Race : Keirn
Appearance : Normally blond or red hair with blue/ green eyes, weathered tan skin.
Average Height : 6’ 5”
Average Weight : 225 lbs
Average Lifespan : 230 years
Typical Climate : They can be found nearly anywhere but prefer the Highlands, Temperate.

Description : Because of their hard lifestyles and their love of meat and mead at every meal, they have a healthy yet thick and stocky nature. They average about 6’5” tall, with many of them being taller still, and can live to be about 230 years of age. They average at about 220 - 230 lbs at an adult age. They are a rough and rugged people who, by living in the northern plains and coastlines have become strong and nearly as unforgiving as the land around them. They all have a weathered and worn look about them as their daily lives are mostly always spent outdoors, and their

Distinguished Traits : Because of their physical lifestyle, they gain a few bonuses that the other races may not. The gain an additional health as well as higher healing rate, allowing them to heal naturally faster. They are also all naturally resistant to colder temperature, not immune.

Personality : The are a proud, honorable, and generally law abiding culture who value personal honor, warfare, and a high personal reputation. They not afraid of death itself but are very fearful of what comes after they die without honor. They fear that if they die with no honor then they are not allowed to travel to their ancestors homeland. They are very naive of most other cultures as they have an isolationalist type culture where they are wary of anything or anyone not of their culture. They are very strong willed and adept in the ways of warring and are strong fisherman with their great sea going vessels that are surpassed by none. They are a naive race however and therefore get caught up in the scheming of the other races often. They are strong warriors, and will often resort to single combat to defend their honor, but they are caring and respectful individuals that have a deep sense of morals and family.

Home : Most of the tribes have settled down now and given up their nomadic ways after learning how to farm and raise cattle. Those who have settled down have built sturdy towns and villages that scatter up the northern coastal way and the northern plains. Their houses are constructed of wood and mainly stone and are mostly long houses that can room an entire family. Some of the coastal buildings are often two stories to protect them from inclement weather and roaming beats. The roofs of most of the homes if not slates were made of thatch, turfed, or covered in wooden shingles depending on the location of resources.

The tribes who are still nomadic, following the herds during the winter are becoming fewer and fewer as the idea of shelter is more prominent. They have animal hides bound together coated in whale fat to make them water proof. These tribes do not have a use for farming or herding domesticated animal as their constant moving doesn’t allow it. If any of the keirn are found to be raiding coastal settlements, then it is more than likely these roving tribes. They constantly are fighting with the weather as well as the Corrupted that populate the northern reaches.

Relations : In the world of the Keirn everyone has equal rights, but it is more up to the men to provide for the family and the community. The women work in the home and raise the children, teaching them the basics of family life, and help the men in the fields. They are very family bound, and once married they stay married to the same person until death and rarely remarry. Each man is in charge of his home and the members in it. If someone does something that breaks one of their laws then the man in charge of his home is held responsible.

Each tribe is a different family ruled by a Chief that runs the villages daily business. They are highly respected in their society, even among the different tribes. The rulers of each village are chosen every three years at the Hodgemead, a gathering of everyone in the tribes to celebrate. During these Hodgemead all grievances are forgiven and all debts are paid. The leader of each village who wishes to retain their status must defend it against anyone willing to take it from them. They must fight only wearing shorts using no weapons but hands. The first to give in loses and the winner holds the title as chief of the village. Now there is a High Chief that has rule over all the tribes. They are chosen every six years at the Hodgemead and must defend their status the same as would a village chief.

Religion : They are a very religious group of individuals, and while they have no set Deity whom them actively worship, Berakas, Gotruis, and Pertium are the more common Deities whom they pray to. Yet there are priests and priestesses in every village that actively worship every Deity. They have special holidays throughout the year that celebrate certain aspects of the Deities.

Language : While their language seems like an offshoot of the traditional traders language, it varies greatly in the inflections. Their writing is a basic form of runic symbols similar to that of the Conochas spells yet hold no mystical power that anyone has been able to determine thus far.

Favored Profession : Keirn have no real favored profession. They are all warriors by natural trade as survival in the harsh winters, from the corrupted that try to raid their villages for food, is necessary. They have a diverse outlook however and are readily acceptable doing anything as long as they can help with their tribe or village. The few that follow down a more darker or sinister path tend to not last long in the village setting as punishment for stealing, and such is very extreme. They are very wary of magic however that does not come from their Priests or Shamans.

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