30 People in a crowded dockside tavern ~ Moonhunter

Oka is of oriental appearance, with dark complected skin, almond shaped dark eyes, and short cut almost glossy black hair. She doesnt wear the bosom enhancing corsets favored by the other working girls and tavern wenches. She prefers form fitting sheath like outfits that show off her sinewy form and long legs. She favors the colors green, amber, and teal. Her jewelry is modest and mostly consists of pearls and peridot and silver settings.

Hailing from a distant and exotic land, Oka was one of many stow-aways and refugees who hid aboard the larger cargo ships bound for the local area. She lived a life of secrecy, first hiding from the crews of ships, and then when she was old enough to join a crew, binding her chest and dressing like a man to get a job on one of the ships. Now that she has flowered to the point that such a disguise is near impossible to pull of, she works as a shoreside liason for captains. It is one thing to shamble into a tavern and dump coin for cheap ale, watery gin, and whatever bits of rump are available. It is another to procure the services of a first rate escort such as Oka.

Having lived so long on the fringes of maritime society, she has an eye for the drinks that are watered, and the girls who have a bit of itch or a case of sea crickets. While her price may seem steep, in the long run it is often worth more than she charges. A captain who gains her company not only has a first rate escort, but a guide to the clean women, the uncut drinks, and the places where the meat on the menu is actually the meat it pretends to be.

But she is far more than an entertainer and dockside guide. Little goes on that escapes her eyes and ears, or the eyes and ears of the men who desire to seduce the foreign goddess. She knows the dealings of the local nobility, down to what is commonly known among the rank members of the thieve’s guild. As such, she is a veritable font of information, and plot hooks, so long as the captain or officers in question have the gold to catch her eye.

Special Equipment
Oka has two concealed weapons on her at any given time. She has a throwing dagger concealed in the body of her dress, which is baited with a toxin that causes weakness and unconsciousness in quick effect. She is loathe to kill, even when pressed to do so. The second concealed weapon is a poisoned needle concealed on her in a place that isnt looked. (If she is searched, it is somewhere that she wasnt searched, such as in a hat, a hairpiece, etc). The poison on this needle is such that a prick of the needle causes paralysis and a slow death of strangulation. The poison is extracted from a certain type of fish.

Roleplaying Notes
As mentioned above, Oka is a good source of information as well as being a way for a game master to insert plot hooks into a game. She is very curt and polite, and is much like a cat that doesnt want to be touched.

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