A well worn plain staff made from oak. Its magic is said to have come about by a tragic event involving a druid and his wolven companion. It is said that the bond formed between them went beyond what is natural and became one mind in two creatures.

Legend tells that they were defending their home against yet another intruder when the wolf was thrown at the druid and was impaled onto the staff and in turn the staff was thrust into the druid. While face to face, neither knowing the other was soon to die, they tried to give each other a piece of themselves through their special bond. The druid died first and soon after the wolf died leaving the staff imbued with a power that was hoped to be shared with the other.

Magical Properties:

The magic allows whomever that holds the staff and has no ill will towards druids to be able to track as well as a wolf. The heel of the staff is used as if it was a wolve's nose and directed where the scent would be. If a scent is found then the holder has a vision of man, animal, beast to equal what the smell is. Depending on the strength of the vision shows how strong the scent is. If the scent is lost, so is the vision.

The vision only shows the outline and shadowy shapes of the creature to the point where it should be recognizable. In the case of a man, if he is tracked all the way and the staff is allowed a "smell" of the real man then the shadow will meld into the man and from then on the shadow will actually have the features of the real man. This was the gift of the wolf to the druid.

The staff also gives the power to those that hold no ill will towards wolves to be able to discern the true alignment of a person and know if they have evil tendencies. The druid gave this gift to the wolf so it would know those who would be friends.

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