Full Description
Derevo come in different tribes that inhabit the forests of the world. Mainly a forest dwelling race, most of the tribes prefer to stay in their woodland surroundings throughout their life. Occasionally a few tribal members will leave their protective home and venture out into the civilized lands of the other races.

All of the tribes have a number of special abilities given to them because of their relationship with their surroundings. While all of them have some form of an infravison, it is how the tribes use them that are different. They all speak the same form of language that is basic between the four different tribes yet accents vary from region to region and tribe to tribe.

The Novotie are the ageless thinkers. Content with their life roaming the wilderness in search of their enlightened sense of responsibility.

The Yakaram are less patient and closer to a human in mentality. They require action and response. They are very segregated and take stock of who is speaking before deciding whether to believe it or not.

Additional Information
There are two more sub-races of the Derevo only available in the Creature Compendium as NPC character races. These two sub races are unusual to their brethren and have a more demented outlook of the world. They are more demanding and physically minded.

The Sladiva are more sinister and conniving in their ways. Finding ways to punish their brethren for pushing them out of their homelands and creating a rift between their fellow people. Regardless of fault, they feel they were judged wrongly, but continue to hound the world and their other tribes with vicious assaults.

The Gretalia are deeply insane. Their judgement took a hard toll on their minds and they have secluded themselves away from centuries, warping their mentality till no sanity remained. They have turned cannibal in their solitude and hunt down those of their past tribes for retribution.

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