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April 3, 2007, 4:58 am

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30 people on a battlefield


30 people one might encounter while roaming the many battlefields of the empire…

1. Nathaniel Eaglecrown
Second son of the noble Eaglecrown family, Nathaniel is at war to defend his family crest, and his personal honor, after having been taunted as a coward by a rival. His determination is absolutly unshaking, but most of the time, his lack of experience means he is lost as to what he needs to do next.

2. “Badmouth” Jimmy the grenadier
To the greatest delight of his comrades, this war-hardened veteran keeps his spirits up by shouting a deluge of ever ruder and ever louder insults at the enemy. His mastery of witty insults is perhaps only matched by the precision and rate of fire of his small grenades, made by filling empty bottles with a secret concotion of alcohol and explosives.

3. Cassandra Goldenfalls
A shut in daughter of an aristocratic family, Cassie has managed to disguise herself as an infantryman up to now,

4. Bloodthirsty Jim
Veteran of too many campaign, touseled haired Jim is most comfortable when covered in freely-flowing gore and blood in the middle of the battlefield. Most men (on both sides) give him a very wide berth, and the mad glint which appears in his eyes after every kill has earned him his well deserved sobriquet.

5. Donald “technician” Reaver
Another one of his many nickname is “Siege-maker”, so good is he at his trade: building all sorts of siege machines from their raw components.
Never without a length of string and a lead weight, as well as a builder’s compass, he artfully directs his small team of bulders in the delicate process of building and balancing enourmous trebuchets, rams, and siege towers. A job stressful enough to have taken a toll on him over the years, as evident from his thin and falling hair.

6. Rosaline Goldenheart, camp matron
A true sweetheart, Rosaline, at nearly 68 years old should not be on any battlefield, But since her son has gonne missing, she has attached herself to the regiment, and acts as a mother, counsellor, and cook to all of the soldiers, who are fiercely protective of her. Taking care of the wounded, she makes sure that every camp ever settled feels just like home, wether in a mosquito ridden swamp, or in a sweltering desert, all the while hoping to one day find her son again.

7. Patricia Ironmind, tactician
One of the keenest minds on any battlefield Patricia acts as a tactical adviser to the generals (and a very good one at that). A general’s daughter herself, she took an unatural interest in battle tactics when intruding in her father’s office and seeing the miryads of maps as a child. since thgen she has never stopped learning about terrain, movement, and the best use of siege engine. Surprisingly, in a mostly chauvinistic setting, all men will listen to her as equal, and many who have seen the outcome of her decisions will know to follow her every order as if coming from the the god of war himself.

8. Lucius Durandal (Murderous cook)
Scarrier than most things on the battlefield when wielding a bare serving spoon (and considerably scarrier when the spoon is full!), Lucius’s cooking is almost as bad as his temper. He seems to have a superhuman ability to hear criticism of his food at any distance, which is backed by a rage more dangerous than his foulest concoctions.

Reportedly, desperate squad leaders faced with cowardly frontline troops have been heard forcing them into fighting by threatening to tell Lucius what they the troops had said about his cooking.

9. Arthur willenfowl, sharpener
At 14 years old, Arthur is too young for the perils of combat, so he stays all day in camp, sharpening the blades of the men-at-arms, and hoping that one day, he may serve his king by riding in a suite of armour into battle, proudly wearing his colors, the way the knights he so gloriously admires do.

10. Alex Etandard
criminal forced to fight

11. Rimerald, the warrior prince
inspiring leader

the Reverand
preacher, moral counsel to the men

the fated swordsman
fated to kill his king, he has decided to fight the prophecy.

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