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January 26, 2013, 1:47 am

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Gun Adept


Drawn from the rather generic Gunslinger Adept from Shadowrun, but influenced very strongly by the 2002 film Equilibrium and the 2008 Wanted.

The Gun Artists

The first Gun Artist was a man named Marc Bekmambetov, a native Russian and resident of the Almaty Arcology in Kazakhstan. Bekmambetov was a young man, raised in the geofront slum under the main arcology where he spent his youth growing up as a member of a underwarren gang. He was inured to a life of crime and violence, where he saw his father gunned down in a shootout with police, and his mother raped and killed by a rival gang. Bekmambetov was one of the first people who manifested parapsychic abilities. But when it happened no one knew what to call it, and he was one of those who didn't have fire shooting out of his hands or could turn people in drooling slaves. There is some debate as to the true nature of his ability, but most conventional lines of thought follow that he had a highly specialized expression of telekinesis that allowed him to alter the trajectory of bullets he fired. 

He could curve a bullet around a target to miss cover, or a hostage. It was demonstrated that he could warp the path of a round to the extent that he could cause the bullet to make a 180 degree turn and hit targets behind him. Bekmambetov would go on to find others like him, founded a small fraternity of what he considered 'Gun Dancers' and would go on to solidify his power and position in the Eurasian Alliance underworld. 

While most people consider the pyrokinetic parapsychic to be among the most dangerous of the new emanations of humanity, statistically it is the gun wielding telekinetic who is the most dangerous. Gun Adepts are capable of using their minds to alter the trajectory of their projectiles, often pulling off insane displays of accuracy, or improbable aim. In the past, thinks like curving the path of a bullet, or 'bouncing' rounds off an object adjacent to a target, or snapping off from the hip shots and hitting trick shots were the thing of Hollywood and special effects. 

There are limitations. Gun adepts will typically limit themselves to low rate of fire weapons (favoring semi-automatics) and avoid the generally exotic weapons of the Cosmic Era. It is one thing to manipulate a bullet in mid flight, it is another to try manipulating a plasma or other energy weapon. This power is limited as most parapsychic powers are, they cannot be fully used or utilized by a person driving a vehicle, or wearing a suit of power armor. There are no mecha rail gun adepts. Another unique limitation of the Gun Adept is that the adept is that he is only able to alter the path of his own projectiles. This is not so much a game balance limitation, or a systemic limitation, but rather a limitation of the specific style of applying parapsychic ability. The Gun Adept is in physical contact with the gun and the round to be fired, allowing him a 'connection' to the round. He knows when it has been fired and where it is going. Contrast this to random bullets flying through the air at hundreds or thousands of feet per second and the adept has no 'connection' to them.

Other Notable Bullet Artists: 

Codename: Angel. Formerly an assassin for the Atlantic Federation, Angel is a tall attractive woman with extensive body tattooing and has since deserted the Federation after falling into the fold of a deviant Cult. Angel is an excellent sniper, but is also able to bullet bend in close quarters.

Donald Barton is an Alaskan archer who has applied the functional art of bullet manipulation to function in a similar fashion while using a compound bow instead of a firearm. He has been tested and has both clairvoyant and telekinetic abilities, allowing him to make incredible trick shots, like hitting things he is not aiming at, or facing. 

Magenta Wimmer is a genetic augmen, born and raised in a hidden lab to be an unstoppable assassin. She is skilled in martial arts, extensive use of firearms and improvised weaponry and then she erupted parapsychic abilities, dodging bullets and doing crazy acrobatic moves with pistols and rifles that most professional shooters would have difficulty with in a shooting stance. Wimmer is a cold as ice, a genetic professional 

Monica Chung is a survivor of a superflu epidemic that devastated an arcology in the USSA. She is of mixed Asian/South American heritage and survived the quarantine and resultant breakdown of civility that resulted from the quarantine. She was 14 and discovered her lethal skill and parapsychic abilities defending her and her sisters from a roving gang of pill hunters

Only parapsychics can become Gun Adepts and doing so they must have telekinesis as an intermediate to advanced ability. They can add other parapsychic powers such as clairvoyance (shoot what you can't see) or enhanced dexterity/agility (trick shots while doing onehanded backflips while shooting at baddies on motorcycles) and so on. Gun Adepts are not considered parapsychic martial artists, and their abilities are tied to their firearms and training. A telekinetic kung fu master cannot bend bullets with his art, just as the telekinetic gun adept cannot do a door breaking punch from 10 feet. On paper they have the same parapsychic ability, but it is entirely in the mind and training of the parapsychic. Everything is about style and expression.
Alternate Path

Parapsychic martial arts are better known that parapsychic snipers, and there are more individuals who pick up a fighting style rather than a gun. There are, however, Parapsychic martial artists who start picking up firearms skills, or gun adepts who start learning martial arts. The outcome is simply a horrific combat monster. By applying the cascade system and picking firearms as a martial art a character can do the physically normal things from typical Hollywood action films, throwing punches and shooting guns in a fight, and turning many simple actions into free actions. (Such as the dramatic and awesome reload sequence, dropping clips out of sleeves, hitting a goon in the face with the butt of the gun and ejecting the empties into said goons face, etc). Really good firearms martial artists could simply beat people into submission with his guns or grapple attack of opportunity steal their gun and shoot them with it. But that is fully within the mundane realm, and can be achieved with practice, practice, and some more practice.

To do the over the top gun katas requires the addition of parapsychic abilities. While a telekinetic can bend bullets, the more physical gun adepts add hyperagility for extra actions, precognition to anticipate where their targets are going to be, and how to avoid getting shot themselves, or just for fun, a emotion manipulating parapsychic can cause his foes to become panicky and afraid (fouling their aim and trashing morale checks) before charging in with guns blazing and fists flying.

Places to Find Gun Adepts

Police and law enforcement agencies, especially SWAT, counter-terrorism, and plucky loose cannon officers

Military organizations, primarily in special forces, rescue ops, and intelligence ops

Mercenary and bounty hunter groups and associations, always looking for a few good badasses

Gangs, especially in leadership or enforcer roles

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Voted Morte
January 26, 2013, 3:03
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Voted Ted
January 26, 2013, 4:20
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Voted valadaar
April 23, 2013, 13:02
I like this idea - and I was sure I commented before. The combination of parapsychics powers with gunplay works well together.

This class could fit well in Rifts.

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