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December 26, 2006, 5:09 pm

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Cheka Man

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The Valley of Undead


It is said that there is always night, even during the day it is dark. Undead prowl around freely, and pity to those living that end up there. Still, lucky are those eaten by the hordes, some fools get deeper and their very souls are consumed by the nameless horrors that lurk in some hidden spots. And still more serve as new material for the Necromancers, the only living creatures there, as they say at least…

The Orc Occupation had various effects one could hardly foretell. When these parts of the Kingdom were overrun, a few spots maintained freedom. Some say the price was too big.

The Valley is relatively isolated from the rest of the world. The passes connecting it to the wide world are ill-suited for large caravans, but there is a constant (if little) business done. The soil is of mediocre quality, allowing people to grow enough food, but not much surplus. The weather is relatively fine, although the winter can get a bit longer, and rain is always welcome. A nice spot between the mighty mountains.

The Valley was never extraordinary, life was slow and boring here. With the Orcs coming, and the government collapsing, the Valley of Sleepers found itself suddenly independent. The first small Orcish troops were easily defeated, but a larger force soon arrived. All would be lost, if Zelveer did not intervene.

Zelveer was a skilled Necromancer, and found this sleepy place ideal for his job. The practice of his magic was officially outlawed in the old kingdom, and followers of more than one god were after all undead and their creators. But the tradition here was to not care in the matters of others. A good place for a little secret school, and some research. Zelveer was not an evil man, as one would expect, he even became some kind of patriot. Seeing the defeat of their defense coming, he revealed his Art and sent the corpses of both attackers and defenders back into the fight, ending the first battle.

Many disputes arose, many voices argued, but in the end the pragmatic solution was chosen: Undead were a usefull addition to the small troops. And later… who knows.

The Orcish Occupation took more than three hundred years.

The Present:
The Academia of Necromantic Magics stands in the capitol town. Undead are extensively used for every possible purpose. After extensive research in necroalchemy, special collars or amulets attuned to the owner control the Undead so you don’t need a Necromancer to command them all the time. Most of the households do have a few, and a life-time guarantee for your undead servant is currently the hit. Life has become comfortable, because most easy and hard tasks are taken care of. People slowly enjoy the comfort they have, but have become lethargic and passive. They are probably more accustomed to magic than any other folk.

The Academy of Necromantic Magics

The students, along with their duties of cleaning the labs, and conserving the bodies, study as normal, concentrating on Anatomy and Necromancy. The more advanced students are allowed to repair undead, and later sent on journeys as repairmen. If they are deemed ready, they are taught the Animation formulas and became Animators. Some manage to end their career as Imprinters. The last few principals of the Academy were Imprinters, by the way.

But its life is more than about Animating; there is a large Research Faculty, talented Necromancers search here for new ways, and often merge their powers with Alchemy. The latest hit of necroalchemy are special collars or amulets attuned to the owner, so one doesn’t need a skilled Necromancer to precisely command Undead.

The Faculty of Higher Medicine is the pride and image-improver of the whole Academy. Knowledge gained from studying the dead and living bodies is put to good use here, as doctors are trained to use Necromancy for healing. Note that these are too common magic-users, and no clerics. While they lack the power to actually return health, they are able to close wounds, thus stopping bleeding, and are very good at repairing fractures (which, in turn, clerics have often problems with).

Standing in shadow of these parts of the school, is a small contingent of guards, without an official name. With many in the Research, and others dispersed around the Valley, they take care of any Undead out of control, and sometimes hush up possible scandals. Well-trained and armed against Undead, they can take out most lesser types quickly and are not without means against the more powerful ones.

Unknown to most, the Academy has control over the bones of a dragon, used for special missions, carrying spies or sensitive goods. While certainly a shocking sight, it is not to be compared to a real dragon, and could be easily killed by mortals. For these reasons (and the need for permanent presence of a skilled Necromancer) it has seen little use yet.

Government and Laws:
The Council of Four rules the Valley, one for The City, two for the villages and little towns, east and west, and one for The School.

The laws of old kingdom were expanded in some parts, particularly those dealing with Undead. (The “Slay them!” part was removed.) There are numerous precise rules that must be followed, from procuring the corpse, through its Raising, to the guarantee and what happens if something goes wrong.

Another part of laws deals with citizen rights. All citizens learn basic reading and writing, are protected during childhood, etc. Other rights are guaranteed too, BUT can be sold. Yes, sold for hard cash. If you are out of money, you may exchange higher education, the right for eternal rest, and the right to vote and be voted.

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Comments ( 9 )
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December 22, 2003, 8:07
Note: see also the Undead Economy submission.
Barbarian Horde
May 18, 2004, 7:25
Maybe there is a fixed number of souls and maybe, over time, due to the extensive use of undead, people start getting sick and die young. This would create the need for even more undead to do the work and in turn speed op the disease rate..

This could bring the kingdom to a rapid end. Maybe the only way to survive for those people would be to find a small group of survivors of the orcish war that moved underground during thast war and survived. They could have adapted themselves so well to their small underground village. Maybe even so well that it is impossible for them to live above the ground.
Cheka Man
June 21, 2004, 12:06
I love this idea-before I read about it here I was going to post it in the ideas section.A place where necromancy is legal.
Voted Cheka Man
November 11, 2005, 12:58
As I said before, I really like the idea.A place that does not hate and fear the Undead.
Voted Mourngrymn
November 11, 2005, 14:21
Nice idea. Although it would be very creepy for an unsespecting group of adventurers to shamble into one of the towns not knowing the laws and destroy a group of undead.

What are the penalties of such an act? And can you exchange your life after death for more ammenities in life? Only ruling council are voted in if they have their undead card? Kind of like a donor card? You need money, you will agree to be raised for x amount years depending on how much you want/ need.
November 22, 2005, 9:13
The Valley of Undead is well advertised by legends and spooky stories, but right, accidents happen.

Wilful destruction of the property of someone has the usual consequences - the perpetrators could end up in jail or be sued for compensation - which can be quite expensive if they "defeat hordes of ravenous undead".

Yes, life after death can be exchanged for cash while living, however, few do so. My idea was to make them serve until they break down, but to make them serve only for x years is even better... thanks!

And I don't think the ruling council would be hot on such an arrangement. ;)
October 27, 2010, 23:09

hmmm... Interesting, and obviously a place where magic in general is rather common. I can't find any use for this right now, but it's a nice idea...

Voted Chaosmark
September 23, 2012, 19:36
"The Orcish Occupation took more than three hundred years." This right here was my favorite part. It blindsided me, and makes the entire submission utterly reek of realism. A simple, expedient solution is adopted "for the duration", and ends up changing the entire society when the duration is about 4-5 generations.

Voted valadaar
April 24, 2013, 14:27
This location is both interesting and logical, though things seem a bit too tidy for these folks.

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