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September 26, 2007, 3:56 pm

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Wizard's Challenge


A local Wizard, rumored to have lost his mind, like he has his hand, Has issued a Challenge and a prize for all. Simple-Enter his tower and find him to claim your prize.

Wizard’s Challenge

The eccentric wizard Xarn is a recluse. Almost comically dress in clashing reds and purples. His most notable feature is in fact a lack of one. His hand, missing from some terrible accident, is still a living visible stump. His Tower is visible from town. And his rare visitations to town always cause quite a stir. The rumors have it, that he is tinkering with the fabric of life. Others say his is looking for his lost hand. Others say his is ripping through the fabric of Reality. Most figure that hes stark raving mad, others suspect incredible genius.  A month ago he walked into Luckys tavern, and bewitched the inn-keeper, Lucky, to tell all new-comers of the challenge Xarn issued.
The Challenge: 
"Those who dare, and have the prowess may enter my Tower unmolested. Or, for those whose curiosity might just kill them, for I will tell you the truth of my stump. Enter with only a word of Truth. After, you will face a series of Challenges. In my years and travels I have amassed great treasures which I am willing to share with those proven to be worthy individuals. These will test your faculties so the weak need not apply. Once begun your acceptance is binding, for there is no way out save for success. Good Luck."

Room One: Entrance and Guardian

Shaft of Light
To approach the dark foreboding tower you must enter a twisted forest, filled with a clinging mist and unusual noises. A feeling of being not right overcomes you. Every time you glimpse something you look again, to see if youre seeing right. your mind questions, Did that Bird have two heads? Did that squirrel have spiders eyes? Did that Fox have bee markings? Did you hear Humming from that tree? There is an almost understandable muttering surrounding you. You feel eyes staring at you. The players fear builds as they walk. About ¾ in, they most conquer that fear or risk running away. (Mind-effecting, easy)
Background: This forest was planted from modified seed; the plants radiate an aura of fear. It resonates with humanoids. The creatures, in the woods are early moderately successful experiments that are primarily harmless. Their oddity only reinforces the weird feelings already radiating from the plants.
When you finally exit the forest near the base of the tower, you stand in front of large thick wooden door. A mouth forms in the door and booms. "Tell me, what it is you truly desire, and you shall enter and your challenge will begin." (this is a great way for characters to share history, and plot hooks for their characters)
There’s a chance an observant character will see that the tower has no mortar and the stone seems to almost ‘Breathe’. 
If answered truthfully a hole the shape of the character will materialize, closing after they pass. This is done with each party member. PCs on both of sides of the door can hear the answer. When all are present the door booms, Now the challenge begins. The room they stand in is plain cut stone and round with thin windows allowing some light in. An ornate circular rug from a far off land is the only decoration. A bright beam of purple light shines down a center hole in the ceiling. At the top of the shaft is what you seek. Your success depends on how this problem is - resolved  
The party must get to the top to reach the next room up the shaft. This can be achieved in any manner that works. It should be set up 2 steps back for every 3 steps forward. The harder the group pushes and works together to succeed, the easier it will be.
General Note: the stones that make up the shaft walls are alive and they serve Xarn. They are hive-minded creatures (like ants) and work as one entity to change the tower itself to his needs. They will shift as needed to make the climbing harder or easier. They were developed with an oil like defense which works in two ways. Oil is be secreted to make them slippery, resisting willing relocation. The same oil can be forced out violently, much like a skunk used when being attacked. This oil when atomized, and breathed causes nausea. These can also become easier to grip, by roughing its feathers They have even been know to move in and out like a snail.

Room Two: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge

The Choice
Once at the top of the hole. An image materializes. "Congratulations. Not in succeeding, but in passing the initial challenge. Behind you is a door for each of you. Beyond those doors is your next challenge. It’s simple enough. All you need to do is Choose."
Each PC encounters nearly the same thing. When they grab the handle to open the door, they are pricked with a needle.
When the door opens, an unpleasant odor hits as the character enters. In this small bare room a loved one is bound and tied to a wall. Next to the opposite wall, out of reach of the loved one is a table with a flask holding a yellow translucent liquid, and a note. The loved one looks very ill. Bloody vomit is seen in one corner. 
The Note Reads:
My challenge I offered, you took,
and so you shall be challenged and shook. 
Disease afflicts your loved one. This potion is the cure. 
You have been infected upon entering. So, your choice it should be sure.
Fibers of character are sure to show. 
So drink it up, or pass the swallow?
Make a choice and make it quick. Your time is as a standard wick
Will you win or will you lose, Leave the room when you chose.

Background: The loved ones in truth, are normal tower denizens bewitched to look, talk and act like the PCs loved ones. (almost literally reacting to how the player pictures their loved ones would in their mind)  the denizens are really infected, and told that they will only be cured if they succeed in fooling the PCs.
This is a very strong enchantment and incredibly hard to see through. 
Once they choose who, if anyone drinks, the challenge is over.

Room Three: Trick or Setback

When the PCs enter the round room again, they see an archway and a hallway beyond.
The disembodied voice of Xarn speaks, "At the end of this hallway is the ladder up. There you will find what you seek." Past the archway is a long hallway. (Impossibly long for the tower’s size) The 10’ high hallway has no ceiling. A ladder leads up the ceiling of this cavernous room. The top 3’ of the walls are made the living bricks. (They attempt to stop anyone trying to climb on the walls. Or fly out.)
About halfway between the archway and the ladder, the environment changes before the PC’s eyes. Either side hallways appear, or walls do, or disappear. In essence a second maze phases in, while the current one phases out. This change stays for a number of minutes and switches to yet another one, and to a fourth and back to the first. Then it cycles through them repeatedly. Some of the walls are living brick and can move, the walls move at 60 per appearance cycle. (Thanks Treasure Tables for the idea!) They phase in for one of the 4 cycles. (DM note: make four(4) identically sized mazes. Have a ladder near the center in the same spot for all. Do whatever you want with them, put a letter-number grid so when you switch, you know where they are)
To make matters worse for the PCs there are numerous half-breed minotaurs (experiments) who have been given a home here. They love this maze as it gives them something to do and purpose in life. They are constantly looking for what changes. There are a few cleaning oozes. All the players need to do is get to the ladder, which everyone can see from anywhere in the Maze. 
If a party member Phases (example: blink spell), they see all 4 mazes at once and are probably going to wind up trapped, except they can walk through the current real walls, with normal dangers. 
Special Notes:
-The ladder has an anti-magic field emanating from it. (approximately 10’)
-Remember the PC who gave the disease cure potion to the loved ones will start being effected by the disease-most likely in this room.

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle or Conflict

Allow myself to introduce… myself
Environment effects: The anti-magic from the ladder suppresses all magic light. Until the hatch is closed the breeze is strong enough to put out lantern (50% for hooded lanterns) when the group arrives it should be dark. When they close the heavy hatch any magic light will no longer be suppressed. They’ve now enter a maze-like Hall of Mirrors.
"It’s finally time to take a GOOD look at yourself. Oh, adn there is a door here somewhere… Bwahahahahaaa…" Booms the wizard’s familiar voice.
As the hatch slams shut and torches and lights are re-lit, the party will find themselves in a standard hall of mirror. Only one of each party member’s multitude of reflections is an evil-half. They are really malicious spirit trapped in the mirror. The only way for them to escape is to take someone in. These reflections are exact copies of the PCs, except without the disease. 
As one might expect, the reflections will try and confuse the PCs as to who to help attack. (The spirits can sense each other.) In a Hall of weirdly angled mirrors, It is very difficult to detect, enemy. The party must first decide who is real or false. The spirits have no such difficulty. The spirits also read surface thoughts and will use them against the party.
If the PCs survive, one of the mirrors will have a hard to find handle
Through this door is what they set on this challenge for.

Room Five: Reward, Revelation

Xarn awaits the PCs with his goblin assistant Rumi. Xarn is a slight man dressed in Red flowing Wizard robes, with purple trim. He has a similarly appointed hat. And smaller square spectacles. His crow’s feet wrinkles disappear into shoulder length salt and pepper hair.
He and his assistant stand behind a low pedestal with a large mirror mounted on top. They are grinning widely when they enter. 
In a wispery voice, He greets everyone, "Welcome brave souls. You have passed the challenge I have put before you. And I am proud of you all. You have spoken your desires, and I know why you are here. I have also watched your actions, and they too speak of your wishes."
"Before I answer any questions, we will get to the heart of it. I shall put a last choice before you individually."
Xarn will then address each PC and re-cap their choices and actions, and their stated desires. He will present them each with two items. Each will aid in one of the two paths, Desire vs. Deed. For those that are afflicted with the disease, he also offers them the cure. If they choose the potion, after everyone has made their choice, he will offer them to pick between the remaining to items and accuse the PC of thinking him a cruel heartless man. The Goblin-Gumi will always mimic the expressions Xarn has, and will agree with his master.
If asked, Xarn will explain that the challenge was to find suitable characters to venture forth to reclaim his hand. When asked, he explains that his hand was lost during an unfortunately desperate situation involving casting a Djinni bottle into a Bag of Holding. This caused a dimensional rift to rip open, fold back on itself, and capture his hand before repairing itself. His hand is alive and technically attached. It is floating in-where he thinks-is the realm of forgotten creatures. He asks the party if they wish to travel with him to this dimension, and assist him. Otherwise the challenge is over and the PCs can return to town unmolested.

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Comments ( 15 )
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September 26, 2007, 15:56
Updated: Updated: Updated: Updated: Fixing Word's puncuation as best as possible, and revising the summary.
September 26, 2007, 20:00
I like this.

The idea of using the adventure to reveal character hooks is very smart ("what do you truly desire?"). Kudos for that.

well deserved 4/5
Voted dark_dragon
September 26, 2007, 20:04
Actually, with the Living stones, the lost hand and the shifting maze, this deserves more than 4. This is a 5/5 sub. Nice one!
September 26, 2007, 22:05
I just saw that the Standard Wizard's Tower Encounter was missing.
I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much.

I'm ALWAYS a proponent of putting the PCs in situations where the have to show their True/often hidden colors.
Most Players play for a long time with the other players never knowing the moral stances
Voted Cheka Man
September 27, 2007, 12:30
I like it.
Voted manfred
September 27, 2007, 16:56
Yep, the wizard tower is a cliche, but exactly because it works - so thanks for adding it. Other than that, it's an okay scenario, with a few interesting touches (the hive mind stones were nice; and the apprentice mimicking his master was a funny bit). The punctuation is still quite bad, I'm afraid.
September 28, 2007, 9:38
The scenario itself is very cliched, I must agree. However, the stone idea on its own is like a kernel: an entire tree of ideas has sprouted into my head from it.

The post itself has a brilliant 'cheesy' feel to it. (in the same way that James bond is cheesy... its a good thing). It reminded me straight away of 'the man with the golden gun', and rather than cliche, a better word for it would be classic. The fact that the Party is after a missing !HAND! is quirky and funny.

As an adventure, it is light on the intricacies of more meaningful dungeoneering, but it works to make the PCs face a variety of challenges.

This post is part of the "We met up in a bar and decided to go adventuring" RPGs. Whether this is your taste or not, I think it is an excellent example of the genre.
September 28, 2007, 13:38
I don't mind that genre really, and the submission itself is okay. What's more, you have inspired me to another post of the classical type. So thanks for that. :)
Voted Stomphoof
October 5, 2007, 8:57
I think this is pretty nifty. I wonder if that wizard can use his hand wherever it is sitting though... HRMMM
June 22, 2009, 10:02
Stomphoof - Xarn's hand can be used, and every so often, he can feel his hand brush up against something, so yes. His spells occasionally do nothing and he surmises, must be discharging in the other dimension to unknown effect.
Voted Fallen Angel
June 28, 2009, 2:35
Only voted
Voted axlerowes
July 24, 2009, 13:57
I used half of this, last week

I gave them the first three rooms. The first challenge was resolved with some difficulty because one character could not easily answer the question (a nice roleplaying moment though)-"what does she want?". This lead to a brief fractioning of the party.

The second room went just as you had layed out and went over well.

The third room, I changed the walls of the maze to be "undead" walls made from stone and corpses. The walls would attack anyone who got within their reach...it fit the undead theme of this tower better. But the shifting maze confused half the party for a good ten minutes. When you ran this did you show them the maps or just describe the surroundings? Some of the PCs had a hard to time visualizing the quickly shifting enviornment, how did you handle the mechanics of this? The shift walls also split the party again. The one half the party used a run, scout and shout method which worked well until they encountered the minotaurs. The other half the party moved as close to the ladder as possible each time and then waited for shifts. One character tried to climb the walls. Climbing the walls didn't work but both of the other methods allowed the PCs to work the maze out. I used a grid system to keeps track of the PCs between map.
Voted herrozerro
November 14, 2010, 9:08

Only Voted

Voted valadaar
March 26, 2014, 10:17
This is neat, though the only piece which wrankled a little is the automatic infliction of disease - it assumes the PCs will pull the handle without the benefit of gloves and the like.

The living wall is certainly an interesting idea.

Voted infinitum3d
June 17, 2015, 13:50

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