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January 19, 2007, 7:01 pm

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A rattlebrained once-paladin who has become obsessed with destruction and alchemy…..

Special Equipment:

Touchstone—This is Nim’s trusted longsword. It’s hilt is bound black leather with a hydra as the pommel. Its crossguard is black with deep green wire raveling around it. The blade itself is 37 inches long to the tip, and the false tip is 35 inches long, cutting a V shape indent two inches before the end. It is double sided with an indenture down the center on the front. The entire blade itself is white with inlaid green metal. These wind along the center of the blade in the design of olive leaves.

Itoecn—This is a blood red figurine of a squirrel named Itoecn. Nim claims that he can come alive as a familiar every once in a while.


Nim looks slightly younger than twenty nine, perhaps around twenty five or so. Her hair is blazing red… thick and down to her elbows. It is curled but not curly curly. She has a high forehead above two round, piercing dark slate green eyes. Her cheekbones are high under this, and she has a pointed chin and rounded human ears. The rest of her body is small, she stands only 5 foot 4 and a half. Her form is thin and lithe, one could easily mistaken her for a child in the distance. She is wiry and strong from years of training, and there are scars about her arms and one running from her ear to just under her chin on her right jawline.

She marches to the beat of her own drum. Consequently, Nim is chaotic, eccentric, innovative and weird. She follows goodness and the law to a certain extent, delights in helping others, and is outgoing. Mistakes are often made but make no impact on her life; she has very high self esteem and strong inner strength. Nim enjoys details, LOVES thinkings and she loves even more getting down to the point. This often means that Nim will come of brusque, amusing and more than rarely offensive. But she is quick to make up in her charm; Nim hurts nothing unless deemed necessary, and then she is ruthless. She rarely fights, preferring to reach more for an insult than her sword. However Nim doesn’t mind a heated arguement, in fact, she loves them. And she is very quick to hang laws she doesn’t like, as long as she follows the codes she was brought up by. While not all of that is positive, Nim also has a habit of acting rash, changing sides at the drop of a hat, and possesses an acute delight with destruction.

- Self-Motivating
- Self-Disciplined
- Strong body and strong immune system

- Mentally Derailed… let’s say
- Emotions (don’t let them show or they’ll bring her down!
- Lack of Dexterity, Agility (more a lack of dex than agi, but…)


Nim grew up with her family in a rather large house. All four of her brothers were paladins, her father and her little brother was soon to become one. It may have been that influence that forced her to take the responsibility and knighthood too, but Nim, though good and birght, had a distinct disrespect for most laws. From a very early age she was forced to read doctrines on moral principals, sainthood and whatnot… things a paladin should be interested in. Her life as a child was boring, except for the every day lessons in chivalry and diplomacy, politics and whatnot. Nim longed to end up like her friend, Luinhairle, an adventurer of no small skill. He was long gone before she was ten… on the other side of the world no doubt.

The paladinic order came to the family when Nim was ten. They spoke of glory and respect on the battlefield, enthralling her parents. They, in turn, forced her into the knighthood. Grudgingly she accepted, and on her twelfth birthday ended up becoming a squire. When she was twenty seven she became a full paladin, though many frowned on her for her… wierd ways. Especially Itoecn… she found the squirrel entrapped in the library, and its figurine. Nim would bring Itoecn everywhere, including the council meeting where he would merrily disrupt everyone with his chatter.

Nim kept her disliking towards the gods the paladins followed, and didn’t hesitate to make it known. She left the order one day, disgusted at their skewed idea of bravery, and their ridicule of cowardice. Nim knew that once she left she would never return. Instead, Nim traveled… seeking Luinhairle and getting herself in trouble. Nim calls herself a Paladin, though she doubles also as an alchemist. In her homeland she would be stripped of rank for both; alchemy seemed to be forbidden. But this leaves her undaunted; the tantalising taste of destruction is too great for her to resist. She doesn’t appear concerned when anyone approaches her now, she just shows them Touchstone, instead, and contents by saying she is a wanderer, a crazy lunatic and with Itoecn, very wise.

Roleplaying Notes:

-Insanity Level-
Play this character as you’d play Minsc from BG. In otherwords like this:

-Has a habit of talking to herself and Itoecn.
-Claims Itoecn can speak and is as smart as a human.
-Goes of on random tangents during conversations.
-Fairly rattlebrained and her ideas are usually WAY out there.
-Always looking for a way to make her explosives more powerful.
-Will not settle nor stand for unlawful actions. (But she’ll gladly blow up and entire block of a city)

-Due to Nim’s alchemical lore, her clothes most of the time are soaked with chemicals that are highly flammable. She’s not too fond of fire.

-Lay on Hands
Usually, as long as her spell isn’t disrupted by anything, there is an 85% of success and about a 10% of a victim’s full recovery. Nim can’t perform this spell to herself without some sort of aid from a magical item. This spell involves calling down spirits from another realm to help heal.

-Detect Evil Auras
Works in similar ways with the spirit realm, except this time instead of healing she can determine who in a group is not of “true” intent, or is otherwise “evil.” This spell will last until her concentration is broken by something else, or until there are no more evil presences to detect.

Sorry no hooks folks; but I’ll add more as I do. I never really got around to RP’ing: it had to do with the RP site, not Nim. But I’m working on it, she’s my favourite charry!

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Comments ( 6 )
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January 26, 2005, 0:45
I generally like this character, except for the last few lines....

-Insanity Level-
Play this character as you would play Minsc from Baldur's Gate.
Well this is useful having not played Baldur's gate.

-Lay on Hands (Similar to Cure Wounds... This will heal slightly anyone who is not mortally wounded.)
-Detect Evil Auras (Self explanatory? Spell lasts until her concentration is broken)

I'm sorry, we all don't play DnD. I'm a Fantasy Hero type and a few other are closet Gurps players. We can guess at some of it, so it is not something we will go off on. But we need an idea of how good is she? Can you give us a non game mechanic laiden description of her power level in these abilities.

Sorry no hooks folks. I never really got around to RP'ing with her...
They why are you posting it? If there isn't anything to do with the character, why would other people include it in their campaigns/ games as a non player character. The character has a few hooks you can deduce from write up. If you spent a few moments more I am sure you could of writen them out for us.

These last few bits turned what could of been a very good post, to a merely average one... IMO. A few edits could seriously improve this character's rating... so I am holding off voting.
January 26, 2005, 18:22

Well, D&D aside (not really that big of a deal, a fairly intelligent person could figure out the spells, and she explained some of Minsc's behaviors), I'd have to give her a 3/5 on this one.
The main thing that led to this judgement is that, when you get down to it, the background really just tells you that she was an insane girl who became a paladin. She's just a crazy paladin (if she's so crazy, how did she pass her paladin-training?). Moon was somewhat correct there, but I'd put it a different way- why would you include this character? I see nothing really terribly interesting about her.

That said, you did go into great detail about her personality and appearance, and I like the touch about the flammable chemicals on her clothes (not something you usually see from alchemists).
So, overall...

Voted Wulfhere
June 21, 2007, 15:58
I like this young eccentric. She doesn't seem to be TOO far out there, just a bit scatterbrained and inclined to believe odd ideas, (like the idea that her statue is alive).

She has plenty of roleplaying hooks, even if they're not written up as such.

My only real beef is that she is written in a very disjointed and backwards fashion. When I meet an NPC, the way she looks and he obvious demeanor are the first things I'll learn. After that, I may learn her background and what her odd special items are.
Voted punkcasher
March 17, 2009, 1:24
Interesting NPC. Good Job.

Voted valadaar
January 28, 2016, 15:32
This okay, and could be much better. Until Moonhunter mentioned it, I had no idea what "Minsc from BG" meant.

But a nutty paladin I can work with. Not sure how she would stay a paladin given how chaotic her insanity would make her...

Voted Mageek
January 31, 2016, 12:20
I enjoyed the red squirrel familiar statuette. I've often had issues rationalizing why familiars don't all die with the first fireball or acid bath trap. This would be one neat way to reduce the chance of that happening in addition to the RP aspects.

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