Full Item Description
Devouring Beds are a devious magical item of villianous disposition. The headboard and footboards are made of high quality hardwood, complete with top quality staining and carven posts and decorations. The mattress is filled not with straw or down, but with horsehair taken from mane. These beds come in two types, with one being of a larger size and bearing the inscription Master in highly ornate and archaic writing, and the smaller beds bear Guest in the same style.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Devouring Beds are made in sets, and without at least one Master bed and one Guest bed surviving, the magic behind the beds is broken. The Guest beds are the devourers, sapping the life force from those who sleep in them, transferring this vital essence to whomever is sleeping in the Master bed.

Devourering Beds can come in degrees of power, but a bed that leaves an occupant a withered and dry husk through the course of one night, or a few hours is going to be very rare. Most of these beds steal years from the end of someone’s life. If a game system has a set maximum age, the bed takes from this number at a steady rate, generally a few months of life a night. Unless someone uses a devourering bed for months on end, they will not notice anything other than that their sleep is uneasy and they are not well rested. The occupant of the Master bed adds these stolen months and years, minus a small amount for the bed’s magic, to their own lifespan.

Plot Hooks of Devourering

  • The Merchant’s Tale - Old Thom who runs the inn always seems so vibrant, it’s hard to believe that the old coot is almost eighty the way he runs around and keeps up with the local men at the brothel or the alehouse. Old Thom’s inn is stocked with Guest beds, and the Master is in his own home. Far from a villian, he has no idea that the beds are magical, other than that since he got that new bed from the estate sale, he has felt GREAT!
  • The Nurse’s Tale - Most everyone feels sorry for Madam Thelema, she is a wonderful caregiver and herbalist and anyone she cares for quickly gets better. This always seems to come at the cost of her own health, as she cares for a guest, she becomes weaker and weaker. Sadly, Thelema also has come across a set of Devourering Beds, sleeping in the smaller Guest bed herself, while patients under her care slumber at ease in the larger Master bed. The bed has already taken more than half of her life, but in doing so doubles the speed of healing for those sleeping in the Master bed.

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