The stated purpose of Das Engelmacht is the preservation of the Kaiserland, and to break the regions formerly known as/associated with Germany away from both the Atlantic Federation and the Eurasian Alliance. They have no interest in siding with the Neo-Soviets or the Western Empire, Germany for Germans. The organization supports ethnic cleansing, genetic purification, phenotype profiling, and similar ultra-right, traditionalist, and nationalist movements in Europe.


Secure a Terran homeland for German-speaking phenocladistic Anglo/Nordic/Celtic peoples.

Secure technological superiority in communications, weapons, and computer systems.

Secure genetic perfection and create the True People (a caste of genetically engineered transhuman)

Secure industrial capacity on Earth and in orbit to begin the Pflugweisse.

Claim the depths and reach of the Solar System for the True People and quarantine Earth to prevent the spread of its disease


Three figures are currently operating as the Triumverate that governs Das Engelmacht: Intensity of Purpose, Hitler VII, and Sigrune.

Intensity of Purpose is a rogue AISC and was formerly the sentient core of the New Hanseatic League battlecruiser Dresden. The cruiser was lost to engine failure and managed an unpowered landing without killing the entire crew. Before Hanse forces could arrive to rescue the stricken ship, it was beset by raiders, the crew vanishing, and the ship being scavenged. It was all planned as it was Intensity of Purpose's escape plan. The crew defected, and the most valuable parts of the ship were stolen and hidden away to make its new base of operations.

Hitler VII is a tall blonde man who is also an elected representative in the EuroZone Governing Council. There are jokes about Hitler clones, and Die Engelmacht likes to encourage these because it fosters plausible deniability. As it is, he is a competent and capable leader, plays a cautious long game, and avoids the tropes of being erratic, drug addicted, screaming, and otherwise camping up the villainy. Instead, he is most often seen as the Best Dressed Representative, a man of high culture, refinement, and cosmopolitan idealism.

Sigrune is very much an anomaly. Formerly an Atlantic Federation master arcanotechnician and arcanotech PhD holder, teacher, and lecturer at the University of Munich, she is now a Promethean herald. The once woman is now over 90% cybernetic, the vast majority of which is highly experimental tech and tech derived from dimensional fatigue events. She is the force behind the organization's drive for perfection and genetic purity, and eventually leap into post-human existence. She has more of the traditional unhinged tyrant behaviors and is actively and deliberately evil in the pursuit of her goals.


Bruno, and not much is known about the woman who went by a man's name. It is known she was a gene-modified soldier, with an enhanced physique to handle the stress of being an early power armor pilot. She affected a blonde buzzcut and was infamous for her use of casual nudity (to display the superiority of her engineered physique) and brazen use of Nazi imagery. She was a hyper-violent woman with incredibly racist views, and a nationalistic ideal to see her homeland rise again and make the world tremble. 

There is now a Bruno 'blood name' within DE. The men and women who are created from the gene stock the original Bruno left behind are legally fully human. They are functionally clones, as they are artificially created from donor material and are grown to a young age in a body farm. Once decanted, they are trained, indoctrinated, and become the soldiers and rank and file of DE. The Bruno bloodline isn't the only one, there are dozens, and as suitable donors are found, the gene bank grows. The jahrlings compete, and those that win are granted their blood names, and they attain rights and privileges in DE, as well as the outside world. Those that fail either die or are turned into menials.


The average member of DE is a German-speaking person of middle economic strata with average to good education. They are aware of the trials and troubles facing Europe as the Federation and the Alliance eye each other across a contentious DMZ while other terrorist and separatist factions are fighting to unite Europe, or destroy it. The organization offers the vision of a restored Germany, one embracing the traditional values of cultural identity, the nuclear family, a proper stoic religious belief, and a proud military idealism. These members want very common things, they want to feel safe and comfortable, to not worry about violence, the economy, or the nightmarish collapse of anything resembling life before the Resource Wars.

The EuroZone Armed Forces have a small but growing contingent of DE supporters. Most EuroZone military forces will use a variation of the Federation logo, a blue trident or the more common blue, white, and red roundel (blue outside ring, white middle, red center). DE leaning units actively use the iron cross in their logos, and completely avoid the color blue anywhere. The most hardcore units actively and brazenly display SS lightning bolts, deaths heads, and swastikas.

It is worth noting that by the time of the Cosmic Era and Die Engelmacht, World War II is something like 400 years in the past, and would be functionally the same as modern-day Turky turning around and having a pro-Caliphate faction arising and dressing in the logos and banners of the 17th century Ottoman Empire. The Holocaust is a historical footnote in the Cosmic Era, as is WWII, which is more remembered for its advent of mechanized warfare, aerial warfare, and the debut of atomic arms than anything else.


Armas is the largest and best-known EuroZone terrorist faction, and they are set on restoring the European Union as a New Earth Government. DE hates Armas and considers them a bunch of gibbering radicals with no ability to build or create, only drink wine, fornicate, and burn things down. DE also considers them filthy and dirty for having predominantly Mediterranean, North African, and Levant blood. Armas likewise hates DE and considers them gene-fascists.

The New Hanseatic League and DE have a very quiet relationship because ultimately they share common goals. The Hanse has tremendous wealth and technological capability and are increasingly insular in their relationship with the Atlantic Federation, and both organizations have contingency plans for a literal war with each other. Should DE manage to make itself presentable and act as a political party rather than a collection of radicals, they would gladly team up with them. The DE plan of Pflugweisse requires the Hanse, and the Hanse are aware of the plan, and support it. Despite not being allied, the engineers in space are working on the logistics and engineering of Die Engelmacht's White Flight plan.

The Carolingian Reformation has a deeply hostile relationship with DE, and with the Hanse. The enmity between the French and the Germans is beyond deep. The Federation is aware of this, and they have worked to keep this distrust alive and well, because the values of the Carolingians and the DE are remarkably similar, and the nightmare for Federation planners is a reformation of the Holy Roman Empire, aka the Hanse, the Carolingians, DE, and the Papal State.

The Eurasian Alliance, to quote Hitler IV, there is a debt between the True People and the slavs, and they can only pay their part in an ocean of their own blood.

The Atlantic Federation, to quote Bismark II, A man does not sit at a table and break bread with men who destroyed his home, destroyed his work, and auctioned off his daughters are exotic livestock to swarthy foreigners. We will repay the Brit and the Yank and the Franc with fire and steel.

Wastelanders are a resource to be exploited as needed, their connections to the Silk Road and the black market hypertech is valuable. Their mongrel blood and complete lack of culture mean that as soon as they have exhausted their usefulness, they are easily discarded or destroyed.


Money - DE has fairly good finances, some from grassroots fundraising. Most comes from arms dealing, contraband smuggling, and mercenary/security contracting.

Members - quite substantial, though most are civilian/casuals. Regular military, paramilitary, and law enforcement in the Rhineland and Danube area are often likely to be members or sympathizers. Organized crime also can have strong DE sympathies, especially the homegrown Rings. These organizations are largely organized like Asiatic tongs, and are semi-legit and legal entities.

Equipment tends to be light, DE doesn't have a lot of factories. They don't have mecha, or warships. They do have medical and cloning facilities, so genetic engineering is common, as are cybernetic modifications. The heaviest gear DE has tends towards light and medium power armor, and access to laser and gauss pistols and rifles. Drones and autons are also well represented.

Allies - DE can generally count on covert assistance or non-intervention from the New Hanseatic League, the Lunar Free State, and the Kingdoms of Scandinavia


The pursuit of Post-Humanism and genetic perfection. The ideal Engelmensch is tall, blonde, pale-complected, lean, muscular, highly intelligent, disease-resistant,and immortal. With the addition of cybernetics, robotic servitors, and the benefit of time, the Engelsmensch will become the dominant factor in the Solar System.

Neo-Deutschland is the endgame of Germany for Germans, and would establish the 1944 borders of Germany, without the invasion of Russia mess. This would become its own New Earth Government, and ideally restore the Fatherland, IE, the unification of Europe with the Berlin Arcoplex as its capitol.

Pflugweisse, or the White Flight, would involve retaining Neo-Deutschland as a fortified holding, and then start moving the population offworld. The movement would be done by engineering arcologies that double as habitats. The megastructures would lift off with the aid of massive A-pod systems, allowing for tens and hundreds of thousands to make the exodus away from the schlammball, or the mud ball, all at once.

Xeo-Deutschland is the movement of the True People from Earth to offworld holdings, especially the Moon, the Jovian satellites, and habitats and stations. Once here, the real push for the post-human Engelsmensch would work, no longer constrained by terrestrial laws.


The official logo of DE is a red reversed swastika on a black background. Colors are red, black, and white for accent only.


This ran way longer than expected. Die Engelmacht is a racist, nationalist organization that has embraced the symbols and legacy of a piece of their history, the Third Reich. While presented as a major and serious force, DE is not. The actual core of PC level characters is small, a few dozen at the most, with a few hundred or so mooks and minions. While they might count tens and maybe even hundreds of thousands of supporters, this is also counting people in the region who shrug and while they don't support DE, they also don't condemn their actions. The notion of the country for the people of the country is a pretty easy sell, especially when said country is looking at population disruption, immigration, and other factors that erode and destroy the elements of said country's culture. On a cerebral level this can be seen as a dichotomy. When the most popular street food in Germany becomes Doner kebab, there is the celebration of immigrants and their culture, and nothing said of the indigenous culture being displaced. When McDonald's starts making inroads in India, and Coca-Cola follows them, people become upset by the displacement of Indian cultural values and dietary norms.

That being said, this has been inspired by, of all things, one of the strangest comic book F-tier villains I have ever seen.


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