This is a companion piece to 30 Raiders and Why so Many Raiders. None of the parapsychics below are going to be especially powerful, as the list of raiders was intended to be background characters, fodder, and filler for a meat grinder. A strong parapsychic is either going to be killed quickly, or will become a raider gang leader, not a follower or foot soldier.

1. Mage Hand Mike

Mage Hand Mike is a weak telekinetic and has the ability to move things with his mind. What he lacks in strength, he makes up with range. If he can see it, and its less than five pounds, he can move it. Mage Hand Mike has a few tricks up his welded rebar and car plate sleeve. He can pull pins from grenades at a distance, can engage safety switches on rifles, or her personal favorite, he can pup buttons and buckles to drop pants or cause a body harness to fail. While certainly an asset, Mage Hand Mike is much more amused by causing problems and pranks than being a surgical strike weapon.

2. Henrietta the Heater

Henrietta is a weak pyrokinetic, and rather than being able to control flames or throw fireballs, she can cause her hands to heat to a stunning temperature. This can be used to warm up someone who is cold, Henriette gives some fantastic handjobs, but she can also boil water by holding it in her hands, or cause flesh to cook and burn. At her most determined, she can bend and deform some metals, like iron and steel. She likes to make her own weapons, armor, and jewelry, all of which has flowing organic forms.

3. Dagger Boy Dave

Dagger Boy Dave would be a gun adept if he had any skill with firearms and wasn't always startled by the flash and report of any gun he held. Instead, he is a master of throwing knives. His skill is beyond carnival knife thrower, he can control and bend the path a knife follows, allowing his to hit targets that he sometimes cant even see. This is an impressive skill, but it is also highly limited, considering that robots, power armor, mecha, cyborgs, and the like can often be impervious to small arms fire, a man throwing a knife isn't going to be able to do much. In soft target areas, he can be a total terror, and his fixation on blades is a full blown fetish.

4. Scud the Shredder

Scud is a raider with an unusual prop, they have a skateboard with offroad tires. They have the ability to move themselves around, but are tied to the plank as a prop. With the board, Scud can do insane things like shred up the side of a building, ride a rail down a hundred feet without accident, or even do wheeled parkour between the legs of a mech. Without the board, they are a pedestrian. Scud wears a helmet, and is a skinny person. There is some debate over their gender, but Scud's preference for grenades and sticky bombs, and their high speed mobility, there isn't a lot of debate out loud, over it.

5. Megan Mindbender

Megan Mindbender has the ability to control people's minds and emotions, but she is limited to only being able to do this when buzzed or drunk. The higher the level of intoxication, the more powerful she is, but the control she has.

6. The EX

The EX has the ability to create and control the pheromones her body emits. This gives her a modest ability to influence people around her, typically other raiders, or prisoners. In the field, this power is less useful given that many raiders and almost all arco-dwellers who come out into the wastelands wear masks, respirators, or are in vehicles where they cannot smell her lady musk. She keeps a group of fuckboi raiders with her, and while no means a leader, she is someone who knows how to attract followers.

7. The Leech

The Leech is a disturbing raider with biomorphic parapsychic ability. He uses this power to turn his arms into giant rubbery leeches, and can change his mouth into the ringed jawless orifice of a lamprey. While disturbing, and capable of draining blood from people and creatures quickly, it has little combat value, and he has no special protections from consuming raw blood and as such, the Leech typically has a number of communicable blood pathogens at any given time, and without regular attention from a doctor, he would die from them rather quickly. 

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