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December 11, 2006, 6:56 pm

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Arturo the Slight


Thin man & knife thrower in The Carnival of Forgotten Souls

“Writhing muscles covered by a thin layer of torn crimson silk, a buckler held loose in a long thin hand. Thin as a corpse, looking withered and dead, a smiling porcelain mask covering the face. Two belts wrap loosely about the waist, holding daggers and blades with no handles, a small pouch hanging empty.
A small book, wooden flute, and a broken mirror lie on the floor.
Then it speaks…”

Arturo Thirammoryn was slight, frail, and grotesquely deformed from birth. Although fairly hearty, he grew to be a gaunt mockery of a man. Standing fully erect he was as tall as an average man and weighed as much as a child. He never stands fully, but prefers a lopping gait bent low as he moves, much like a tangled marionette. His movements are always exaggerated, with more flourish and range than one would assume possible for a man of his unique physiology.
Although none have seen it with the exception of his mother, the mask he has always worn denotes a severe facial deformity. The extent is unknown, but is assumed to be severe enough to warrant covering.
His skin is a map of pain, crisscrossed with scars of unknown origin. Rumor has it that they are self inflicted, but he will neither confirm nor deny this speculation.

He serves as a sword-swallower and knife thrower in The Carnival of Forgotten Souls, and on occasion he has been known to work as a night watchman and animal handler.

He is an expert at thrown blades and a very talented acrobat and contortionist. He wears nothing as far as armor with the exception of his mask. He carries several throwing knives, a few daggers, and specially made “throwing blades” (long thin blades with no handles) that he uses for his show.

He stood at the crest of the hill, surveying the valley below. There stood his objective, looming tall and dark in the early morning mist.
It was an old castle that stood there for countless generations. Rumors were many and diverse that revolved around this old building, but he didn’t care. He wanted a word or two with the lord of this manor.
He leaned forward and laughed to himself as he slowly devised a plan.

”So you are planning to go in. That place is certain death you know.” Aela strode up the hillside, Tulapon close behind. There’s a vampire in there, but I’m sure you already know that, right?”she said, sounding more concerned than sarcastic. She looked worried.
”Vampeer are baad mun Aela” Tulapon whispered, now sitting in the grass behind her.
”Yes they are, my gentle friend” Arturo laughed “this one especially so. He stole my mirror. Now I have to go get it back.” He stood his full height and turned on his heel.

”Are you really going in there Arturo?”Aela asked quietly as he loped by.
”’Turo brave red mun Aela. He powerful.” Tulapon smiled up at Arturo.
Arturo reached over and patted Tulapon on the head gently. ”I hope you’re right, “Jester King”. If not, we’ll be one short for the next show…”

Arturo looked over his shoulder as he walked down the hill. Aela was leaning on Tulapon as he waved. He knew she was crying.He turned his gaze back to the road ahead.

It was a small thing, Aela’s tears. He had no choice but to go to the castle. The Vampire Lord who lived there assured his visit when he stole his mother’s mirror from his wagon.

He trudged on to meet this man, a wicked grin hidden behind his already smiling mask.

He is currently in the company of the Lady Lara Raivenous, to which he serves as councilor and friend in return for the kindness she has shown him.

GM notes: Arturo is well articulated and very sarcastic, albeit dry and usually misunderstood. He enjoys the attention he gets when people notice him, becoming even more verbose and grand in motion than normal.
He is analytical and slow to anger, preferring reason to violence.
If caught up in a conflict, he will do his best to move to the rear and attack with thrown weapons.
Although hearty, he is uncommonly frail and thin, seeming more like a skeleton than a man.

He is a bard, having been employed as a court jester at one time, and has a certain talent for storytelling, preferring scary or sad themes. He plays the flute and yarting (a six stringed instrument, similar to the guitar) and enjoys entertaining people.

Although Aela the Tattooed Lady shows a definite interest in him, he seems to prefer another (unnamed) woman. He is kind and polite to her, even though he will not return the affection.

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Comments ( 10 )
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Voted Cheka Man
December 7, 2006, 20:59
I like him.
December 8, 2006, 7:40
I like the fact, that this character is not placed into a villianous stereotype. Well done!
Voted valadaar
December 8, 2006, 8:41
Looks like we have another fine member added to the crew of the SS Strolenite!

Good job!
Voted MoonHunter
December 8, 2006, 9:59
A nice basic character. Though I agree it is nice that we have players that are not amoral/evil, what dramatic use do we have for them in a campaign?

Are you going to update each submission showing the person's relationship with the rest of the troupe?
December 8, 2006, 11:15
Supporting characters - employeers, friends, allies, victims, innocent bystanders,etc.
Also, even non-evil people by force of circumstance can be placed in the role of villan.

I can see plenty of dramatic use for non-evil/amoral characters in a campaign.
December 8, 2006, 22:17
One does not need to be evil to oppose the heroes of the story. Suppose that a young girl were to "run away and join the circus". The bold heroes set out to rescue her from her "abductors" and return her to her family. Who are the good guys and who are the villains?
the Wanderer
December 8, 2006, 22:38
That's happened once already...really bad situation.
Voted Scrasamax
December 11, 2006, 13:47
I like this character, and can see him being a bit sarcastic yet potentially taking on the role of a casual mentor to the younger members of the troup, but retaining his aura of mystery.
the Wanderer
December 11, 2006, 14:25
He's a lot of fun to use. I'm adding to him soon, he needs a bit more "color"...
the Wanderer
December 11, 2006, 18:52
Updated: Added a small section from one of his adventures. Hope it makes him a bit easier to understand and use.

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