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Giant foxglove appears as a rather large variety of the common foxglove. The plant consists of one or more tall (10') green spires covered with hundreds of bell-like flowers. Color ranges from white or pink, to deep purple. Unlike its mundane ancestor, it prefers full sun and is effectively a perennial. This plant has a magical (Or in sci-fi settings, Genetically Modified) origin and is not found naturally.

Additional Information

Two things that make the Giant foxglove dangerous are that it is loaded with a variant of Digitalis, a very potent heart stimulant, and that it's copious pollen is similarly loaded with the chemical.

The concentration of the chemical is high enough in the pollen to quickly cause cardiac arrest in anyone unfortunate enough to inhale signficant quantities of the pollen. Lesser effects are dizziness, blurry vision and weakness.

Generally the pollen will stay in the thousands of flowers that typify the foxglove, but if it is significantly disturbed, the pollen becomes airborne and a large toxic (to mammals) cloud will surround the plant.

The Giant Foxglove is not a natural plant, but is the results of controlled mutations of the existing common foxglove.

It is generally used as a passive defence of an area - while in bloom (a significant part of the year, as different spires and plants bloom at different times) it is very dangerous to be around. Planted thickly, it poses a serious obstacle to be bypassed. Even standing downwind of such a planting is dangerous, as a strong breeze could disturb the plant and release the pollen.



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