Straight to the Business

The heart of the Bady Farm is the storage facility. Individual clone bodies are stored in vertical racks, packed between two layers of thick bioplastic. The body has several lines and tubes plugged into it, keeping the body alive, but in a suspended animation. These racks are attached to each other to make large walls of clones that are stored like racks in a beehive. There are fluid pumps that capture waste materials, clean blood, and keep a steady flow of nutrients to the clones. Damaging this system can set up septic shock, anemia, or starvation in the hosts.


A Body Farm with have a small administrative area, a small number of mundane employees who monitor the machines and bodies, generally 1 worker to 100 clones, and 1 admin for every 10 workers.


All body farms represent a significant investment in resources. As such, most body farms have a sizeable security force, generally 2 security personnel for every normal staff person. This is mundane security equipped with normal low profile body armor, basic sidearms, and communications equipment. For every 10 security personnel, there is a single paramilitary power armor security officer. This is basic power armor, and equipped with non-military weaponry. For every 10 power armor personnel, there is a power armor captain who is armed with military grade gear.

The Stuff

Why all this security for clone farms?

Black Market Organs - black market surgeons and underground body modifiers need fresh meat. Clones are easily chopped up, and most of them have O negative blood, making them universal donors. Stealing live bodies with no legal status is big money to those brave and amoral enough.

Clone Theft - Good clone bodies can be sold on the black market exactly like slaves. These clones end up in the worst places, and many have poorly constructed personas downloaded into them. It is still a large payoff for anyone willing to do it.

Fresh Meat - in the less savory parts of the world, protein is protein, and clone meat is still meat. This isn't a big payoff, but the people willing to steal mindless bodies to eat aren't going to be the talk rationally and compromise sorts.

Secret Batch - body farms can be used as long term storage for people, ranging from dissidents to criminals. In this pancaked suspension, they are completely helpless.

Special Order - Most body farms have just mundane clones, but some have special order supersoldiers, potential parapsychics, mentats, and other special made clones that are dramatically more valuable.

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