As a mage walks through the forest a sprite appears on a branch in front him (or her). The mage will be the only one that will be able to see the sprite. The sprite demands that the mage release him from the forest. If the mage refuses or acts like he has no idea what is going on the sprite will disappear but will take with him one of the mages prized possesions. When the mage hunts for the Sprite he will reappear and demand to be releasd from the forest.

If the mage should ask him why and how to release the sprite. He will be told that the sprite pissed off a wizard so the wizard confined him to the forest. The sprite begged the wizard to release him the wizard said showed the sprite a scroll and said he would when the sprite learned his lesson. However later that day the wizard was killed in the forest. Now the sprite needs someone to help him.

If the mage refuses to help the sprite will constantly torment the mage until the mage leaves the forest. The sprite must be equivilent to an immortal for he has been trapped here for 500 years and has not aged a bit. If the mage truely tries to help the sprite then the sprite will provide a wealth of information to the mage.

To help the sprite the mage must scale down a gourge in the middle of the forest and find the mages body and cast the spell on the sprite. The sprite does not know the exact location of the body since he cannot go into the gourge.

In the gourge there are various undead that will atack the mage if enters the gourge.

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