Full Item Description
A full length cloak, navy blue in color with an intricate leaf pattern stitched in gold around the edges with a simple brass clasp at the collar. On rare occasions, the cloak will reveal the image of a couple entwined in a gentle embrace woven into the fabric.

Kara was just a young peasant girl until a local landed lady discovered her wonderful weaving talents and took her into her household. She was one of her mistress' favorite companions and they spent much time together creating lovely tapestries and fabrics.

Kara was a very pretty girl, but very shy. One day the lady's son, Dovan, came to the room where Kara was working with her mistress on a new creation. Upon seeing him, Kara knew that he was to be the one love of her life. For months she watched him and learned as much as she could about him, but always from afar.

Dovan finally noticed Kara, but there time together was to be very short. The horrible news of war came to the household one bright, sunny day. Dovan was summoned to join the forces within a fortnight. Comforting his distraught mother took much of Dovan's time and Kara was left alone with her weaving.

Kara was heart-broken that Dovan was leaving and she wished to give him something that would remind his of her. She began to weave fabric for a cloak for her beloved. As she wove, her tears of love landed on the fabric, embedding themselves into each tiny thread. With each pass of the shuttle she wove more of her heart into this most precious cloth. Kara was unable to sleep until she finished the cloak the night before Dovan's dreaded departure, and then her sleep was disturbed by horrible nightmares of war.

Kara woke early in the morning of that dreadful day in hopes of having a little time with her beloved, for she feared he would never return. His mother had already risen and there was no chance for the young lovers to even have a moment alone. In desperation, Kara offered to help pack the young master's things. She wrapped the cloak with loving care and packed it amongst his belongings.

Dovan departed without a farewell from his beloved. Upon his first night's rest, he discovered his sweet Kara's gift. He put on the cloak that enfolded him in warmth and love as Kara would have herself.

Dovan did not realize the full scope of this gift of love until his first battle. Dovan was engaged in battle with a very capable soldier and was unaware of the enemy who had come upon him from behind. The enemy did not hesitate as he struck a killing blow, but was astonished as his blade seemed to slide right off the cloak. He struck again, and again the blade slid right off. The enemy reached out to feel the cloak expecting something solid or at least slick, but it was woolen to the touch. One of Dovan's companions had seen what happened but was not as fascinated by the cloak's ability, and the enemy had no time to regret his inquisitive nature.
When the battle was finally over and Dovan and his companions were enjoying a simple meal, Dovan heard the story of the cloak's unique protection. Dovan told his comrades of the cloak's creator, of it's unusual warmth and softness. He kept to himself the knowledge that it needed to be well away from his arms as he fought.

Unknown to Dovan, a mercenary was among those around the fire. He bided his time, waiting for Dovan to removed his cloak. One night his patience was rewarded, or so he thought. He murdered Dovan in his sleep and slipped away with the cloak. When the thief attempted to don the cloak, it pricked at his skin as if thorns had been woven into the fabric. It seemed very heavy to the murderer and seemed to tangle about his legs as he tried to walk. Afraid of what this enchanted cloak might do next, the murderer tossed it aside to await a new owner.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Cloak of Sweet Devotion shows little sign of wear and will enfold the wearer with a devoted heart with more warmth and protection than the average cloak. In battle it will protect the wearer from any rear assaults, strangely deflecting blows as if it were made of a slick solid material. The one wearing it must remember to keep it away from his arms when in battle for it tends to be a bit clingy.
It's clinging warmth can be smothering to the love-lorn wearer, but be careful to not cast it aside at the wrong moment.
To the one who murders the wearer the cloak will be prickly, very heavy, and very uncomfortable and will probably be cast aside.

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