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November 20, 2005, 8:56 am

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A bald, runic-tattoo covered elven mercenary who looks out only for himself.

Special Equipment:

Round, razor edged shield. The blade goes all along the curved edge of the metal.

Sentient, very talkative sword. Annoys Wasp, but is powerful.

Magic, light producing cloth ring (sizes to fit snugly to items such as swords, arms, etc.) Produces red light.

Tattoos which protect from magical bondage, mind control, telepathy, and scrying magics.


Wasp has no hair on his head, and instead the top, back, and sides of his cranium are covered in mysterious rune-like tattoos. These black tattoos run down the back of his neck to his shoulder blades, along his spine, onto his chest, and down his arms midway to his elbows.

His eyes are clear blue, as is common with elves, but they seem to have hardened over the years. When he looks at someone, they feel as if he is taking in every aspect of their being.

He wears black chainmail, and a black silken cape. His sword is always at his side. Black leather boots come nearly to his knees.

He is young for an elf, but experience can plainly be seen on his features. He is obviously calculating, and when he enters a room, he seems to take in every detail instantly. He walks confidently, but not boastfully. His voice is melodic in elven style, but has a more metallic, cold, even sound to it. He never says more than is necessary, and is irritated easily, especially by unimportant speech.


Born into an elven enclave, he grew up as most elves do, and was normal for his race. He excelled with the sword and shield, and his quick, calm wit was remarkable for his young age. His given name was Ganalliel, meaning Dove.

When he was an adolescent, human’s invaded his home, and those that were not killed were enslaved in a limestone quarry. There he worked for 30 years. One day, he saw his best childhood friend killed by an overly-eager foreman, and Ganalliel began to plot his revenge.

That night, he killed the man who had beaten his friend to death, along with many of the other humans. He then escaped from the quarry, and fled to the nearest city. It did not take him long to establish himself as one of the best fighters around, and still he continued to hone his skills. After he slew his 100th foe, he declared he was no longer an elf, for an elf would never have the nerve to do the things he did, and he renamed himself Wasp.

He became one of the best fighters in the land, and was a mercanary of the highest demand. When a king wanted a duke dead, or information taken from a rival king’s own chambers, Wasp was called upon. His loyalty was never a question, for it does not exist. He owes his allegence to himself only, though when contracted for a job, he can say that he has never let a customer down.

After he had become a prominent and known mercenary and assassin, he was approached by an emissary of an unknown employer. The emissary promised great payment, and automatically had Wasp’s attention. Meeting with the man’s employer, the elf found himself face to face with the avatar of a dark god. The god knew of Wasps history as a slave, and offered him tattoos which would ensure that he never would be enslaved again. Wasp accepted, and in return for the magic runes, he now owes the god a favor. The god did not go into any detail, and now Wasp must perform any one job the god requests. The god has not yet enlisted Wasp to act upon the agreement.

Today, he is known (in higher circles) as one of the most ruthless, cold-hearted, professional, and dependedable mercenaries money can buy.

Roleplaying Notes:

Wasp is neither good nor evil, he simply does as he is payed. He does not get involved in politics, and considers himself above the law. He does not get violent out of anger often, but if he is annoyed or angered, he is likely to swiftly and fluidly put the person at fault in a position with the elf’s sword at their throat, and give them a deadly warning.

As for adventures, Wasp is most likely going to be involved one way or another any major happenings of the area he is in at the time. Also, the god contacting him and requesting he fulfill his favor could have dire consequences.

(For more information on Wasp, visit

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Comments ( 7 )
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May 15, 2004, 18:03
Hmmm...I think Simon was better than this one.
We do get a good idea of his personality, and I like the name. However, the whole tattooes thing:
"He does not remember where the tattoos came from. While doing a mercenary job for a church, he was confronted with the monks of a dark god. He cannot recall what happened after he first saw them, but remembers waking up in their monastary, bald and tattooed. He slew them all before they realized he had gained consciousness, fulfilling his contract."
That leaves me cold. Oh well.

May 15, 2004, 19:53
I know what you mean. I'll try to think of a better explanation for the tattoos and make it better.
May 16, 2004, 2:26
Some information on the cult or what these tattoos are all about, even if the character did not know about the effects, the GM/ reader should know about them.
May 16, 2004, 8:39
How about this for an idea: the tattoos of the cult were intended to bind him to the will of cult (he sounds like the sort of person who'd be very useful to a dark cult). Unfortunately for them, the spell was such that someone has to conciousless assert their will over the tattooed victim: as Wasp slew them all before they realised he had regained consciousness he foiled their plan. Two possible uses for this are:
a) The cult wasn't unique: this leaves Wasp vulnerable to falling under the sway of the followers of this dark god should he come across them again.
b) Someone else could recognise the tattoos and assume that Wasp is a minion of this dark cult. They would then presumably try to kill him, get him locked up or panic, depending on their temperament.
May 16, 2004, 12:10
I fixed the tattoo problem. Sorry about being so vague originally!
Voted Dragon Lord
December 2, 2005, 9:22
Hmm - one thing I don-t get (in fact I'm surprised nobody else has pick up on this)

"That night, he killed the man who had beaten his friend to death, along with many of the other humans."

If he was that efficient, and that deadly, all the way back hen, how did the humans ever manage to enslave him - and how come he remained a slave for 30 years - just doesn't seem to make sense

Apart from that - not bad at all - not quite in the same class as the Simon character, but pretty good nonetheless

3.5 / 5 - but I think I'll downgrade half a point for the anomaly regarding his enslavement - 3/5
Voted valadaar
March 20, 2013, 20:55
Writing is good, spelling good. Idea...

I think I've seen this fellow before. Everyone seems to need to write up their own Jason Bourne.

A sentient sword named .. sentient?

Commented on for Comment Challenge!


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