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March 3, 2008, 5:38 pm

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Buzzards Bay


The Port that Tea Built

Historical Buzzard’s Bay
Buzzard’s Bay was founded officially 120 years ago as a secondary port on the Falhathian coastline. Its cargo ships seldom ventured farther north than Ozea, and the general cargo was grain, and leather from the coastal plains around Buzzard’s Bay. For the first few decades, all was well but a rash of grain surplusses and the decline of Sangreal‘s population and pilgrims ruined the grain economy.

Hard Times
The Southern coastal region was hard hit by the depression that followed the 3rd Diet of Sangreal. The region sunk deeper and deeper into poverty. Many of the commerically founded cities fell into disrepair, and some were all but abandoned by the nobility and clergy. The ruined city of Cologa was just one of many. Buzzard’s Bay suffered the same bail-out as the ruined city, but rather than suffering from complete collapse, a new civil order was formed in the vacancy of the nobility.

Crime became the lord of Buzzard’s Bay, with each of the cities wards controlled by a thug-boss. They set themselves up on empty thrones and partied in abandoned palaces. These ward-kings fought one another, accelerating the death of Buzzard’s Bay, even granting it the name it is known by now. Sailors who entered the port found it a dangerous and gruesome place. Few ever managed a second trip back. Some captains preferred taking their chances and skirting around the safe harbourage there.

It seemed that the end was coming for the city. The walls were in poor repair, no work had been done on the roads in over a decade. Half of the city was gone, caught up in a firestorm that only spared the other half because of the wide Harbor Road, and dumb luck.

The Revival and Lord Holmestead
A new figure appeared in the city, staking claim to the burned half. With mercenaries and foreign workers, the new lord built up a good part of the old city and walled it in. He proclaimed that he represented the Elven Green Tea Company, based out of the distant Midlands. By charter of the Lords in Dreifach, he had purchased right to rule over the ruined province.

After several skirmishes with local thugs and bosses, the mercenaries won control of the city, as well as the support of the general populace. Crime was still rampant, but it was now in the hands of the new lord rather than in the hands of the bosses. Holmestead encouraged people to settle in the city, and began to cultivate orchards of tea trees.

The City that Tea Built
Within a decade, Buzzard’s Bay was no longer the den of inequity that it once was. Prostitution, gambling, theft, and general sin were still common, but the murder rate had fallen by nearly 90%. It was now safe to walk the streets without a vangaurd of toughs. It is still advisable for ladies to keep a bodyguard or two just to be on the safe side. Many of the structures in town had been rebuilt or repaired from the profits of the company. Many of the townsfolk found themselves employed in packing, drying, curing, and shipping the tea, while many of the Bosques, local country-folk found good pay picking the leaves. Many of the young ladies and male youths picked the leaves, while the mature adults tended to the scything crops and vinyards.

Plot Hooks
In the Company of Wolves - Buzzard’s Bay still holds several influential local potentates, bully barons who maintain minor forts and small bands of ruffians. They dislike Holmestead and would like to see the EGT Company fail. The PCs could be hired to protect the tea orchards, workers or the docks where product is stored and shipped.

The Bosques - Many of the dissaffected youths of the Bosque Valley come north along the old road looking for sorcery and intrigue. These youths make good recruits for the military, ruffian bands, and for the Tea company. More local color than a plot hook. bleh.

Falhath is growing in my mind, one post at a time. Thanks for reading.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Ancient Gamer
April 12, 2006, 17:22
A well written city and one that is easy to imagine. It lacks the outstanding elements to truly separate it from the crowd, but it was a nice read nonetheless.
Voted Murometz
April 12, 2006, 17:22
"They set themselves up on empty thrones and partied in abandoned palaces"

love that line *images dancing in head*

World building, one tea leaf at a time...very nice. Here's to Falhath...Nazdarovya!
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
January 31, 2011, 11:06

What AG said, but the sub springs to life with the aid of all those juicy links.

Voted Silveressa
January 31, 2011, 16:23

Wow, tons of info in the sub and all the links make this an easy plug and play addition to nearly any fantasy campaign. Snagged and in my GM folder for later use!

Voted axlerowes
January 31, 2011, 21:45
Nice, it is as good a backstory for a wretched hive of scum and villainy that I have ever read. I like the focus on economic forces.
Voted valadaar
January 28, 2016, 11:14
Great place - can be used in lots of ways. Nice stuff!

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