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April 8, 2011, 7:37 pm

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The Races of Hewdamia


This is a compilation of the races of Hewdamia. Each is unique in their own way with certain strengths and weaknesses.

This is a compilation of the races of Hewdamia. Each is unique in their own way with certain strengths and weaknesses.

Currently it is a list of only playable races in the system but may expand to add the intelligent races.

History of the Races
Life did not begin on Hewdamia for any of the races that thrive here today. They were spirits lost and without a home, brought to this place by a strange and calculating God. Kasal, the God of the Spirit World and of the Life beyond. It is not known from where he brought these souls from, but the fact that they were orphans in the ocean of the void is apparent.

When he came to Hewdamia only a few Gods were here, he sent his spiritual package down to the lands below hoping for them to find a purpose. With the help of the other Gods, they did. Kameakias, one of the three old Gods saw these roaming spirits, and in their agony he felt pity. He cast aside their spiritual shell and gave them flesh and blood. Guxti also seeing the wandering souls, chose a select few and gave them flesh in her image.

With the return to flesh, the fleshlings below scurried about in pointless lives until they matured and grew. They learned to pray to the Gods for advice and favors, in return undying worship. They learned to war from Caedmon the lost God, and in return cried their victories to the Gods above. Thankful they were there to show them the path. They then learned to use magic from Shehrevar and chanted his name for their advances.

Eons past their original rebirth, the Gods warred above and the mortals below knew. They raised their crys to their protectors above and sent their knowledge of magic above to protect that which they held dear.

Darkness would fall by the end of this battle. When the light shone again, magic did not answer their call. Some of their patron Gods did not send advice or grant favors any longer. Where they had been before a great void filled the hearts and souls of those mortals who worshiped them.

Today things have changed again, the wheel always turning. Magic has returned but altered and changed. They Gods are answering the calls of the mortals below, but not in the same fashion as before. The mortals are having to strive to life and survive. For the darkness is coming.

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Derevo By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Forest/ Jungle

The Derevo are not a race unto themselves but a race of similar species. Similar to the different asian cultures. They are all different yet similar being similar cultures. The Derevo are like that.

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Gison By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Mountains

The children of stone care little for the others who are not of our kind. Ours is a kinship with the world around us, while the others destroy and pollute. It will be only a matter of time before the world itself fights back against those atrocities. Before the mother world rights herself. I feel no pity for them, only outrage.

Gundarg - Gison Philosopher

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Gretalia By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Forest/ Jungle

As we viewed the island from afar, I knew we would be forced to land there. Our hull was breached and we are taking on water rapidly. My hope of us making the island is grim, but I keep a face up for the crew. The rumors every sailor has heard of this dreadful place makes even the stoutest sailer make water. We shall see.

-Captain Edver Brakuars, Second to Last Journal Entry.

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Hewdamian Humans By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Any

I don’t know why we are the outcasts of the lands. We out number the others and our armies are superior. We fight no more than the other races have in their historys. Why do they have contempt for us? It is because they fear us, the fear that we are better.

Keil Ooma - Drunkard Mercenary for Hire

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Keirn By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Tundra/ Arctic

If Kasal comes for me with the inevitability of death I know, I shall go willing. But know that I will not go easy and I will be honored in the life beyond for my efforts.

-Mourngrymn Dasha’r, chief of Fajro Mang’i tribe.

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Lemiean By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Desert

The dry ocean is vast and limitless. Only a few can navigate her dry clutches and survive. For those fools above us in the lush green that think they can find treasures and lost magics here deserve to be lost. I pray to Sceleris that their soul does not stay and haunt the desert lanes with their ignorance after death. Do they deserve their demise? Only the Goddess knows the answer to that.

Kanakuk - Prophet and Seerer

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Nagani By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Swamp

Non-Nagani are no more then our lower caste. While they may have property in their lands, they are nothing more than the dirt at our feet. Even our lower class can order a human in our lands. One day it will be as such in their lands.

Rsskilarn, High Priest and second hand to Tlatoani

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Olwynn By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - City/ Ruin

As your advisor my liege I am apt to tell you the difficulty in what you ask. Enemies are indeed everywhere and what you propose will inevidable be the end of your line. It is not always the enemies in front of you with a sword that are the worst, it is the ones behind you with a dagger you should watch for. Do not fear that which you see my lord, fear what you do not!

-Inaeius Keal - Advisor to the King of Kerrabar, Prophet and Seerer

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Sladiva By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Mountains

The wait shall be over soon infidel. Soon we shall come from our darkened homes and sally forth on the Plains of Redemption and wipe the blight of our anscestors from our history. Our counsins will tremble at our approach, the humans will run from our strength and the Gison will board themselves in the mountain citadels giving the land beneth them to us. Oh yes, weakling. We are coming.

-Shieox Chief-priest of the Night Eyes Clan

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Yakaram By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Forest/ Jungle

The children of the west know not our ability. Ironically in their arrogance they ask us for advice and use us as ambasadors often, failing to realize that al lwe are doing is learning everything we can about their kingdoms and weaknesses. They will learn, but it will be when they are kneeling before us in their own cities.

-Laar Scaren - Advisor to the Kingdom of Rhomas

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Comments ( 11 )
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November 19, 2005, 10:41
Updated: Added some history to the races.
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
December 17, 2005, 20:43
In unity these posts are truly stunning work.
Thourough, detailed and solid too the bone.

For this I gladly produce a... 5.0!

Sincerely, Mike.
Barbarian Horde
May 11, 2006, 22:37
Very impressive. I would love to see your take on a gnome, dwarf, or even some sourt of elf. If you ever make one.
May 11, 2006, 22:49
They are already done my friend... read closer.
Barbarian Horde
May 12, 2006, 11:53
I really like them. I'd like to see your take on an elvin, or dwarfish race.
May 14, 2006, 10:56
Read the Hewdamian races a bit closer and you may find them.
Voted valadaar
April 22, 2008, 11:54
This does a good job unifing the various races, though I'd like to see more in this codex about their common history.

Perhaps this would be the place to detail the interactions between the various races where it has not been detailed in the individual descriptions.
September 19, 2009, 2:19
Read the History of Hewdamia... your answers may be there.


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