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May 24, 2007, 2:34 pm

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30 Assassins necromancer


You have been assigned to hire an assassin by another middleman to kill some rich mans enemy. You go to the assassins guild to find you have quite a choice.

To say this man’s specialty is in poisoning would be a massive understatement. He is an expert at sneaking into kitchens or pretending to be waiter and serving a leathal cocktail. He has skills in potion making and used to be an alchemist so he makes all his poison himself. Due to the indirect killing of his victims and the fact that he does not see the look in his victims eyes as they die he is not as cold or as tough another assassin might be.

This man is perminatly happy and loves his job. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than running someone through. His happiness is quite disturbing and makes everyone around him uncomfortable.

This man works himself into a frenzy before killing someone usually scaring away the bodyguards if not killing them as well.

This killer does someone in for little but then again you only hire this guy for people that have no protection.

This man worships money the same way the pope worships god. He kills anyone and does anything for cash.

If the person you want dead is someone you happen to hate A LOT then hire this sick bastard that seems to enjoy it.

Hire this man if you want to take down a skilled foe that knows how to use a blade. He used to be a captain in the army but fell on hard times.

NOTE: If there is any major mistakes im making then please tell me.

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Comments ( 8 )
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November 27, 2006, 0:39
The Brute - He will more than get the job done, but don't expect a clean kill. Not a masochist like the Mutilator, this one just happens to prefer killing by blunt force trauma more than anything else.

The Black Widow - Part seductress, part killer. She lures in her prey with her sexuality before killing them.

The Politico - She'll only take jobs that match her political leanings - or, at the least, don't oppose them. Her victims are usually found with some revolutionary pamphlet explaining the murder. These tend to be high profile contracts as well.

The Sniper - His victims never see it coming. An expert at all projectiles - bows, crossbows, darts, javelins, basically anything that can be used from a distance. He is rarely caught due to his distance from the target, but he won't dare take a shot unless he's 100% sure it'll hit, making some jobs more difficult than others.

The Decoy - Not so much a skilled assassin as an average man on the street who knows which end of the knife is pointy. If a large, prominent organization - a government, for example - wants a job done but needs to distance itself from the target for political reasons, a decoy can be hired to do the hit and take blame.

The Shadow - In and out before anyone can see her, this assassin is the definition of stealth. She can leave a mess since she leaves before any clean up can be done, but she is rarely caught. This also makes her very pricey.

The Bomber - An alchemist and sapper, this assassin specializes in explosives. A bomb can be rigged just about anywhere for the right price. He tends to move from town to town, as his explosive calling card is too distinct to stay under cover too long.

The Trapper - A wizard and woodsman, this assassin prefers to set up elaborate traps to eliminate targets. Because of the specialized nature of her work, she tends to only be useful in jobs involving castles or out-of-the-way public places, not house calls.

The Infiltrator - It doesn't matter where the target is hiding, this assassin will get in and make the hit. Particularly useful when a lord or other paranoid locks himself away in a keep or mansion. Some infiltrators have a short life expectancy: they can get in easily enough, but getting out alive is sometimes tougher.
February 16, 2007, 0:56
Might I simply suggest that you don't go with a different assassin with different modus operandi, but simple go with a different personality for each assassin in your guild/ stable/ string. Their personality will determine their tactics and maybe their operational proceedures. That way you can produce some solid entries without having to come up with 30 different ways to do it.
March 22, 2008, 12:32
17. The Obsessive
This strange person fell into assassination as a career choice because there isn't much money to be made in serial killing. He doesn't take all contracts, choosing only the ones that appeal to his inner voices. Fortunately for many seeking an assassin, one of those voices sometimes says, "Pay the rent, boy, pay the rent." His tendency to carve a souvenir from the victims will get him caught sooner or later, but he is quite effective. He is not quick, however, and will follow a target sometimes for weeks before striking, learning everything he can about their patterns & weaknesses. Just don't use the word 'buttons' in his presence.

18. The Ice Queen
She is very professional, coldly so. She doesn't care about why you want the target slain, only that you do. No pleas for mercy will work on her, she never seems to get angry, and has no life outside of taking others'. No one has ever seen her smile, or frown, or show any emotions what so ever. It is as though she is as dead inside as her targets.

19. The Anti-assassin
He is the killer of killers. He will never take a commission that does not involve someone who has not themselves taken a life. He holds life in a sacred regard--the irony of his career choice does not seem to have hit him yet--and will never harm what he terms "an innocent". This means that body guards or the victims' families are completely safe when he is on the job. Don't think this means you can double-cross him though, he considers those who hire assassins to be just as culpable. The Anti-assassin specialises in skilled targets, such as mages, cyborgs, or whatever is gene-appropriate. He is also willing to take on a specialist assistant & works well with others--just don't kill anyone but the target or you will find yourself his next one.

20. Dirty-faced Angel
Who would suspect a child of being an assassin? This youngster uses the guise of youth to gain entry, trust, and especially to escape notice after the deed. This assassin can easily and quickly pose as a pathetic waif invoking sympathy, then disappear in a crowd of schoolchildren after the slaying. Though young--yet older than looks alone would suggest--the Dirty-faced Angel is a competent and ruthless killer.
March 24, 2009, 16:09
I think we need more like these.
July 26, 2008, 7:12
Obsevational note: this would have been better suited as a scroll.

Otherwise i think it works ok.keep it up.
January 2, 2009, 12:08
21. The Jaded Revolutionary

This assassin is an old hand at starting coups, revolts, and entire revolutions... with a single slash of a blade across some poor bugger's throat. As a young man, he joined the guild and enthusiastically got into the biggest political quagmire he could find, along with a few like-minded friends. After a year of slitting throats and bashing heads for cash, he trudged out alone, all of his friends dead or in hiding. He's planning to visit them... sometime. During his time there, he llearned many new techniques from the local guerrillas for killing a target (a few of which, such as the "suicide bomber" approach, he didn't really take a fancy to), but also saw a lot of death and depravity that his mind just wasn't ready for. He spends most of his time in seedy bars, getting drunk, picking fights, and trying to forget what he saw. On ther occassions that he wakes from his alcoholic coma, though, he turns from a sad drunk into a killing machine. This man has killed enough people to fill up a small city, and he's only in his very early thirties! On many occassions, he's hit on the Black Widow out of boredom and lack of any good scotch, only to wake up the next day in a Ye Olde Dumpster For Assassins, with a pounding headache and a few bruises to boot. He's still working on a good line. When he inserts into a target area, he prefers to have a network of local spies he can trust, and will try to forge one during his time there. In order to drive a target into wherever he wants them, this assassin will spend weeks launching a wave of terror of an area, destroying mills, sabotaging the local garrison's equipment, and if the the target flees to a protected area, he'll send in people disguised as cooks or whatever to flush him out. His very modus operandi is: "You may be safe from me, but you're never safe from the people."

Note: I'm about to make a new entry based off of this character.
March 24, 2009, 15:18
One-bad mother:

She has never had much ambition. Oh she has dreamed of things and imagintined things; her oldest daughter marvels at how creative her mother is, but she never really sought to better her station. As a young woman she realizes in retrospect that she was waiting for a caretaker. She was never a beauty, but she had a honest face with eyes as warm and round as her face and a smile so sweetly shy that men soon found comfort in her. They just never found a wife in here though. So by the age of 34 had given birth to eight bastards. By 35 was mother to five and gravetender to three. The broken promises of minstrel boys, the loss of her youth and the tragic loss of her babies to plague and hunger left no room in her heart for anything but her children.

She found she could make a living as a mother; at a brothel. The whores had their own bastard and many of the girls were little more than children themselves who didn't know what tits were for. When one day a john refused to pay up and slapped on of the girls around, she found it soe easy to slit his throat. The family ate well that week. Over time she found she had a skill with poisons, blades and traps, and nobody saw this broken down middleaged mother as a threat. Now her sons go to school. Her daughters have promising marriages in their futures and for a few days of work a month.

As a killer she is cold and meticilous. Often planning her day around as
9am take boys to church for leason.
10am drop off Kara's lute at the repair shop
10:30am pick up Lucina's shoes at the cobblers
11am pick up hand crossbow at "one eyed petes"
12noon "meet" duchess at rose festival
12:30 take boys their lunch.
August 27, 2011, 18:55

The Novice: Eager to please, this might be his first job. He accepts low pay, and looks the part - and is seemingly discreet, though perhaps is a little too 'excited' about this endeavor. Will he be a talented, young virtuoso killer? Or will his bumbling attempts get him captured, interrogated and have the spotlight shined back on you?

The Freedom Fighter: He or she is one of a dying breed, perhaps of the last of a once mighty elder race, or a long fallen empire. While deep down, he or she knows that history is an endless series of waves of empires rising and falling, he or she feels personally involved in the downfall of their race/hegemony. The Freedom fighter will embark upon any mission that will bring him/her one step closer to restoring the greatness of his/her kin - or at least give him/her some peace of mind.

The Barber: Everyone needs a shave. Decked out in an assortment of expensive clothes, a meticulously trimmed mustache and a waxed bald head, this barber deals with none other than the most polished of the political elite; one at a time. If your client is a blue blooded male, he no doubt sees the barber from time to time. And the slightest nick of the neck with a poisoned razor blade is just so... impossibly deadly.


The Harlequin: An irrational fear of clowns is actually quite common. But for most of us, they are fairly numerous in carnivals, circuses and all other manners of public entertainment and merriment. And really, what assassin wouldn't take advantage of the situation? An event where everyone's identity is hidden, smoke and fireworks hinder visibility and audibility, tight quarters make it hard to walk, and drunken festivity can so easily cause someone to 'fall down', right on top of a shiny, needle sharp dirk.

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