'Gather ‘round, lords and ladies, and witness the strangest of men!
Tulapon is, as you can clearly see, not a normal man. He is what many sages believe to be an earlier form of man. Primitive, if you will. Weather this be true or not, I assure you this man is anything other than ordinary! He sings! He dances! He can even write!
But mind your children, folks; he has a bit of an infatuation with them...'

Tulapon is a Microcephile. His recessed jaw, broad mouth, hawk-like nose, and small eyes give rise to pity in most onlookers, and disgust in others.

He stands just less than six feet tall, pot-bellied and gangly. He has a buck-toothed smile and his laugh is infectious.
He dresses in what one might refer to as a jester or clown's clothes, although this is not entirely true. Tulapon chose his own clothes. Bright, mismatched colors seem to be his favorite.

Although not nearly as intelligent as most, he isn't without thought. He is quite independent, much to the worry of many of the troupe members. He lives alone in a private wagon with several cats he has found while traveling.

Mascebus Elmirion Hendamere found him one morning hiding in a supply wagon, bleeding from the face and head. Noone know anything of his past, but it is assumed to be quite unfortunate.

Tulapon acts as sort of a clown in the Carnival, performing simple tricks that he has been taught and on special nights he does a song and dance on the main stage.

Every troupe member is dear to him, especially Aela the Tattooed Lady (who has become like a mother to him).
He is fairly close to all of them, except for Geldrom, which he calls 'the scearry mun'.

GM notes: Tulapon is more or less a small child in mind. He is however unusually intelligent in spite of his condition. He is able to dance, sing, count to ten, and is friendly and affectionate.

He spends most of his time following around other troupe members or playing near his wagon with the local children or his cats.

He has a severe speech impediment and thinks in very small terms. He speaks up in conversation, much like a child trying to be part of an adult conversation. He will often make irrational suggestions and not understand why it is refused.

He has little to no combat use whatsoever. He knows how to flail and scream, but that is all. He can barely defend himself, let alone help in a battle. He tends to be a liability in combat situations.

He is truly innocent in every way.