Race : Gison
Appearance : Hairless, coal black eyes, granite stone colored skin tone. Small eyes and ears
Average Height : 5’
Average Weight : 205 lbs
Average Lifespan : 350 years
Typical Climate : Any region near mountains, but mainly Temperate and Tropical.

Description : They have an average height of around 5’ tall, but have a stocky and thick body that makes up for their size. They are thick and solid, sometimes weighing twice what they should normally weigh because of their short stature. Even though they average 5’, they weight in at about 200 - 210 lbs and are seldom out of shape. They are longer lived than humans, averaging about 350 years of age before they feel a pulling to a distant place. When this happens, they leave family and friends behind and wander off to this pulling desire. No one knows where this place is because no one has returned from it. Everyone that has tried to follow has failed to return with the location of where they go.

Distinguished Traits : Having lived in their dark mountain homes for so long they have come accustomed to very dark places. They have developed a dark vision that is devoid of color yet allows them to see in total darkness. Their dark vison allows them to see in total darkness up to 50’, however it is a greyscale and can not distinguish specific color. Now in daylight, their vision is poor as the bright lights tend to bother them. Fires and torches do not bother them as they still use those in their daily lives, and the burning coals in their forges are always burning hot. Also because of living for so long in their mountain homes, they have developed an attunement with the world. The always know where due north is located.

Their skin has taken on similar properties of the stone of their homes. Each clan having a different pattern of skin tone associated with a different granite pattern. Dark colors are common with light colored spots or veins. All looks to be similar to real granite. While theya re not made from the stone, they do have a distinct look, and their skin feels and looks like granite.

Personality : They are very family social by nature and it pleases them more to be around brethren than anyone else, however, they will travel with anyone they trust. While wary, they still drink and tell lies and stories with the best of them, but still have distrusting idea about everyone not of their clans. Once their trust is gained however, it is gained for life. They are wary of non-family yet when their trust is won, it is won for life of their family, not just the trust of one individual. If someone in their clan trusts someone, then they are accepted throughout the entire clan.

Home : Their social structure is based on families that have been formed into clans. Each clan has all of its family members in it. From the head of the clan to their parents, and grandparents, and children and so forth. Sometimes clans will split and form newer clans, but it is rare and only happens when there is simply no more room left in their mountain homes and fortresses. The tend to build their homes either on, in, or under the mountains as it provides the best protection from outsiders. They are very xenophobic of people they do not know, but will fight to the very end to defend it regardless of the enemy they face.

Relations : While very family oriented, they also understand the meaning of the strongest will prevail. They protect their family to the end, yet those not willing to at least try to protect themselves are not worthy of their help. They have a structured way of life that has work and play combined into one aspect. They will do little work unless they enjoy it, and any work that produces an end result worthy of work is went to with a purpose. They trust little in the outside world because of past confrontations with the other races. Their only real hatred is for the Sladiva who reside in the mountains with them.

Religion : While they respect all the Gods fully, they only worship the Brother-Gods Gotruis and Pertium. They have worshiped them since their ancestors days and claim to continue to worship them until they are no more. Their priests are highly respected in the clans regardless of what family they come from. They are very devote followers of both Deities and will come to blows if one of them is insulted in front of them.

Language : They have a very deep and rumbling type of spoken language that seems to roll of their tongue like a boulder down a mountainside. It is very difficult to learn from anyone not of their race. They view Traders Common as a difficult yet necessary nuisance and use it only to make their dealings with merchants easier, yet will find little use for it outside of making money. Their writing is a basic form of runic symbols similar to that of the Keirn, which no one can figure out why. It is a very blocky type script that has symbols that have different meanings when paired with alternate runes.

Favored Profession : Their race is well know as the best craftsmen and weapon smiths in the known world. All of their kind love working with their hands and creating something of lasting value. Male and female alike do this, no one is better or seen as different than the others in the clans. The are protectors of friends and family and will not hesitate in hoisting a weapon in the protection or defense of someone in their clan or someone they call friend. They are all fierce warriors and respected priests.

They came to this world (Hewdamia) as orphans from a burned out husk of a planet. Brought by Kasal, the God of Darkness and Death, of the Cold and Vastness of Beyond. He brought the spirits of those who had perished on this planet. (Could have been a mass war, could have been natural disaster. Only Kasal knows) He brought the souls to this new world and the other Gods gave them form. Enter the races of Hewdamia.

When the gison were young they looked like everyone else, bipedal humanoids. Nothing different about them. Then the War of Brothers changed everything. If you read up on the history of Hewdamia in the first era the Gison went to war against each other over the twin brother Gods. When brother killed brother, father killed son, things changed. A horror was unleashed on the entire race of the gison.

In their shame they went into hiding to keep their shame from the face of others. They went ‘Under Mountain’ for centuries. With all the magic energies spent during the war it changed their bodies, minds, and soul. When they reemerged from their stone prisons they had changed, as did much of the world.

In their self exile they adapted their life to that of nature, to the beat of the world. They blended their society with it and became one with it. Over these centuries they adapted to become what they are today. Their skin while it looks like the granite stone of their homes it is not the same. They do have a hardened skin, tougher than a rhino but not by much.

Before their self exile, they were friendly and carefree. Willing to enjoy life to the fullest. Now they are more zen-like in their attitudes and beliefs.

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