The history of Hewdamia is long and filled with troubled times. From the warring of the gods to the razing of magic. From the burning of the dragons to the flood of the corrupted. The lands of Hewdamia have seen strife and fought for their lives for every inch and every breath.

The current struggle that is active when the game begins. There is a shift happening in the eight gods. The two gods Sethalis and Scelaris are plotting to try and rid themselves of their fellow dieties followers. They have begun an invasion of sorts beginning with the coastal waters of the Olwynn Territory and the Kingdom of Cereb. Their corrupted are pushing through civilized lands and burning everything.

In the meantime a god though lost during the War of the Gods is presumably resurfasing, or his followers are making it seem like he is. There is also a push by the Demon spys to try and open the Demon Gates to their homeworld and push Hewdamia into a tumult of chaos. Rumors of another God being worshiped in the south being the One True God is also trickling in from caravans and merchants alike. With so many different factions trying to gain control and power there are plenty of hidden agendas and numerous opportunists willing to take the easy path to power.

This is the written tale of their struggle.

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