2. Yuna Aoki

3. Sonja Rogatino

Created from the willing fusion of a human and a dimensional entity, Sonja Rogatino is something along the lines of a diet desolate one. As a young woman, Rogatino was a resident of an unnamed Italian favela that was ransacked by Eurasian Alliance soldiers, where her family was butchered, her home was leveled, and as a ravishing young redhead, she was violated by almost every male member of the company of soldiers that burned her neighborhood. Lying broken in the rubble, she bonded with a spirit of vengeance and rose as an avatar of violence, a self fueled supersoldier of revenge. Sonja has excellent hand to hand combat skills, supernatural regeneration, and supernatural durability. She excels in improvised fighting, and has a parapsychic ability to 'activate' any bladed weapon and make it function as if it were a hyperedge weapon.

Sonja is inhabited by a shard of the entity known as 'Akivasha' that has strong resonances to violence, bloodshed, and femininity. She is a berzerker type warrior, able to turn enemies into stew meat, fighting largely without regard for her own personal safety, and even less for her companions. Rogatino is an honorary Amazon, having never stepped foot on New Themyscira. Her theatre of operations remains in the war torn DMZ that is central Europe and the Mediterranean. She has worked with Amazons, and the Amazons have worked with her in the past, as the situations have warranted. The clairvoyants of New Themyscira have repeated that there are certain people whose fates are important and directly influence the future of the island nation, and Rogatino is listed prominently as one of them.

4. Selena 'The Cat' Harlow

The Cat is a well known and hated Shadowrunner of the first order. The Cat specializes in theft, infiltration, and sabotage, and her price is often the highest on the black market. But this price is justified as she mixes excellent acrobatic based martial arts, a variety of gadgets, and a moderate parapsychic ability to function as almost an entire shadowrun team by herself.

Harlow is a resident New Themysciran, but only so for diplomatic reasons. She has no loyalty to sentimental attachment to the Amazons or their feminist ideals. She works with them because they pay very well, she likes having a home in the islands, and is more than willing to exploit any loophole or legal protection she can get her paws on. The Cat is the ultimate mercenary, and she has in the past worked for forces directly opposed to the Amazons, and for blatantly misogynistic employers because chauvinist money spends just as well as idealist and feminist money.

5. Ariel Seyfried B.S. Pk.D

Doctor Seyfried is one of the few non-parapsychically gifted, unaugmented, non-cybernetic Amazons in New Themyscira. She is a very intelligent woman with a degree in science and a doctorate in parapsychic studies. While she doesn't have parapsychic abilities, she understands them more than the people who do. Raised in a traditional Catholic home, she was a born skeptic, and her initial foray into Pk was to debunk it as mysticism and romantic notions. She eventually became one of the world's foremost experts in the field. Doctor Seyfried has a significant leadership role in New Themyscira, and while she has almost no combat experience (Gunnery Sergeant, 2nd Artillery Division, honorary) she is a prominent figure in Amazon politics.

Doctor Seyfried spent most of her pre-Amazon career working in the Atlantic Federation's Federation Security Bureau, where she worked backfiled and cold cases, especially those that were deemed strange, out of the ordinary, and otherwise marked 'X'. After almost a decade, her partner vanished unexpectedly and basically defected from the government side to join the 'Nemesis Faction' and adopted the sobriquet 'The Spook' or 'the Spooky man'. Seyfried remains frustrated by this long time betrayal, and is on par with the death of her daughter, Zoe Seyfried.

5. Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)

6. Braddock

4. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

5. Jean Grey (X-Men)

6. Mystique (X-Men)

7. Brianna 'Hellsent' Hughes

The forsaken daughter of a cultist, Brianna Hughes was laid out nude on the slab in a ritual commemorating her 13th birthday and was murdered by her own father and her soul was sent screaming into a dimensional wasteland that would not be accurate, but also not entirely incorrectly described as Hell. What transpired below is a mystery, but three days later, Brianna reanimated her corpse, and rose from the dead as a very strong Desolate One. Her physical appearance had drastically changed, and she was rendered a full albino, and her hair was glistening white. The cult was dispersed, those who were able to escape her wrath fled knowing that she was reborn from Hell and if she wasn't a 'demon' that meant that she was meaner and more evil than the demons were to begin with.

Working under the codename Hellsent, Brianna Hughes is the Themysciran Nuclear Option. She is apathetically evil, and is perfectly content to spend her time in quiet contemplation, feminine pursuits such as hair care (She is the silent, hateful 'spokeswoman' for Lunar Shine Hair Care products) and a very Conan-esque slaughtering of her enemies and hearing the lament of their loved ones. Hellsent travels with a team when on missions, but this is a handling/containment team, and has the unenviable job of pulling a 66 and terminating Hellsent if she gets out of hand. This can be tricky, since the Desolate one has been 66ed three times and three times has reincorporated and returned home to her apartment in Sweden.

8. Starfire (Teen Titans)

9. fucked that one up

10. Electra

11. Poison Ivy

12. Rogue

13. She-Hulk

14. Harley Quinn

15. The Baroness (GI Joe)

16. Supergirl

17. Storm

18. Black Widow (Natasha Romanov)

19. Raven (Teen Titans)

21. Morrigan (Dark Stalkers)

22. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)

23. Fran (FF12)

24. Tifa Lockhart (FF7)

25. Starbuck

26. Princess Peach (Lacus Cline)

27. Asuka Langley Soryu

29. Major Misato (NGE)

30. This one too, jackwagon

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