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April 9, 2007, 10:24 am

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The 53rd broken blades (shock division)


There are the unwanted, the cripples, the scum, and the bastards. All these find an escape from their pointless lifes in the Broken Blade Company. But not by friendship, not by sharing the misery and not by learning to watch out for each other or fight for a cause. No, they escape by dying so others don’t have to.

The Formation of the Broken Blades
The Brokenblades regiment was founded by Prime Commander Stalter, leader of the 5th imperial army and overall general. It was during the time of the Crallean Desert campaign. The armies of the empire were caught in a pincer. Ahead of them a mighty army consisting of contingents from 12 cities that the empire sought to conquer. From behind an army of rebles from the lands already conquered was lead by a cadre of eight fearsome mages.

While the 5th was out maneurvered by the frontal army and was forced to retreat, the 9th legion was obliterated by an attack of the reble army.

It was now that Stalter gathered to him all three remaining legions and struck for the reble army. At this time is was led by the mage Kraku, of whom it was said that even three of the best imperial mages could match.

Knowing that he would need every possible man and resource possible to beat the rebles, Stalter created a unique force. He gathered all the broken, the survivers of the 9th, he granted an amnesty to all soldiers due for execution and those yet to be trialled for crimes like desertion. He gathered the captured mercenaries and half-elves and other filthy half-breeds form a new regiment. Of all these the 9th survivors were the most weakened by the horrors of the world. They had witnessed a destructive conflagration of sorcery that had mentally broken them for life.

All these men who were unwanted were thrown together. From that chaos came some semblence of order. They fromed a regiment with four companies, each consisted of several squads. The sergents and corporals were chosen from the ranks but all the officers were former senior officers from the 9th. The leader of the entire regiment was Colonal Tegrim. He was once a commander but was captured and tortured brutally with magic. After that he was in fit condition to take command and was discharged. However as they were in the middle of a campaign and as he was greatly respected Stalter kept him on as an advisor.


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Comments ( 2 )
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May 4, 2007, 17:01
This is actually an interesting idea... I've heard somewhere, that once a Chinese (or was it Japanese) warlord ordered his men in the front rank to decapitate each other, using the resulting chaos among the enemy forces for a fast attack.

And this may be such a group, if used carefully for the greatest shock effect, or simply for delaying parts of the army, while a critical strike is made elsewhere. I would like to see how they were used, and what successes they had. A spellcheck would be also in place, but the ideas have to come first.

It has potential.
July 12, 2008, 9:55
Like Manfred said an interesting idea, please continue, im dying to read more.

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