Everything I learned about raising children I learned from Gaming

I learned it is a good idea to be involved in character development, otherwise you will never know what will happen.

I learned the importance of cleaning up and preparing the area for play.

I learned the importance of a well stocked gaming bag (which these days is filled with diapers, bottles, toys, formula).

I also learned that no matter what you have packed in your bag, you will always be missing something important. So don't stress over it.

I learned how to operate on little to no sleep. (thank you game cons)

I learned that you never have to leave the house except for an occasional food/ muchie run.

I learned that knowing the rules is less important than knowing the players... (But he is not suppose to be able to do that for a couple months yet!!!)

I learned that keeping all the players happy is job one.

I learned to plan for multiple contingencies and options.

I learned if you plan, it will never go that way. Be prepared to improvise.

I learned you should never leave players alone for too long. Heaven only knows what kind of trouble they will think up.

I learned that you can't plan when those magik moments will occur. You know, the ones that you will be telling stories about for years to come.

I learned that dice and miniatures just cause problems except in expert hands.

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