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December 22, 2006, 10:51 am

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30 People in a Crowded Dockside Tavern


You step in from the fog swirled street.  It is not as dark as you expected, but it is just as loud and smelly. There is about 30 people in this dockside bar.

This is a dockside bar. It is not the nicest place, but people have to drink somewhere.

1 - The Barkeep
See 30 Barkeeps 2508

2- Serving Maid
She was young, with a nice body and homely face.  That was just a few years ago. Now she is the serving maid in charge of the others around here.  In fact, she is now married to the barkeep/ owner.

3- Serving Wench
The Serving wench is the one who carries the food (such that it is) out to the tables with large trays. This one is a saucy girl who flirts shamelessly with everyone.  She is not bad looking and wears tigher and more padded clothing than the others. Thus she is more immune to the groping and butt slapping than the others. She does have a secret, she is a he.  He started dressing up long ago to get the job and get better tips.  Now he just does it because he likes it.

4-13 10 Sailors
Choose 10 sailors from these groups. So you can have 5+3+2 or 3+3+4 or 4+4+2 members.  Remember that these crewmen should have ships in the port. So if the players have investigated the docks and know the ships, make sure to have crew to match those ships. Or you can just bump up the numbers by choosing several of these.

a) Five Guys from the same crews These are local fisher boys. They are loud, boistrous, and think they own the place.  (They spend enough money here, you think they did…). They don’t like “strange people” here.  That is mostly land people, but it can extend to strange sailors. If you opt to have two sets of five locals, then the two sets will break into a boasting match over who caught more of what each day.

b) Four Saliors from a Trading Crew These are professional sailors blowing off steam. They sail pirate infested waters, so these guys know how to fight too.  They know exotic fighting techniques, mostly hand to hand ... but they have some exotic weapons from other lands.

c) Four Navy Saliors These are military sailors.  They are a bit more polite and refined than most, but they are still having a good time.  They are touchy about their honor and the honor of their navy.

d) Four Guys from a ship with one local who used to be here He used to be part of their crew, but he has put down roots here.  All of these sailors are/ were adventurering sailors, so they will have some PC comperable gear and powers.  The Local guy can “tap” the other locals in a pinch.

e) Three Guys from Odd ship  Nobody knows much about this ship. It put into dock for repairs and water. Nobody is doing anything, unloading or loading, no trading, no nothing.  Only a couple of them are allowed off at the time.  These three are simply drinking and trying to stay to themselves.

f) Three Overly Happy Guys who made a bonus sailing in They just want to drink, sing, and wench.  They will make no trouble, just way, way too much noise.

g) Three Solemn Sailors A friend died and they are morning him. They may get a little more maudelin or rowdy as the night goes on.

h) Two Exotic Sailors from far away who are crewing local trader.  These two sailors are from far away and are visually distinctive. They wear native garb, or as much of it as the weather permits. 


14-15 Bing and Bob
Ever see a “Road” picture? (If no, do the google or IMDB search.) These two are bumbling their way through an adventure and they may drag you into some danger because they are here.  So when the door kicks open and DARK KNIGHTS poor in, they will hit the road and you and your friend will be fighting these guys.  They will ascond with the princess, dragging royal guardsmen behind them who will now sniff at you… (adventurers… they are prone to do odd thigns…)  and so on.

16-17 Two Captains of local fishers/ traders
They are boisterous and boastful. Mostly they are swapping tall tales while drinking.  They are practically tonights entertainment… storytelling. They are drinking and having fun

18 Young Sailor:  It is his first crewing (or nearly) on a trader. He is just off his ship, but not part of “the regular crew”, so they left him behind. He is making his way through the town.

19-22 The Quiet Dangerous Looking Table They are trying to keep a low profile, and they are even slightly disguised, but they just have that “we’re dangerous” look about them.  They are an ex-military Pirate captain and three of his crew. They just want to drink and plan. They might be looking for someone, maybe the nervous guy.

23 The Nervous Man:
He is a scribe or government type waiting for his contact here.

24-25 Two Longshoreman
They may not be sailors, but they are “of the sea”.

26-27 The Old Guy and the Kid
Looking for passage with no questions asked. The Old Guy seems fairly calm and confident, the Kid is sooo green it is painful. 

28- Captain’s Wench
This is an upscale dockside working girl (oxymoron?). She will only “be with” a Captain or Officer. She is prettier, cleaner, and more refined than what one would expect. She is more of an escort, making the captain buy her drinks and food (as well as others). She actually works for the house to promote people to spend.

29- Wench the Other
This working girl is much what you would expect, though a bit cleaner and a touch better made up. She is following the Captain’s Wench and entertaining the rest of the Captain’s table.  If she gets lucky, she will see if she can snag a captain of her own.

30- Wench Three A working girl passed out on a way back bench. There are a couple of coins in her mug, as obviously she had some clients while she was passed out who did not care about her being awake.

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Comments ( 7 )
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September 6, 2006, 11:23
45 views and no votes?
Voted manfred
September 6, 2006, 14:28
Oh. Well, it's okay. What else can be said? *shrugs*
Voted axlerowes
October 5, 2006, 14:55
Very Good, and useful. This was the first of the 30 lists I read and it is still one of my favorites.
December 22, 2006, 10:51
Updated: updating Spelling
Voted Strolen
April 28, 2008, 21:16
Solid addition to the 30s collections.
Voted Dossta
March 26, 2013, 16:46
Normally I don't like the multiple numberings, but you more than made up for it with the various groups of sailors. You can easily change the tone and mood of the place by mixing/matching these groups as you need. Only two nitpicks: first, I'd have liked a little more about the longshoremen, to distinguish them from the sailors. Second, I would have liked to see a few more womenfolk, as the only ones here were serving girls and prostitutes.
Voted valadaar
April 26, 2016, 11:14
A good 30, the whole set really goes together.

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