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October 17, 2006, 5:10 pm

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Falhathian Cities


While Ozea, Dreifach, and Sangreal are the main cities of Falhath, they are by no means the only ones.

As mentioned, there are cities and large towns in Falhath besides the already listed trio. These other cities and towns have sizeable populations and there own character, but will not be expanded out into full submissions since in the historical milieu they had little influence over events other than choosing sides when wars erupted. The three named cities above have recieved full submissions since the course of Falhathian history has really been the social, economic, and political dance between the trio.

In total there are going to be 14 Falhathian small cities and large towns listed in this locked scroll.

1. Daurus
2. Soixane
3. Tausend
4. Acton
5. Stolzieren
6. Suisiadh
7. Lusankya
8. Tekne
9. Finstern
10. Feldspar
11. Dakmar
12. Gaberlunz
13. Buzzards Bay
14. Cambor

Additional Ideas (11)

1. Daurus
After saving Princess of Pearls from the dragon Sangia, the warrior Falha took his bride and built her a home on the banks of the Agares river. After a time, that one house grew into what looked like the preeminent city of Falhath, Daurus. Daurus would quickly be overshadowed by economically dominant Ozea and its place in the great play of things would fade.

Daurus has a very long history and is often referred to as the Cradle of Falhath, and the birthplace/home/tomb of its first hero Falha. The city itself speaks of its heritage as many of the streets are very old, the stones worn flat by the tramping of centuries of feet. The architecture is pre-Old World as a great deal of effort has been expended in restoring and maintaining the old buildings. This, tied with the lack of violence or battles near the city has given it a feeling of sanctity.

Daurus survives on flax crops and pilgrims who visit the Shrine of Falha, the hero's tomb.

2006-05-02 01:12 PM » Link: [2591#15015|text]
2. Soixane
Never a very large city, Soixane only draws soldiers and explorers to its gated walls. The city was raised sometime in during the Old Empire, and served as a bulwark against the denizens of the Great Woses. The walls are tall and thick, and they are crenellated with multiple soldier's towers along their length.

During the Twilight Soixane was reduced to almost a ghost town, but after the resurgence of the Kingdom of Trinistine it was resettled. New activity in the Woses demanded that the old border forts be remanned lest the ogres and savages of the swamps pour out across the sparsely defended eastern provinces.

The city is known for its rice and the ruhig peppers known as magebane.

2006-05-03 09:27 AM » Link: [2591#15037|text]
3. Tausend
While bearing the name of the Old World garrison, the new Tausend has very little to do with the old, and the two are more than 30 miles from each other. According to local records, after Tausend was completed razed during the Nightmare war, the survivors fled to the surrounding woods.

Afterwards they took up simple tools and tried to survive as best they could. During the Twilight new Tausend was built on a new location and developed a timber based economy, as well as being the site of the first Ebionite Monastary. These Pauper Monks would do much to restore Tausend to being a full township and would also make the city one of Sangreal's solid supporters.

Tausend now is a center for lumber processing and woodworking, as well as being one of the secondary sources for books, wine, linen, and ink in Falhath

2006-05-03 09:34 AM » Link: [2591#15038|text]
4. Acton
The main township in the Bosque region, Acton is a surprisingly progressive city compared to many others that date back to the Old World. Wood is the primary building material and few if any buildings are more then a century or two old. Unlike the rest of Falhath there is no single noble who can claim dominion over the city or its environs. The City Fathers, a council of elders, sees to the administration of the region and its taxation as well as its defence.

Thinking it easy pickings, Duke Holmestead of Buzzard's Bay thought to claim the Bosque region as his domain. He found that the Bosque militias were more than capable of defending their homes against his numerically inferior but better armed mercenaries.

Acton is best known for its quality cloth, and manufactured goods like carriages, tools, and leather harness and horse tack.

2006-05-03 09:41 AM » Link: [2591#15039|text]
5. Stolzieren
Not too far from Dreifach is the sleepy township of Stolzieren, often shortened to Stolz by the locals. While sharing its name with a long destroyed Imperial hunting lodge, Stolz is an entirely different entity. Located even above Dreifach it is the highest town in Falhath and has a thriving economy based around wooly goats and grain.

Stolzian wool commands a healthy price in Dreifach and the cheeses produced are considered some of the best in Falhath. In a climate best described as dreary and gray, the Stolzians delight in riotous color and boisterous music.

Most visitors tend to think that the Stolzians spend the day half asleep, and the night either wide awake or completely asleep. They are also a superstitious folk and charm peddlers and street sorcerers selling wardings are fairly common.

2006-05-03 09:50 AM » Link: [2591#15040|text]
6. Suisiadh
The western-most province of Falhath, and the mouth of the Orcus river, Suisiadh is a thriving community with limited space. Much of the city is built on elevated pilings, or poles. Space is limited to several large sandbar islands which are primarily used for growing local and cash crops, while the small city itself has grown along the periphery of these stable islands.

Suisiadh is known as the Water-Lilly City, and is well known for its flowers, painters, and the sweetness of its pastry chefs and confectioners. Its primary exports are cane sugar and rice. The barrier marshes around the city have protected it well, even though the city is wracked by bouts of disease borne by mosquitoes from the swamps.

2006-05-07 10:07 AM » Link: [2591#15167|text]
7. Lusankya
Also called Dragonfall, this city located between Dreifach and Sangreal is the site of a massive number of fossilized bones, which the locals refer to as the Dragon's Graveyard. While the bones are very large, there is no proof that any of them came from a dragon. Dragon motifs are common in the city, and the Trinity, especially Sangia holds a great deal of power here.

The locals have a legend that a dragon still lives under the their city, a giant white female with burning red eyes named Lusankya. One day, the dragon will rise from her millenial slumber and the city will be utterly destroyed. The locals have various rituals of placation that are held in the Cathedral of Lusankya in hopes of keeping the ancient dragon asleep.

Is there a dragon slumbering under the city? Maybe. The ground swells and produces a sulferous fume...

2006-05-07 10:17 AM » Link: [2591#15169|text]
8. Tekne
Also known as the city of nobles, Tekne has a quarter of Sangreal's population and almost the same number of noble houses. The houses vie over piecemeal wards and neighborhoods in the coastal city with duals being all to common between sons of the aristocracy. The Kingdom is only marginally welcome in Theknif since there is only so much authority to go around and the nobles have already spread it very thin.

The city is best known for the quality of its knives and daggers, as well as its byzantine politics and skill at poisoning. On a more civil note, the grand Plaza of St. Dithym and the associated Library of St. Dithym are located in this old and decrepidly decadent city.

2006-05-07 10:24 AM » Link: [2591#15171|text]
9. Finstern
A minor and easily overlooked community, it survives on the regular output of copper and copper ores. The copper is abundant enough that many of the larger structures in the city have copperclad roofs and the central hall of the city is known for its copper domes.

Sometimes known as the City of Copper, the locals prefer bronze and copper to iron and steel and have penny bright copper plated weapons and armors that they work quite hard to keep shiny.

2006-05-10 02:08 PM » Link: [2591#15274|text]
10. Feldspar
Another mining/quarrey town, Faldspar supplies a large amount of good quality building stone to Sangreal and other points. A close ally of Sangreal and an ardent supporter of the Kingdom, the Nobility of the city are as often ordained clerics and paladins of the faith by tradition and ability.

The Architecture of Feldspar is old and harkens back to the Old quasi-gothic style of architecture, keeping massive double doors that were common when Minotaurs still lived in civilized areas. This style has been preserved in facade doors that have much smaller human sized doors in their face.

2006-05-10 02:11 PM » Link: [2591#15275|text]
11. Dakmar
Located within the Sangrealian province, Dakmar is an economically sound and socially agressive city. It's core industry is cattle, both the meat aspect and the production of large amounts of leather. The city serves as a nexus for cattle-herders who move their herds to the boundary of the city on a semi-regular basis. The leather is tanned and sold in market while much of the meat is butchered and cured to preserve it. A Dakmar wolf is an appelation for a hungry person who loiters around the smoke houses looking for handouts.

Running contrary to this industrious endeavor, Dakmar embraces a very stern application of the Trinistine Faith, and it is considered improper to drink in public, smoke pipe-weed, or attend brothels. Most outsiders consider the Dakmari to be unsophisticated, artless, credulous, and uncritical. Most Dakmari consider outsiders to be arrogant, superfluous, criminal, and overly skeptical.

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Voted MoonHunter
May 6, 2006, 12:25
I like scrolls like this. It helps collect all those little ideas that go with the other ones (linked by free-text). High Paw!
Voted Murometz
May 6, 2006, 12:29
May 7, 2006, 10:22
I love posts like this! Blurbs on cities, in lieu of full-blown descriptions. Each one with that certain something to make it unique. The fact that there are few elements of the "fantastic" makes them even better. A REAL world unfolds!
Voted Eclipse
April 24, 2007, 16:29
dido Moon
Voted CaptainPenguin
April 25, 2007, 0:46
Hey, Tekne!
It warms my heart when people utilize my creations...
April 25, 2007, 3:56
Tekne got stuck in my ear and I couldn't get it out!
Voted valadaar
April 25, 2007, 9:50
Another great little resource - well done!
Voted Cheka Man
April 25, 2007, 10:56
Really good. I might do something like this someday.

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