One day a you are walking on a road to get to a popular city of some sort. All of a sudden you encounter a group of bandits walking towards you looking to start a fight. There are 4 of them. They are low class bandits that have just stolen goods from the nearby (popular city). Your group attacks them and leaves one alive but badly injured and nearly alive, but only because he will give you directions to a (fake) gold stash. He has always had these notes on him because he is smart and always thinks ahead. He supposedly tells your group that he has them on him so if were to ever die he would have a close friend one of his bandit brothers deliver it to his family so they would know of his stealing and riches to make them happy after his death. He is only doing this to remain alive, but do not give off the (fake) directions unless your group will surely not kill the poor defensless bandit. After your group leaves him for dead they run off to get the gold stash.
Go to the (popular city) and just outside about a 300 paces from the south entrance is a tree stump and in there, there is riches beyond you imagination that me and my friends have stolen. Directions only to be given to a close family member thank you.
A few years later you are walking through a city and all of a sudden you see a man on horseback with people surrounding him ooooing and aaaaing. He is quite well armoured and has a beautiful sword sheathed by his side. He walks right by you then stops. Turns around and says to the leader of your group or you that you look quite familiar. Then he introduces himself as Nelos Onmar. Then Nelos asked you if you have ever seen or heard of blah blah (leader of your group). Then after the group answers he rides off and leaves the city.

He wants revenge for his fallen friends which were much like his family to him and for all the scars and images of how badly beaten he was in his mind. He will stop at nothing to find who has beaten him and scared him like this and killed his beloved friends so beware.

You can have your group encounter him many times and the more and more you see him the more and more stuff he has and the better he is becoming. The bigger his reputation is and the more well he is known. In my roleplaying adventure with my friends he is now the king of a city and has a anger to kill them for what they have done to him. He has them always being tracked by temple monks. You can use this plot easily and twist it easily.

Also I will add Nelos Onmar to the character page in his different stages of life. Such as bandit, warrior (general), then king status. But all on same page. Coming soon!

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