This is a compilation of the races of Hewdamia. Each is unique in their own way with certain strengths and weaknesses.

Currently it is a list of only playable races in the system but may expand to add the intelligent races.

History of the Races
Life did not begin on Hewdamia for any of the races that thrive here today. They were spirits lost and without a home, brought to this place by a strange and calculating God. Kasal, the God of the Spirit World and of the Life beyond. It is not known from where he brought these souls from, but the fact that they were orphans in the ocean of the void is apparent.

When he came to Hewdamia only a few Gods were here, he sent his spiritual package down to the lands below hoping for them to find a purpose. With the help of the other Gods, they did. Kameakias, one of the three old Gods saw these roaming spirits, and in their agony he felt pity. He cast aside their spiritual shell and gave them flesh and blood. Guxti also seeing the wandering souls, chose a select few and gave them flesh in her image.

With the return to flesh, the fleshlings below scurried about in pointless lives until they matured and grew. They learned to pray to the Gods for advice and favors, in return undying worship. They learned to war from Caedmon the lost God, and in return cried their victories to the Gods above. Thankful they were there to show them the path. They then learned to use magic from Shehrevar and chanted his name for their advances.

Eons past their original rebirth, the Gods warred above and the mortals below knew. They raised their crys to their protectors above and sent their knowledge of magic above to protect that which they held dear.

Darkness would fall by the end of this battle. When the light shone again, magic did not answer their call. Some of their patron Gods did not send advice or grant favors any longer. Where they had been before a great void filled the hearts and souls of those mortals who worshiped them.

Today things have changed again, the wheel always turning. Magic has returned but altered and changed. They Gods are answering the calls of the mortals below, but not in the same fashion as before. The mortals are having to strive to life and survive. For the darkness is coming.

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