Race : Lemiean
Appearance : Ebony skin, pale blue or green eyes, pale yellow or white hair.
Average Height : 6’ 8”
Average Weight : 255 lbs
Average Lifespan : 170 years
Typical Climate : Arid/ Desert

Description : Lemiean are a desert people with two different and different societies within their culture. They have ebony dark skin that gleams in the darkness and the palest colored hair that anyone has ever seen. They average to be about 6’8” tall and can average to be about 170 years old. Both societies are warlike and hard like the land that shaped them. Because of their height, they look slim, but the are about 250 - 260 lbs. There is little difference between the two cultures within the Lemiean race. They are both from the same desert tough stock. They look the same, trying to tell one from the other is impossible, they even dress in a similar manner. If you confuse them however, prepare to defend your life as they do not take kindly to being to being insulted like that.

Distinguished Traits : Having spent their lives in the sandy waste of the Etoilin Desert, they have developed ways to survive where no one else should. Their bodies retain water rather well allowing them to go without liquids for a number of weeks instead of days. And due to the constant blowing sands they have developed a membrane around their eyes that act as a shield from debris. This is a second layer of transparent skin that covers their eyes when they wish to keep out the sand and dust allowing them to see. They can not keep this membrane on their eyes for more than a few minutes, but it is effective enough to see a destination or to find quick cover from a storm.

Personality : The Lemiean’s are broken into two distinctive groups, those who have gave up their nomadic ways and settled in the steppes and cliff faces of Nydale Cliffs. The others are those who continue their traditional calling and forever travel the sandy wastelands of the desert. Given their differences however, they both are from very hardy stock and are unsurpassed in surviving in the arid drylands and the desert. The settled Lemiean’s tend to be more friendly toward outsiders and willing to trade or make friends with someone new, where those who are nomadic are very territorial and kill on site most of the people whom the do not know just because they are not in their roving tribe. Both believe in honor to the fullest however and take someone’s word as a blood oath. Anyone giving their word is bound to keep it lest they be banished to the arid deserts and or be staked in the hot sun until they die.

The nomadic tribes sometimes trade with merchants from other kingdoms the wondrous treasures that they find in and beyond the borders of the desert. This is a rare instance and the person they are trading with must be a member of their tribe. Whether it is a member who left to gain trade or a person who is seen worthy in their cultures eyes. Most people will not venture out as far as they will into the desert, so these items are valued. They will never trade with their city dwelling brethren however, preferring to raid their settlements for what they need instead.

Home : The first and major group in their culture are the Lemiean’s that have given up their nomadic ways and built cities of adobe, brick and wood against mountain sides and crannies or near the edges of an oasis. Their society has grown into a trading culture. Trading the rare and unusual items of their mysterious lands. Coming out of their nomadic ways they are becoming a set culture. They have agriculture where it is allowed by the lands, trade with other cities and cultures and are even privileged to be Ambassadors to some larger Kingdoms where their newer outlook on the world is refreshing.

The other cultural group are the nomadic tribes of the desert. They have not given up their nomadic ways to the more suitable and stable society of their brethren. They travel from oasis to oasis to survive in the harsh and unforgiving climate of the desert. They keep the secrets of survival in the desert a mystery and will rarely tell anyone outside their nomadic tribes.

Relations : They are very family protective. They live in single family dwellings inside their cliff faces or their desert tents and lead average lives in their culture. The settled Lemiean’s choose a single leader among their people every year. It can be anyone in their community that has not been chosen for at least three years. For those who have kept their nomadic lifestyle, they have a hereditary title of leadership. Only those from the hereditary leading family may rule the tribes.

For both of the two separate cultures, they have a similar set of laws that require everyone to follow the same rules and laws as no one is above them. The do not abide thievery, murder, and lies. To do any of those is punishable by being staked out in the sun over a Ka’tshar mound. They farm where there is good land, they raise small goats and desert trained horses, and are unmistakably the best pottery makers in the known lands.

Religion : The Lemiean’s who still embrace their nomadic lifestyle worship Idehund nearly exclusively. Feeling that since it was by her grace alone that they are here and able to survive, they feel she is a goddess worth any warriors cries. Those who have settled worship an array of Gods, but Idehund is still seen as first and foremost in their worship, having special days for celebration in her honor, where the other Gods they do not. Idehund is not a malicious Deity to them as she has a fondness for their culture.

Language : They have a very distinctive spoken language that is a series of clicks and high pitches syllables within. Their language is not impossible to learn, but for someone who is not a linguist it is difficult at best. Their written language is very script like and flowing, seeming to be more of an artistic pleasure than any form of basic writing. Like any other race, they have no problems learning any other language. They do learn the traders common however to make it easier on those who wish to do business within their borders.

Favored Profession : It is a very common thing for the men to be the protectors and warrior caste in their culture, as in most cultures the men protect the women and children. The women however, are called to a different purpose. Women who do not stay bound to home and family get a personal calling and become a Priestess of Idehund. No male can become a priest as Idehund would not allow it as she sees the culture to have certain functions and boundaries, this being one of them. The women are not malicious, nor do they look down on their men, they just claim a certain closeness to their Goddess that makes them special.

Their entire culture is still very fierce and combative and no matter what Order or part of society that they come from, they are all warriors and protectors of their culture and race. They will fight like a cornered badger if pushed to far, but will go out of their way to help another that they see as worthy. They are not murders by birth, they view strength and honor as foremost in their culture. They just see their brethren that left the wandering way as traitors to the Way of Life and therefore not worthy. They view the warrior as a highly respected individual, as they keep close to their traditional ways when the strongest in their tribes, lead the whole tribe.

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