Special Equipment:

His only special item is a small weasel named nubbins, (his familiar.) He has a few magical trinkets, such as a winged cloak and a ring of wizardry.


Knooble is about 3 feet even and has a very slim build.
He has short brown hair and a tan complexion. His brown eyes are always seems to have a twinkle in them and his face always has a smile across it. His voice is abnormally high for a gnome and cracks after every once in conversation. He dresses in noble's clothing that usually have a few rips in them. He always has his familiar nubbins which he will talk to for advice on certain matters like the course they are on or what nubbins thinks about the weather.


Knooble's parents were rich inventors. They invented several handy tools that they used in their everyday lives. Knooble's family lived out in the forest and didn't see many people in the area besides the occasional traveler that either got lost or were just passing through. Either way the gnomes greeted them warmly and offered to help anyway they could..as long as they could compensate for the help. Knooble's family wasn't looking for money; they wanted things that may have constructive properties. Anything his family received they made something out of it. Knooble grew up with the desire to build, (go figure.) He began inventing small objects that he used for meager tasks. During this time his father taught him a good deal of magic. He gained a great friend afterwards and his life long companion Nubbins the weasel shortly after learning the art of magic. After about 50 years in the forest he left his home to see the world and all it had to offer a gnome of his talents. He wandered into a port city where he marveled at the great construction of the ships at the docks. He wanted to improve with the method of travel, by defying gravity. After consulting it with Nubbins he decided that carry through with his constructing plans. He began to design a ship that could fly without a very cumbersome balloon. He carried out with his plans and invented the The Flying Gopher. The Flying Gopher's production was very costly and Knooble needed to something to pay off all his debts that he made in the construction of the ship. He new transports cargo and passengers to anywhere his ship can take them.

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Roleplaying Notes:

Knooble is the pilot of the ship so it would be best to have a give him profession pilot and high balance checks.

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