1. Tremon's Flyswatter – using magic missle theory, Tremon's Flyswatter produces scores of ultra mini magic missiles. These tiny missiles autostrike the insect on the caster's mind if they are in the area (one missile per insect). The missiles are auto hitting and contain just enough damage to kill an insect like a mosquito or house fly. If used against a giant insect, Tremon's Flyswatter will work, but all the little missles put together still deal very low actual damage and probably just piss it off.

  2. Arkanic's Barber – this cantrip temporarily enchants a pair of scissors to give the caster or a willing person a simple hair cut of fair quality.

  3. Tenser's Invisible Cup – this less well known spell of Tenser produces an invisible magical cup. The cup is in any smaller shape desired by the caster and can only be used to hold liquid. The liquid can be drunk from the cup as long as it is held by the caster. The cup can't hold magical liquids, molten minerals, or molten metals including mercury. If the cup is thrown, dropped, or jostled, the spell will cancel.

  4. Lothbarn's Animal Skinner – this cantrip will seamlessly remove the skin from a small dead animal.

  5. Wipe – this cantrip creates a kinetic energy force that moves to wipe a liquid or gooey solid from another solid surface. Wipe completes this flawlessly, leaving the surface to be wiped clean. Aside from the perfect response to Green Slime landing on someone, this cantrip can act as a perfect substitute for leaves when roughing it.

  6. Jumokkle's Instant Cold – the cantrip gives the caster or one willing participant, noticable cold/flu like symptoms. Created as the instant excuse to be left alone, many mages have benefited with additional study, experimenting, or goofing off time..

  7. Dodwallop's Comb – this cantrip instantly fixes the recipient's hair style to look as though they had recently groomed. The only restriction on this spell is that the caster must be very aware of what that style is and what it takes to make that hairstyle. Additional hair styling devices (barrettes, clips, pins, etc.) must be provided in some instances. Coloring not included.

  8. Tremon's Quick Wit – this cantrip gives the caster a small charisma bonus while arguing, negotiating, or debating. The caster under this influence will come across a little more aggressive and confident than even they intended and are more likely to get their way at the expense of the relationship. This spell works best if the caster is the same or higher social standing than the person being talked to. If the social standing is the other way around, the results could be disastrous.

  9. Imagnius's Original Glue – this cantrip produces a glue like effect on any inanimate object. When held against another inanimate object the items will stick for a short time period. This spell will not function against golems, animated constructs, and other 'living' things made of inorganic stuff.

  10. Imagnius's Superior Glue – this cantrip produces a glue like effect on any inanimate object and the caster. The inanimate object when placed on the caster will become stuck for a short period of time. This potentially has good uses. For example, if cast on a weapon, the caster can't be disarmed easily, temporary shoes made of whatever is handy, adhesion on a cliff side, and so on.

  11. Dodwallop's Cologne – this cantrip magnifies the recipient's natural pheromones and lessens the human(oid) stink. This cantrip basically makes what is best about you, to be amplified in smell. (if that makes sense)

  12. Jumokkle's Instant Sweat – this cantrip increases the perspiration of any willing recipient. With a little dust the user of this cantrip looks as though they have been working really hard.

  13. Page Turner – this cantrip is temporarily enchants a target book to turn to the page on the caster's mind. As long as the spell is active the pages will turn as the caster finishes reading the current page. This cantrip is a possible prerequisite to Read Magic and is a safe way of handling ancient tomes on the brink of disintegration (at GM's discretion of course).

  14. Invisible Ink – this cantrip enchants any ink writing and makes it vanish. The ink can be revealed both through conventional means of heating the pages or through a spell like True Sight.

  15. Tremon's Firm Handshake – this cantrip causes anyone who shakes hands with the caster to believe that the caster is far stronger than he really is. Saving throw optional. A nice touch when combined with Tremon's Quick Wit.

  16. Dodwallop's Charming Wiles – this cantrip is almost a sister spell of Tremon's Quick Wit. The cantrip caster becomes more charismatic slightly and enjoys a boost of confidence, but usually this spell is used to charm a member of the opposite sex and possibly their parents or guardians. If the use of charisma fails, the person to be charmed believes the caster to be insincere, overdone, or possibly batting for the other team.

  17. Imagnius's Magic Hammer – this cantrip causes a nail or a spike to be driven into wood (or a similar surface) as though struck with a hammer wielded by a very strong & agile person. One strike is usually sufficient to drive the nail all the way in.

  18. Jumokkle's Constant Moan – this cantrip enchants an inanimate object to make a moaning sound for a set period of time. This spell typical use is to make someone believe that the caster is behind a closed door moaning when the caster is really elsewhere. It also makes a handy distraction.

  19. Tremon's Icy Glare – this cantrip causes a memory stir within any who meet the gaze of the caster. The memory is that of the first time the person really upset a parent or guardian and wondered if they would survive the night. More intelligent victims of this spell will realize they are being manipulated, while less intelligent people will suffer a decrease in confidence and feel nervous as long as they are in the presence of the caster.

  20. Lothbarn's Squirrel Trap – this cantrip enchants a nut. If left on a forest floor, the nut will stun any squirrel to touch it and make the caster aware that it was set off. The nut only effects squirrels, any other creature will get a slight tingle when touching it and it will return to normal. Once activated, the nut returns to normal. The nut could be dangerous to giant man-eating squirrels at the GM's discretion.

  21. Dry Paper – This cantrip can be used to evaporate all water on or absorbed into paper. Depending on how long the paper was wet, any writing may or may not still be legible.

  22. Jumokkle's Fishing Lure – this cantrip temporarily enchants a coin. The enchanted coin when tied to a string and dipped in open waters attracts fish. The coin sticks to fish flesh so no hook is required. Once the caster pulls a fish from the coin the spell ends. Merfolk will not be amused by the use of this lure near their home.

  23. Dodwallop's Delicious Flesh – this cantrip makes the caster's skin to taste good. Obviously this cantrip is normally used to enhance a sexual encounter. The caster doesn't taste so good their partner will want to bite off a piece. But they are just pleasant to nibble on etc., more than most. This enchantment may repel vampires or attract them at the GM's discretion.

  24. Lantern Charm – this cantrip charms a lit candle. The candle cannot be blown out by the wind or be used to start a fire if accidentally dropped. For the duration only the caster can blow out the candle. This makes the candle more effective at producing light.

  25. Spoon Bending – this cantrip can be used to bend small metal objects as per the popular stage trick.

  26. Imagnius's Incredible Saw – this cantrip can enchant a bladed item. The enchanted blade will of it's own accord start sawing through some wood or similar substance at the discretion of the caster. The better the enchanted item was to start with will determine the time it takes to get through the object. Bladed items not designed for sawing might not survive the distance. For best results obviously use a saw. The enchantment ends when the cut is done or the tool is done.

  27. Arkanic's Razor – this cantrip causes a shaving razor to become temporarily enchanted. The enchanted razor will sharpen itself and give the caster a shave. For best results the caster's face should be properly prepared with hot water, soap, etc.

  28. Dodwallop's Minty Breath – this cantrip gives the caster, or one willing participant, minty fresh breath for up to one hour. An optional side effect is an altered taste of any food the caster eats or drinks during that time.

  29. Lothbarn's Umbrella – this cantrip causes a field of deflective magic to appear above the caster. The field is invisible and only effects water, wind, and the occasional blowing leaf. When the caster stands in the rain all the water that would hit the caster from above is deflected away to his/her sides and behind. This effect basically keeps the caster dry in all but the most stormy conditions where the rain comes in from all angles.

  30. Tremon's Odour Eliminator – this cantrip actually doesn't eliminate odours. It actually removes the caster's sense of smell for the duration. This effect also significantly decreases the taste of food. The primary use of this spell is to enable the caster to endure conditions of foul odour that would make the caster at less than his best. Such places might include a swine farm, the sewers, or a common outhouse or latrine.

  31. Color Hair – this cantrip is very popular especially when one can find a way to make it permanent. The caster or willing recipient's hair changes to any color they have a sample of for the duration.

  32. Jumokkle's Depressing Aura or the Beggar's Spell– this cantrip makes a few illusionary changes on the caster. The illusion subtly makes the caster appear more sad, unkempt, and possibly a little cuter and innocent. This illusion is designed to bring out the giving side of anyone good. Generous people tend to give unsolicited handouts to anyone under this aura. The duration is far to short for any who live under the boon of this spell.

  33. Bernik's Knuckle Pop – this cantrip creates an auditory illusion triggered by the caster clenching their fists or flexing their fingers. The sound made is of all the knuckles popping loudly in unison. This spell, however, does not actually pop the knuckles. When combined with a real knuckle pop, people to hear the sound will wonder if the caster injured himself.

  34. Imagnius's Instant Stripper – This spell instantly and completely removes the surface coating on a non-magical, inanimate object. Typical uses of this spell include removing, paint, varnish, stain, bark, glaze, water-proofing, tar, pitch, etc.

  35. Dodwallop's Woody – the magician's equivalent of the little blue pills. (Just picture a old wizard with the long beard dancing down the street of a fantasy village, kinda like they do on Viagra commercials, it gave me a chuckle)

  36. Lothbarn's Tinder – this cantrip splits a piece of wood into many shavings, making it the perfect tinder for starting a fire.

  37. Animal Sounds – this cantrip enables the caster or a willing participant to make a perfect replication of animal noises. The animal to be imitated must be familiar to the user of this spell.

  38. Tremon's Catcher – this cantrip produces a small telekinetic force which enables the caster to catch small objects tossed at them or near them flawlessly. For the duration, if the item would completely miss the caster at the last moment the item changes trajectory and lands perfectly in the caster's hand. This spell was created for laboratory work where everything is made of glass and an accidentally dropped vial of a magical ingredient could be extremely bad. This spell does not work on living things (like a faerie in flight) and does not slow missile weapons fired at the caster.

  39. Lothbarn's Sure Footing – this cantrip provides a brief increase in dexterity/agility to the caster or a willing participant. The dexterity only applies to instances where the user might lose balance or 'footings'. Therefore the user of this spell has 'sea legs' and can sprint flawlessly over rough terrain. Further the user receives bonuses in attempts to walk a tightrope or in instances where an opponent is attempting to knock the user off his/her feet.

  40. Jumokkles's Insane Laugh – this cantrip warps the caster or a willing participant's voice. Many odd sounds are produced while talking. Most notably, the sounds are strangest when, burping, hiccoughing, sneezing, coughing, or laughing.

  41. Imagnius's Nail Puller – this cantrip instantly pulls a nail, spike, pin, rod, etc. that has been embedded in wood or a similar substance. The cantrip will not work on complex devices.

  42. Dodwallop's Comforting Embrace – this cantrip instantly and temporarily changes the caster's skin temperature to a comforting 37 degrees Celsius (or 99 degrees Fahrenheit). This spell has the potential of making an embrace more enjoyable and could provide temporary relief to someone who's freezing to death.

  43. Bernik's Lich Vision – this cantrip temporarily enchants a mirror to change the reflection of the beholder to resemble a severely decayed zombie or lich, with enough facial recognition to still be the beholder. Besides a temporary fright for the weak hearted... the image returns to normal within moments of viewing.

  44. Sophira's Thunder Slap – this cantrip enables the caster to add the following to a standard slap. Once the slap has been determined as successful, the slap is accompanied by an extremely loud, even thunderous sound, telling everyone in earshot that the victim/jerk had been slapped. As further evidence of the slap, the skin which made contact with the hand of the caster turns bright red for several minutes after the slap. Saving throw optional.

  45. Imagnius's Quick Coils – this cantrip temporarily enchants either a piece of rope, cord, twine, chain, cable, or line. The material enchanted immediately untangles (loose tangles only) and rolls itself into a neat coil. This enchantment does not work on magical rope, knots, or if one or more ends of the material are firmly linked or secured. For example the spell will not dismantle a chain mail shirt and transform it into a chain coiled up. Similarly if a rope is being used by someone, the spell will not work.

  46. Arkanik's Memory Wrap – this cantrip for an extended period of time, causes the caster's short term memory to be enhanced. A real boon for older wizards who are having memory problems, this spell enables material that is either read or heard to remain at the disposal of the wizard's mind for the duration of the spell. If the wizard doesn't actively try to remember the information it will be lost to the wizard at the conclusion of the spell. Bottomline: the spell provides a normal person a tiny bonus to intelligence checks on recalling the bit of information. Old senile wizards merely avoid any penalties that their ailments would have caused them.

  47. Tremon's Minor Memory Wipe – this cantrip is typically cast upon an unwilling victim. That 'victim' would get a saving throw (or defence your gaming system allows). The spell, if successful, makes the victim will momentarily forget the last thing said by the caster (cantrip casting included). The victim's emotional state will not change based on successful use of this spell. For example, if the comment 'wiped' was insulting, the victim will still be insulted but will not immediately know why. The victim's memory will be restored within a few minutes of forgetting, unless the victim has a really, low intelligence (based on DM discretion).

  48. Origami Cantrips – when one of these cantrips is cast upon an ordinary piece of paper with no folds or tears in it, the paper will instantly fold itself into the shape of the cantrip's design. There are many variations to this cantrip. Each variation creating a different animal, insect, flower, symbol, or small object. There are little restrictions on what the paper could be made to become. The biggest restriction is to what size the creation will be, as it is limited by the size of the paper used. This cantrip cannot work on magical paper such as a spell scroll. (this cantrip would be most useful in a mystery type of an adventure – and could serve as a clue to what the PCs need to do next)

  49. Lothbarn's Water Proofing – this cantrip is best cast upon a chest, sack, pouch, backpack, rucksack or other storage device. For the length of the cantrip, as long as the the proofed storage medium is closed, it is effectively waterproof, protecting all of it's contents from water damage. The cantrip could also be cast on clothing, boots, or other inanimate objects to a lesser effect. For example if this cantrip were applied to one's clothing before one went swimming, the clothes would be dry but not the person as water would be trapped in-between. (it would behave like the person went swimming wearing garbage bag clothing)

  50. Bernik's Magical Step – this cantrip produces a selectively tangible magical force that acts like a step. The 'step' can be placed anywhere and once placed remains there for 30 seconds or less at the caster's discretion. The step can only be used for feet, acting as a way to boost oneself, it comes in handy when doing such things as quickly getting over a fence or over a pit, if the caster is spry enough. The step cannot be used to block or slow an oncoming person and will dispel if walked through.

  51. Arkanik's Feather Fall for Objects – this cantrip is popular for lab work. When cast on a non magical inanimate object, for the rest of the day, if the object is dropped it will fall as though it were a feather and not break or tip.

  52. Razturr's Blood Extractor – this cantrip is popular with necromancers, witches, and others who work in the dark arts. This cantrip can only be cast on oneself and is used to pull a small sample of the caster's blood from their body and into a container of the caster's choosing. The caster's blood can then be used flawlessly with certain death magics without the hassle of contamination from the use of a dirty blade or other instrument. This cantrip leaves no wound and is painless. Container not included.

  53. Color Skin – this cantrip can change the skin color of the caster or a willing participant. The color must be the same as something the caster has a sample of.

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54. Teldus' Double Joint - A spell that temporarily reverses all the joints of the caster's target. Elbows, knees, fingers, etc. will all bend the opposite direction. Mostly for street performers and show magicians, it can be handy in escaping some restraints.

55. Tenshal's Press - Compresses small objects to be perfectly flat and one millimeter thick. Object weight remains unaffected and the cantrip is only temporary - typically, the larger and heavier an object, the shorter the time it remains compressed. Used by merchant-mages for packing many goods into a small cart, it can be disruptive as the spell starts to wear off and the enchanted items expand to their original size.

56. Viator's Favorable Winds - This cantrip causes a gentle to moderate breeze to blow at the caster's back for several hours. It also negates the effects of counter winds, so long as they are weaker than the magical breeze. Favored by those travelling by foot or sloop.

57-Morgan's Scratcher

This cantrip will scatch an itch as long as the itch lasts..sadly with certain persistant itches it can tear the skin, but at least the wizard or witch is free of itches with dignity intact.

58-Althorpes Display

It creates a miniture fireworks display a few inches high.

59: Hiram's Hose

Takes liquid from a source (such as a container, lake, pool), and splashes it much like a weak garden hose. Useful for moving large quantities of water, or watering plants.

60: Veracit's Good Sight

The caster finds their vision is especially powerful for the next few minutes- able to pick up on minute details, see where hidden objects are hidden, and sight within the dark isn't as limited.

61: Mikey's Bathroom Voice The recipient of this cantrip immediately sings as though they were located in a bathroom, shower, or area of equivalent acoustic qualities that can greatly enhance one's singing voice.

Inspiration for this cantrip came from an episode of Recess, where Mikey was an amazing singer- up until they removed him from the bathroom.


#62 - Chisandra’s Strike Breaker: Named for a enchanter noblewoman whose new mansion was held up by a work stoppage, this causes a standard tool with no moving parts to work independently at the caster’s bidding. It will only perform actions for which it is designed, as if it were wielded by a man, with approximately the skill at its task of a trained apprentice of the appropriate craft. To this day, the spell is resented by local craftsmen, and wizards known to employ it are prone to having their windows broken by thrown bricks, their front stoops smeared with excrement, and so on.

#63 - Malabar’s Miraculous Assay: This spell allows the caster can determine the material components of any liquid or solid compound by chemical name, along with the proportion of the components in the compound, within the limits of general chemical knowledge. However, the caster does not necessarily know the individual properties of the components, nor will he learn what the compound does absent scholarly knowledge of chemistry or alchemy skill.

#64 - “Limpy’s” Third Conjuration: This spell causes an inanimate object to bend in the middle. Regardless of its natural qualities - brittleness, for example - it will bend and not break. If the object makes its appropriate resistance roll, it is slightly warped in some way. Created by the pompous Master Limsenien of the Warwik City College of Mages, it acquired its byname from the put-upon professional apprentice corps of the city - who claimed, inaccurately, that the wizard used this to blight the manhoods of his enemies - and “Limpy” was what the wizard was called behind his back thereafter, so much so that he dropped plans to publish his Fourth and Fifth Conjurations.

#65 - Ratri’s Blessed Shield: Cast on a female, this prevents fertilization of eggs. If cast on a female pregnant within the last week, induces spontaneous abortion. If cast on a male his sperm becomes non-viable. Taught by the priestesses of Ratri, although its use is canonically discouraged.

#66 - Coins of Change: A coin of the caster's choice (and held in his hand) disappears, to be replaced by the monetary equivalent in the next lower denomination. However, one coin of the lower denomination is missing (as a magical "tip," if you will). The new coins will be of the proper bullion, weight and minting, indistinguishable from other such coins were it not for the newness and lack of wear. Cast on a coin of the lowest common denomination, it disappears to be replaced by something peculiar and/or worthless.

#67 - Elaina’s Excellent Teapot: A silvery-violet teapot will appear (and float) in midair. The caster may put any kind of tea and sweetener inside the pot; it requires no water or strainer. The pot will brew away, producing 1 quart, appropriately sweetened. If no tea is placed into the pot, it will brew a basic pekoe. The pot will pour itself, at the caster's command. Variants exist for cocoa and other hot drinks.

#68 - Swami Balmy’s Flower Power: Any sort of flowers with which the caster is familiar can be created in a full bouquet. They will be in full bloom. Any part of the bouquet that is disassembled - for instance, processing for herbal or alchemical use - vanishes at once.

#69 - Denys’ Menacing Orbs: Creates a fistful of “standard” fiberglass marbles that appear in the caster’s hand.

#70 - Spider’s Veil: A fine rain of gossamer web floats down. While it is easily visible, it neither impedes vision nor movement.

#71 - Hero Pointer: The most powerful character - in terms of levels, character points, etc. - is outlined with a visible ruddy glow. The caster can exclude certain people or types of people from the spell’s calculation.

#72 - Mirith’s Restful Soak: Creates a magical hot tub, which will materialize on the ground if the terrain is even and there are no intervening objects. It will comfortably seat two people. The temperature may be set between 95 and 120o F, with any desired degree of turbulence. The spell was researched and invented at the request of Emperor Mirith of Vinaria, a frequent adventurer who in his later years suffered from arthritis.

#73 - Chisandra’s Magic Tool: Summons one of the following tools: chisel, axe, crowbar, plane, adze, handaxe, pick, shovel, handsaw, crosscut saw, file, or awl. It is made of steel, and holds a perpetual edge. It will be sized for the caster, and cannot be made larger or smaller. For some reason, the craftsmen who revile the wizard Chisandra for inventing the “Strike Breaker” spell (see above) as well as others who would use it have no problem with it. Local blacksmiths, however, have different opinions ...

#74 - Edroc’s Bane: This spell combines ingredients into a blended whole. The ingredients must be normally able to be mixed by hand and be placed in a container, which will be filled by the resulting mixture. The combination takes place in one second. Edroc was a notable alchemical researcher working through the periodic table, and who discovered - a bit too late - that alchemically refining a large quantity of pure sodium and combining it with water (to “see what happened”) was not all that sensible an idea ...

#75 - Kinto’s Beneficial Breathing: The subject's nostrils, ears and mouth become impermeable to water. Normal air breathing is not impeded, but no oxygen is extracted from "breathing" in water.

#76 - Morgil’s Clouded Gaze: The eyes of the subject adjust to any light brighter than normally comfortable, overtoning everything he sees in sepia tones. The spell will not function against light-based magical attacks. Prince Morgil Ravenswing of Gwenethlin was a renowned campaigner, but overly light sensitive, and richly rewarded the (unknown) wizard who invented this spell.

#77 - Puff of Breath: The target feels a light puff of breath; it will blow out candles, and be noticeable, but not much else.

#78 - Verella’s Toy: A small item becomes a recording device, recording any sound generated (or permeating) within 30' of its location. The sound pickup and quality is equivalent to that of a modern-day boom mike and tape player. To activate the Recorder, the caster must speak a command word chosen at the time of casting. A second command word stops the recording. A third command word allows the Recorder to play back any sounds it has captured. The object will only provide between six and twelve playbacks. Created for Princess Verella of Vinaria, who as a small child loved the music of the nomadic Waertagi tribe and wanted to hear it still in her quiet home, hundreds of miles from the Waertagi steppe country.

#79 - “Show Business”: Creates any minor special effect that the caster can imagine, suitable for use as a prop for a stage show. Among the possible effects are minor sound effects, flashing lights, mini-fireworks, loud spectral applause, background Muzak, small puffs of smoke or thin fog. The special effects created with this spell are not powerful enough to distract or fool a determined foe. Several wizards were accused of inventing the spell in the 33 years it has been known; all hotly deny doing so.

#80 - Phoenix’s Fountain of Glory: A fizzing jet flies straight up from the caster’s finger. When it reaches an altitude of 400', it bursts into a brilliant flare of colored light and descends at a rate of 10'/second thereafter. While the flare’s illumination is dim at best, it is visible for miles at night. The spell does no damage, may not be targeted, and will not fire in any direction but straight up. “Phoenix” was the errantry-name of the starlight wizard Sairin Wenairin, who is said to have invented it in the time he campaigned with the Kalínalumbë Legion.

#81 - Elaina’s Ball of Fun: Created by the ice wizard Elaina Waflo more as a means to have a handy fistful of snow whenever she wanted one, this places a normal, if large and well packed, snowball that the caster can throw in her hand. The snow itself is permanent.

#82 - Iamedon’s Keener Edged Armament: Sharpens an edged weapon, tool or implement to have as fine an edge as the object can normally hold; the edge lasts as long as normal use provides.