Originating in the conquered lands of a powermad archmage (and aren't they all?), this yellowish metal is identical to normal gold according to every possible test. However, this is a cursed substance. It brings a slow and inevitable sickness, and eventually death, to all who possess it. Within a few days (for a handful of coins) to a few hours (for a lifesize statue) cursed Vridian gold causes first fatigue, then nausea leading to vomiting, headache, and diarrhoea. Next the hair falls out, followed by the teeth. With continued exposure, the curse causes lifetime sterility, hemorrhaging, and eventually death.

The curse is viral, it infects other gold. It is suspected that any gold in contact with cursed Vridian gold picks up its curse, and this has resulted in entire chests full of coins & jewellery to be burried or cast into the sea. It is certain that any gold mixed and reforged with Vridian gold definately takes on the curse, regardless of the proportions of the mix. Several thousand Bizzannite coins were minted with the cursed gold, and these were believed to be all completely accounted for, but some cursed gold coins could have made it to the open market...

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