Messer Andrews and Shaft,

You recently approached me about exact nature of my cane. At the time, and in the company we were in, I found it objectionable to discuss the true nature of it, however I believe that I can now. However, for me to fully explain to you the nature of it, I must tell you about the origins also.

You see, this cane belong to my grandfather, a wizard in his youth, and very well respected in his day. Back in his day he spent a great deal of time on the road, in that high-risk occupation of adventurer-upon-return, and even managed to survive it and the subsequent ravages of time much longer than his fellows. Unfortunately for him, time took her toll, and he was racked with uncontrollable shakings of the hand and a general weakness of mind and body.

So it came about, that in an attempt to turn back the clock, he went about casting a great multitude of spells over his walking cane. He cast spells of strength and manual dexterity, spells to make him more agile of mind and body, and spells to make him more virile and to give him a more youthful appearance.

However, it would appear that nature possesses a cruel sense of humor. You see, in all his casting my grandfather had strained himself too much, and as soon as he'd finished his great project he collapsed and had died before the local priest could get to him.

Game Notes

This appears to be little more than well-used and well cared for cane. The bonuses it gives are minor, the cane being meant as little more than a cane for the rest of an old man's body. It slightly improves the appearance of the owner, as well as his strength and speed. Also he can remember things better, and he's less likely to loss track of his thoughts midstream.

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