Yuna is a typical looking Amero-Nipponese woman, with a pale complexion, shoulder length dark brown hair, almond shaped eyes, and a slim figure. She avoids uniforms, military equipment, and technological devices, for personal reasons. She favors casual clothing, and if armed, she carries a standard issue light pistol, a class of weapons she is highly skilled at using. She enjoys poetry, music, and art, so long as it is serene, or zen in nature.


A spiritualist/animist from Nippon, Yuna Aoki is a phenometrically augmented Amero-Nipponese woman, engineered to have the best physical features of both races. Having survived a catastrophic dimensional fatigue event in Tokyo II, Yuna erupted as a powerful parapsychic with an emphasis on manipulating astral and dimensional entities. The young woman demonstrated the stunning ability to summon and control Spirits and the take control of manifested entities as the situation presented. Deemed a psychic controller, Aoki was attached to a Nipponese Rapid Response Team, and eventually defected from Nippon when she learned that rather than preventing disasters, the RRTs were being used to clean up entirely predictable and often deliberate events. Since then, she has be a high ranking parapsychic asset to New Themyscira.

Yuna fled Nipponese control during a mission in the Republic of California. She a small group of like minded dissenters commandeered a small VTOL craft and made their way across Mexico to New Themyscira where they requested sanctuary. No longer involved in black ops, Yuna is a ranking Amazon working as both a Priestess of the Temple of the Faith, but also as a Parapsychic and Dimensional Science researcher. She retains her skills, and is a competent fighter with melee weapons, but excels with pistols, demonstrating her ability as both a Gun Adept and a cosmic horror summoner and controller. She would like to be a musician, but doesn't have the time to pursue this goal, and her grounding in Nipponese Ska-Pop renders her taste in music disagreeable to most of her Amazon companions.

Skills, Abilities, and Bonuses

Parapsychic - dimensional manipulation

Dimensional manipulation is a rare and highly valued manifestation of parapsi ability. After erupting after the Tokyo II DFE, Yuna was quickly taken into custody and pressed into the PacRim Coalition's Rapid Response Team system. Her abilities allow her to sense the presence of a dimensional fatigue event, as well as creatures an anomalies spawned from it. In the case of lifeforms, she can use her power to manipulate and even bring them under her control. In a typical engagement, she will find the most powerful aberrant present to control, and use it as a shield, and a warhound for the rest of the team. She is rightly terrified of finding a cosmic horror that is able to recognize the conduit she creates between them to reverse this control, leaving her the puppet of an unknowable monster.

Weapon Adept

Yuna can bend the trajectory of bullets in mid-air, allowing her to pull of incredible shots and feats of accuracy. She doesn't have a powerful weapon, but she finds the light pistol round is perfect for her level of skill and ability. She can put the round between armor plates, into weak points like eyes, nostrils, gills, thermal ports, etc.

Public Relations

Formerly a sale associate and amateur musician, Yuna can handle dealing with people, acting as a team leader, coordinating group activities, and can play a number of synth-instruments as well as sing and compose song and poetry.

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