Full Item Description
An ornate metal box with brass tubes and pipes jutting out at odd angles, there is a noticeable wooden mouthpiece and all sorts of strange golden designs etched all around. This is all complimented by a set of six sliders on one side, and a hand crank on the opposite.

Created by Ledgerpipe Vor de Whisk, a famous musician and notorious tinkerer. He wanted to create a unique musician instrument that could bring an Ogre to tears or enlighten the heart of a Zombie. While he has not yet perfected it to the point of stopping the undead, it is capable of producing a such extremely wide range of sounds that it is almost unfathomable.

Currently this instrument is only available to Ledgerpipe and his close associates, and no two Hexahedron Virtuosos will be that same because they are tuned specially for the individual to get the most use out of them.

Properties & Notes
This odd instrument is played by slowly adjusting the sliders, turning the crank (on the left) and blowing into the mouthpiece.

In the hands of the rare professional it can create amazing music that inspires other to work harder, fight longer, or even think better.

The sliders on the right (looking at the mouthpiece) are can be subtly adjusted to create a wide range of sounds, from low mechanical buzzings to the melodies of a songbird.

Legends exist that it can emulate the dreaded Wail of a Banshee if properly tuned, the fear of this keeps the performers from being hassled too much. Even though a Wail of the Banshee would most likely kill the musician as well, this still deters would be assailants.

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