Physical Description

Dressed from head to toe in traditional port gear, loose fitting 'Pashtun' style clothing.

The first thing that most will notice about Kolburn are his eyes, although not directly engaging or pretty, they possess a captivating, almost haunted quality. Ever alert and roaming, though never lingering on one spot longer than a microsecond. Set into a lean and abnormally, for his age, rugged face with an offset nose; the result of many a brawl at ports and in different bars. Short, slightly oily and very untidy hair tops his head.

Personal Story

As the first and only child, it was with great reluctance that his parents consented to his wish to further explore the Verse after the completion of his mandatory fleet service. His father, an established and well-to-do Physician, believed that he would be throwing away a golden opportunity and tried accordingly to convince him otherwise, with little success.

Although Kolburn had agreed to complete at least a medical apprenticeship as part of his service, and to at least secure some decent employment afterward, he still hadn't enrolled at one of the Core universities to further his studies.

His mother didn't mind as much, her son being a man, and certainly able to handle himself, should seek his own way in the Verse.

As a way to fund his exploration and adventurous lifestyle, he has usually found and accepted work as a ships medic to pay his way and keep fresh the skills he'd learned, another part of the compromise with his father.

Current Situation

  • His luck of finding work has ran dry and he's been left stranded at a Starport midway between the Core and Outer Rim.
  • Is willing to undertake almost any venture, though he prefers something of a medical nature, where he knows his skills will be appreciated.


Kolburn is highly competent and focused with a deep intolerance of idleness. As a medical practitioner he is prone to being somewhat overly analytical in some situations. Kolburn is also very patriotic, coming from a good core world, attending a reputable academy and his military years have all served to deepen this patriotism. In contrast with his middle class upbringing, and probably linked again to his time served, he is a socialist and wants desperately to improve the lot of his fellow man through acts of kindness where he can.


Father: Physician, Owns a medical clinic that he founded. Specialises in Neurological Medicine with a sideline in functional upgrades and enhancements.

Mother: Core Archivist, Wise with a generally open mind. Draws her pleasure from gaining and more importantly passing on of knowledge. Free spirit. Complemented Kolburn's education with what she has learned and instructed him further at home.


  • At the present point in time he still finds himself posessed by the urge to travel and will do near enough anything to do so.
  • Is also undergoing some form of 'enlightenment'/finding himself/recognising his own significance. This is also a major factor in his drive to explore and seek adventure.
  • Willing to take on riskier jobs due to shortage of work, and again; seeking adventure/following the adrenaline.


1 change of 'Pashtun' style clothing (his travelling gear)

Surgeon's Garb

Small Compad

Personal Logbook

Medical Wristlink

Energy Pistol

Author's Note

This sub was originally meant to be my character for the Hollen's Prize forum RP. I've also decided to upload it here as a char sheet/NPC. Perhaps for future use in a game as either.

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