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The Crystal Rose is so named for its translucent, rose-like flowers. It is a large, climbing parasite-like plant similar to mistletoe. Its clinging vines can be up to 30' in length and it will work its way to the top of it's host tree.

Its leaves are covered with an clear coating which has a crystalline aspect that gives the plant it's name. Its flowers are rose-like with a bluish-pink color and are very broad. It always has 7 flowers arranged in a circle about the main stem

GMs can feel free to adjust the number of flowers to match with cultural signficance, but when so doing, adjust the amount of Tears that can be extracted

Additional Information

This rare flower is one of the few sources of Tears of Ashaya which it exudes as nectar. The flower is not of the world, having spread to earth from seeds stolen from a divine garden, and many folk-tales contain some variation on it's origin. The flower gravitates to areas strong in divine forces and seeks the tallest of trees to inhabit. Unlike mundane parasites, it benefits the tree it climbs, infusing it with its essence and causing great changes in size and nature. The flower also tends to affect other changes to other natural flora and fauna nearby. These changes may be odd, but are never negative in nature.

The flower reproduces very infrequently, generally when certain astrological alignments. Six balloon-like seeds take flight and disperse widely. The seeds may take up to 7 years to germinate, but all seeds are viable. It is not known if the seeds can be caught and deliberately planted.

The flowers can be milked for 1 oz of Tears of Ashaya each once per month. Attempts to milk them more frequently will result in the affected flower closing up for a year.

Campaign Use

Can be a legendary source of powerful healing where natural or spell-assisted healing is rare or unavailable. Makes a good item to search for in dangerous areas, or something interesting to find. An example of its use can be found in Of Pines and Roses.


See Demon Trumpets

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