more than most.

He is well learned in most skills of the noble class (etiquette, heraldry, dancing, etc.) and prefers to handle negotiations with local lords and barons himself. He will defer to Mascebus on these matters if it is requested, but never strays so far as not to be able to listen in.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted Maggot
December 11, 2006, 7:38
Only voted
Voted valadaar
December 11, 2006, 8:49
He reminds me of that TV series my Mom liked - the modern-day beauty and the beast clone.

Still, a solid NPC. :)
Voted Scrasamax
December 11, 2006, 13:45
A noble by virtue of character and by blood, a rare combination, and he has the potential to one day become a much stronger person, possibly asusming a position of great importance after his time wandering has ended. It is likely that good deeds will not go unrewarded, and ill-deeds unavenged.

I like this one.
Voted Cheka Man
December 11, 2006, 14:22
I like him a lot.
the Wanderer
December 11, 2006, 15:06
Updated: As requested, I've added a scene to illustrate his story.
Thanks for the Suggestion!
Voted Wulfhere
December 12, 2006, 2:51
An uncommonly good NPC. While he is noble to a fault, he doesn't have some cliched "dark side". I picture him as a bit patronising (after all he is a well-educated nobleman), with a tendency to butt in whether his help is wanted or not.
Voted MoonHunter
December 13, 2006, 12:16
Of the entire bunch, I find this one to be the most interesting. I think mostly it is because of the bait and switch of the truly noble beast. Yes, he is a bit like Vincent (valadaar go to or to get your info), but that is not a bad thing.

Also unlike the others, he really has dramatic hooks. His parents may need him for something. He may feel a need to do Noble Obliges. His country might be at war with the one he is in. There can be tension and conflict here. This one has uses.

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