Full Item Description
A small unassuming bracelet of silver, appearing slightly tarnished and on the whole a little worse for wear.
Although it is still quite a sturdy and resistent piece.

The idea for this handy little trinket came from Manir, a small time thief with big ambitions.

One night as he sat there in his local tavern, he boasted to his fellows that he was the best thief this side of the empire. That he could slip out of anywhere.

At this one of his fellows demanded that he prove it, and of course after a few mugs of ale and a lot of stilweed later, he accepted.

Next morning he awoke, he cursed as he went to sit up, he barely remembered anything that had went on the night before. "thats it, no more stilweed, im through".

it was then that it dawned on him what happened that night, the banter, the boasts, the challenge...

...The Challenge!!

He hadn't really accepted his companions challenge, had he?, he had!. To steal the Lady Carthas jewels was impossible. So many had attempted it, and so many hung from the noose after trying.

In a desperate panic not to lose his thieves honour, he sought out a rogue mage contact of his, pleading with him to enchat a piece of his jewelery to make him invisible to the naked eye, of course the price was a quater of the money gained from the fencing of the goods, a steep fee for anyone to pay.

In his desperation he agreed and his contact set to work, intricatly weaving concealing magics into the bracelet he had instructed Manir to give him for his enchantment.

Once he had the bracelet enchanted he moved swiftly on his way towards the manor were the Lady Cathas lived.

As he made his way he remembered the mage's words, "stick to the shadows, for only there are you unseeable."

He prayed to the goddess he would survive and not feel the hangmans noose around his neck.

The following day the whole town was in uproar, the Ladys jewels had dissapeared, gone, stolen.

As manir sat there in the tavern at an empty table, he smiled innerly, overjoyed with glee.

Magic/Cursed Properties
This bracelet has the power to make the wearer completely invisible to the naked eye, and no matter how hard they try, and what methods they use, they cannot spot him.

However there is a catch to this item; the user must keep to the shadows in order for the bracelet to work, if he is in the light for more than five seconds he will no longer be invisible to others aroun him.

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