There is no great Promethean cybernetic cabal, or anti-organic pogrom, rather, the Prometheans are a diverse group of people hailing from a variety of nations who have all come to a common technological existence. They have forsaken biological existence in favor of a life integrated with the machine


To become a Promethean only requires a great deal of wealth and technological influence.

The first Prometheans were victims of happenstance and disaster, who were wealthy enough to have contingencies in place in case of said incidents. The first documented Promethean was Captain Chris Pike, of the Atlantic Federation. Captain Pike served a number of years as a fleet officer before securing his command of the AFS Columbia, a Federation class battlestar. After an unprecedented three tours as captain of the ship, he was involved in a tragic accident off duty. Pike was crippled by radiation, and his body was almost blown apart. He was saved by military doctors and his shattered body was placed in a custom made med-pod. In most instances, Pike would have been treated with regenerative therapies, but the radiation damage to his body rendered most treatments ineffective. Instead, his core organics (central nervous system, heart, lungs) were hooked into a hybrid chassis. The rig was a cross between a stears-cusick cyborg frame and a mobile med-pod.

Pike 2.0 - after a few decades Pike's organic components started to fail. To continue to function, Pike's chassis was remodeled. His organic components were encapsulated, and his utilipod droid body was modified. Pike regularly became irritated because people treated him as a machine, lacking human features. To address this, his utilipod was fitted with a pribnow dummy, giving him a face and arms again.

The Krangs

There is a faction of Prometheans that are disparagingly known as the Krangs. A Krang-Promethean is a human who has had his nervous system removed and placed in a robot body, with the brain being visible, typically either in a clear armored cranium, or in a torso section with an armored window. The Krang faction is also known for having a technological superiority complex, seeing organics as weak, and pure robotics are lacking in scope and facility. Krangs are typically seen as cyber-racists, and are frequently used as villains in entertainment feeds.


Dragoons are military Prometheans, their brains and core viscera are placed inside combat robots, making dangerous and effective war machines. The first world armed forces seldom use dragoons, veterans who undergo dragoon transformation typically enter mercenary and security industries. A few enter shadowrunning operations, where they hire themselves out as walking tanks.

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