While the town is growing it still has a militant aura about it that has caused some inhabitants to decide to live elsewhere. Those that stay however, have few worries beyond the weather and whether they can bring in the crop or food to survive. The weather is warm and welcome in the spring and summer, allowing for crops to grow in abundance if winter doesn’t hold on to long. Fishing and hunting are both major staples in the town, however, they do not ship any meat out to other towns as it is needed to feed the town during the harsh winters. Crops grow in abundance during certain times of the year and during especially good years, they send a portion of their harvest to Stormgarde for trade on tools, weapons, and items they do not have.

The River Aloma splits the town directly in half, with three bridges that ford the river to travel from side to side. The stone bridges are wide enough to drive two horse drawn wagons abreast without being cramped, and are still high enough for small boats to pass under. The bridges were made by the Gison as a gift of friendship to one of their neighbors, who to this day have helped the Gison with food stuffs during times of need. The river is wide enough and deep enough to accommodate small vessels to travel from the Bay of Pearls all the way to Meer van de Sterren.

Crime is not welcome in Shaedra. Being that the population is nearly all made up of military, prior-military, or local militia no one has any desire to steal or rob anyone of their property. A fellowship between everyone has developed over time and everyone helps where it is needed. The few times that someone does move in or travel through who does commit a crime, the punishment is swift and harsh. Mostly sending people out to either mine, or forest lumber is small work gangs.

Magic is a rare occupation among the villagers of Shaedra, however it is not frowned on. Conocha who study Earth Magic tend to get a better reception though as they have talents that can be used to assist in their living, as well as an occasional one who studies Air Magic. Priests are always a welcome site and occasionally are invited to dine with the Baron to hear news of the world. Most of the military are highly religious in one form or another, thanking one Deity or another for their continued life.

Stink flies, and Blood Dodgers are among the most unwelcome sight of summer. When the cold finally leaves and the ground begins to warm, both swarm the air looking for food and mates. Stink flies do no real damage to a person they just have a horrible smell when crushed that leaves a lasting odor for days. Blood Dodgers on the other hand are a worry. They swarm in the hundreds and attack any living thing to drain the blood to feed themselves and their eggs. Each one can lay about 20 eggs at a time up to 100 before they finally die. About 50% do not make it due to other insects or weather, but a large swarm can drain a child in minutes if not carefully watched. When groups or large swarms are found, groups of the townsmen come out to smoke the nests to kill them to eliminate the threat. They are called Blood Dodgers because they are so small they are difficult to kill. Smoking them is far faster and easier way to get rid of them.

In 1630A, when the Dragons first took flight, the coldest winter known hit Shaedra like a hammer hitting an anvil. Winter came early and it came quickly, killing crops and cattle alike without warning. It was so cold that at times trees would burst from the inside and explode as their tree sap hardened and expanded. Over half the population died because of lack of warmth and lack of food. If not for the help of the Gison who have their mountain homes close by, the entire town would have perished. The Gison took the survivors into their mountain holes and feed them and kept them warm until spring came. The town was in ruins and food was still scarce, but the Gison helped rebuild the town, building the stone bridges across the River Aloma to get to more fertile land. Ever since then, the townsfolk and the Gison have had a mutual respect for each other.

There are also a two groups of ruins across the River Aloma in the mountains. Rumors of them being haunted are as numerous as the rumors of hidden riches. Most who do go there find little, but occasionally parties that do go never return.

Resident Ruler - Baron Jaurd
Population - 6,254
Military - 2,500
Calvary - 500
City Guard - 300
Navy - 10
Militia - 500
Civilian - 2,444
Nobility - 34
Commoner - 2,010
Other - 400 Includes travelers, miners, farmers, those who live outside the city and rogues.

Racial Demographics
Derevo - 5%
Gison - 21%
Human - 52%
Keirn - 13%
Lemiean - 2%
Olwynn - 6%
Sslassti - 1%

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