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May 2, 2010, 8:34 pm

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Vampiric Panties


Vampiric panties? What a base a vulgar term, they are discretionary undergarments. Please, they are Braies of the Tides.

Braies of the Tides

The Braies of the Tides are a not uncommon magical piece of clothing owned by wealthy and infuential women. They are made of high quality linen, silk, or some other expensive material. They are always a dark color, with black or dark blue being the most common. These are the most expensive of the unmentionables that a woman might own, barring Bras of Holding and the like.

Braies of the Tides have two magical properties, they are more durable than traditional cloth, and the fabric has an almost unlimited ability to absorb blood.

An Inconvenient Truth

An often overlooked truth in fantasy literature and gaming is that once a month women have a certain visitor. Modern aspects of feminine hygiene such as liners and such were not invented until the last century or so. Vampiric Panties, or Braies of the Tides are a magical answer to a very common event.

Additional Ideas (1)

Plot 1: A mysterious bout of venerial diseases has suddenly come to plague a city. Spreadding like wildfire and un-talked about by the community. A faulty manufacturer of the panties could be to blame. 

Plot 2: Some pervert has been stealing into the chambers of lords and ladies and sniffing their panties! Finding the criminal reveals he has been able to reverse-engineer the panties to give up blood, which he uses for more sinister necromantic purposes like creating hollow children.

Plot 3: The rivers of a far away town begin to run red with blood, destroying crops, causing disease, and fouling the water for drinking. This happens to coincide with a certian fad in panties several miles away. All the blood had to go somewhere, how can you convince the wealthy people of a far away town to care about this hamlet?


2011-07-17 09:00 PM » Link: [6029#78477|text]
Thanks for your attempt at my challenge. You've pulled far more from this submission than I thought possible. I would like to make some comments about your plot hooks.
Plot 1. How about replace the vampire panties with any magical clothing, and change the venereal disease to a skin disease such as leprosy. There you have it, albeit less sexy, the same basic plot... no panties.
Plot 2. My favorite of the three. Of course why menstrual blood is a specific ingredient to a necromancer's abilities is beyond me. I think that there are better plots than this one, that have done far worse. For example, the Species movies and wasn't there an Angel episode where women get pregnant from a demon? Not to mention Blade and Twilight that both involve a half vampire from a pregnant woman. Your plot would definitely keep the PCs guessing, which is good.
Plot 3. This basic plot which I would call 'the messenger of doom'. This plot is where the PCs have to bring the message to a people that they are the cause of someone else's misery, That through ignorance or whatever, they are cursing someone else. Ultimately, I find these argumentative style plots yield very little by way of enjoyment for the PCs and try the a GMs reasoning skills for multiple NPCs like very few other situations do. I've seen a few campaigns crash over situations like this one. The key is evidence. What evidence is there that the panties are the problem?
Anyway, I will raise my vote but you will need to fix up Plot 2 or 3 to get me to take back my original comments. (Also in hindsight, I never should have issued such a challenge now I feel that I need to keep talking about this when I was tired of talking about it a long time ago.)

2011-07-24 10:48 PM » Link: [6029#78597|text]
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Comments ( 13 )
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Voted Cheka Man
May 2, 2010, 21:43
Useful for periods or cleaning up blood from murders. Don't use this to wrap around a cut or you might die.
May 3, 2010, 14:44
Actually, also neat to remove the occassional fiend or undead who are made of blood.
Also, in the Scarred Lands DnD setting, the enchantment may be worth a fortune to remove the titans' blood that corrupts the land.
May 3, 2010, 23:38
What a terrible way for a blood demon to be destroyed, eaten by a pair of black lace panties
May 5, 2010, 15:44
I'm just not on board with this magic tampon. Is this item practical? Yes. Is it realistic that women of a fantasy world would want these? Yes. Is it funny? Maybe, depends on the use. Is it useful in a role-playing setting? Not really, other than mentioning its' existence. First, a woman's period is one of those events, that I for one, feel is best left out of role-playing games. Unnecessary details like that slow the game pace and add little enjoyment for the players. Second, I mean how many blood demons does one run into? Also the speed at which this underwear devours blood was omitted from the entry, so when discussing it's use as a weapon against a bloody entity, it is more likely that it would be ineffective. To be more clear, to fulfill it's purpose, it must devour no more than a couple of tablespoons (not that I've measured) of blood a month. The magician/tailor who built this would know that and not dump huge amounts of energy into the item on the off chance that one month the woman's period would amount to several cups or more. Obviously, a female assassin might contract a more powerful one...??? I guess...if she were really strange.
May 9, 2010, 18:39
Oh please!

This is a great item that adds some realism. Not everything needs to be useful in a fight.

Anyway how long will something like this hold the lime light?
Would you have a problem with it if it was a self-heating skillet?

As you say it has no more role-playing use except in mentioning how the natives have dealt with an aspect of life. Like a gelatinous cube in the midden.
May 10, 2010, 14:11
First, the use of vampire panties for a fight was brought up by others, I simply commented on how I think that would go over. After rereading my comment, I think you go too far to say that I have a grudge against all utility magical items. The self heating skillet, has a large number of uses, I have no problem with that. Second, it doesn't matter how long it holds the lime light... it is doubtful it will add any value to the game. Finally, to make the final emphasis to my original point, I challenge anyone to make at least one realistic straight forward plot hook involving the panties. This plot hook has to be specific to the panties and its' powers, therefore should not substitutable for any generic magical dingus. If you can produce such a plot hook I will take back what I've said and raise my vote. I would also like you to keep in mind, the better items in Strolen's have at least three good plot hooks each. Good luck.
Voted MoonHunter
May 10, 2010, 12:59
If he named it The Braies of the Tides instead of Vampire Panties (which summoned an entirely different image to my mind - being evil things that suck.. well you get the image), I think I would of been more on board. He played part of it for laughs and I think that failed.

As for useful item in a world, yes. It is a background item, something that a magic rich/ enchantment rich world would have. Given the price and effort to make most "enchanted items" in most games, this item would not be one that would exist. However, if the system has easy enchantments OR and entire industry making things (and health potions and such), then yes. I expect it so.

Is this on an average game's equipment list? No. For the exact same reason we are having much of the discussion. Not a subject most male gamers want to deal with.

Yes, in the most extreme circumstances this could be an "adventuring item". That is not its point. This is something that the world has.
May 12, 2010, 17:33
Depending on the culture, these items might not resemble modern undergarments. For example, some cultures used rags to absorb women's monthly flow, the source of a common phrase used to describe that condition.

The vampiric panties also suggest other items to me, items tangental to the original concept. In a world where blood and body parts carry supernatural significance, nobles might have other garments enchanted to absorb blood, close wounds, and speed healing. Carrying charms against sepsis, these would prevent the risk that hostile spellcasters could pick up blood, hair, or flesh to direct their maledictions or to overcome defenses against scrying.

Voted Redgre
July 24, 2011, 22:49
Only voted
Voted Strolen
January 10, 2012, 14:18

I couldn't stop laughing reading this thread. Awesome discussion. Blood Demons!?!?!? BAAAHAHAHAHAA

Voted Murometz
March 5, 2015, 23:16
Having recently given Echo's character in PbP his (her) first period :P I have to say I don't see anything wrong with using this in a game for laughs or otherwise. Also what Strolen said.

I like both names too, "Vampiric Panties" (amusing old-school item name) and Braeis of the Tides (adds gravitas) lol.
Voted Aramax
January 26, 2017, 10:12
4/5 Saw this on the front page and HAD to look at it.funny and entertaining. Could be a whole slapstick mini campaign, (getting one if they were rare).

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