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December 24, 2005, 1:41 pm

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Hostage Escort


The Players are asked to escort a prisoner to a point where he can be exchanged.  But first they have to break him out of the dungeon…

The Houses of Dromberg and Tremane have always been at loggerheads with each other.  Dromberg believes the House Tremane to have ties with the underground movement that threatens to replace the ruler of the ‘Iron Throne’ for an alternative but have so far never found proof. 

Recently, a party travelled through the local area escorted by Robard Dromberg and his men carrying money/transcripts/whatever of importance to the throne.  They were set upon by a band of brigands who attacked to gain the items.  Chasing the fleeing brigands they came across Jaime Tremane and some of his men also in the forest.  This may have just been coincidence but it was one too many for Robard who accused Jaime of treason, and dealing with the brigands.  A fight broke out and in the fight Robard was killed but his men managed to capture Jaime and take him to Castle Dromberg.

Jaimes father sent out a party to seek the return of Jaime, but instead they came across Robards daughters, travelling to Castle Dromberg.  Seizing this chance they captured the girls (ages around 5 and 8) and took them back to their own Castle, while the messengers went out to Dromberg with the message of exchanging Jiame for the girls. 

Robards elder brother, Carl, sees the capture of Jaime as an opportunity to gain favour with the Iron Throne.  His intention is to use Jiame to gain information on the underground movement and to prove their long held suspicions about the loyalties of the Tremane family.  Althial society is very male dominated.  Women may not hold positions of power and are very much seen as second-class citizens here.  Carl has no intention of handing Jaime over in exchange for his dead brothers daughters, who, politically speaking, are not male and so useless.

Robards wife, Katerin, does care very much for her daughters however.  She knows that Robard would not have allowed this situation to remain as it does and is intent on solving this situation herself. 

She secretly enlists the players to break Jiame out of the dungeon and escort him to the drop off point where he will be exchanged for her daughters.  She then intends to flee with her daughters from Dromberg.  Carl will leave tomorrow night to make a report to the Iron Throne and will take Marlin, who is his best tracker.  This would be the best time to break Jaime out, as any pursuit will be more likely to be less organised and effective. 

Katerin will do what she can to help but will try to avoid being directly implicated if she can, she will have to remain until the children are returned after all.  The players will only have a set number of days to get Jaime to the exchange point or Jaimes father has threatened to execute the girls.

However, given that the players manage to get Jiame out, that night, in the pouring rain, Carl will return with his retinue.  One of their horses fell and broke a leg and they returned.  Once Carl finds out what has happened he will not be happy and will send his best men to get Jaime back.

The basic premise of this story is to give the players a chase with them being on the receiving end.  The Drombergs should be well equipped enough to give them a run for their money.  In my campaign world horses were in short supply so the players would be on foot.  Katerine had also requested that they do not kill any of the men sent after then if they could avoid it (although she does not care what happens to Carl or Marlin). 

When the players return they have to break out Katerin, as she will likely be under house arrest (Carl will work out what has happened quickly).  Jiames father actually has no intention of killing the girls but he is serious about getting his son back.   Katerin is also not in a good position to pay the players much money, perhaps able to give them a few family heirlooms for their trouble.

It is also worth thinking that Jiame may not want to be entirely willing part of any hostage hand over.  Once he is free he may feel that having the girls is an extra pull over certain members of the Dromberg family.

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Comments ( 9 )
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April 28, 2005, 7:08
Please, check the spelling, it pulls the interesting plot down. I was also slightly lost at first in the many characters and their motivations, but that is clearly the strong side of the plot. Perhaps a short summing up of both families would be in place.

April 28, 2005, 9:44
I think this reasonably good plot needs too be expanded some.

A mini-blurb about the characters will help cement them in our minds.

A small direct summation to explain the existing situation (world and between the families). It is implied now. I needs to be expanded.

Things like this will help us understand the plot more thoroughly.

A very strong first effort.
April 28, 2005, 9:49
Many thanks for the kind words. Unfortunatly I am about to move house and so will be gone for short while but I will try to update when I get back.
Dragon Lord
April 28, 2005, 11:00
As manfred and MooonHunter suggested, a little more background would help.

Nonetheless, I think I've got the basic idea.

A nice idea and a good plot - 4/5
Dragoon God
April 30, 2005, 14:28
I like it alot. Its different and challanging, but fun.
The spelling isnt the bst, but its betterthen my plots. 4/5
Voted Monument
July 9, 2005, 4:41
The big problem with this one is getting the PCs to give a damn about it. Money can only motivate one so far(ie Katerin paying the PCs for their assistance). If I were to use a scenario like this, I would have to use characters that the PCs both knew and cared about. This would require a few games of setup for me to accomplish. Otherwise, if no suitable reward were in order, what's the point of risking one's neck? My players are not TERRIBLY mercenary, but even still, if one is going to risk one's neck, they'd like it to either be for a decent amount of reward, OR for people they actually give a damn about(which they often do for free)(they are not exactly "quixotic"). 2/5
Voted Wulfhere
January 8, 2007, 15:56
I like this plot, but setting it up could be ticklish, as others have commented already. In order to make the player characters more inclined to take the mission, I would present Carl as very conflicted, with his political responsibilities to his House and his Monarch forcing him to put aside his affection for his nieces. If House Tremane is presented as a truly dubious bunch (pointing up their ties with the rebels, the way that their lands are a haven for bandits, their willingness to use children as hostages, etc.), then Carl's reluctance to deal with them becomes quite reasonable.

If it's clear that he wants to get the children back but can't because of his allegience to the Iron Throne, the player characters may be led to feel that they are actually doing the man a favor if they work behind his back. Also, the more unpleasant the partisans of House Tremane are, the more likely that the heroes will want to take action to save the little girls from them. As they are all liegemen of the Iron Throne, a bloody raid on the Tremane's stronghold would be a bad idea, potentially triggering open war between the two estates.
April 16, 2013, 12:40
I'm confused, is it Jiame or Jaime? It seems to alternate between the two throughout the text. Also this sounds a whole lot like Game of Thrones.
Voted valadaar
April 17, 2014, 11:51
I think Goss is dead on here.

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