An item like this one was originally posted by someone else in the early days of prodigy.

The Whiffle Accelerator is an oversized blowgun, the same length as a normal blowgun, but the bore or inside diameter is rather large, being about 2 inches across. Normal blowgun darts cannot be fired from the whiffle accelerator, but specially made darts can be crafted for use in the whiffle accelerator, but they will only have half the range of normal darts. The ammo intended for the whiffle accelerator is kept in the specialized bag of holding.

The ammo bag has it's own eco-system inside of it that is capable of providing shelter and food in abundance for up to 10 gerbils. Inside of the bag the gerbils do not age and also cannot reproduce.

The Whiffle Accelerator can accomodate one gerbil at a time. Once the Whiffle Accelerator is aimed, it can be fired much like a normal blowgun, simply by blowing in the end. The magic of the Whiffle Accelerator sends the gerbil hurtling towards the target, which usually gets splattered by a gerbil. The true power of the Whiffle Accelerator comes into effect when the target is a demon or undead.

Magical Properties:

When the target is a demon or undead, the Whiffle Accelerator imbues the gerbil with righteous power to smite the creature. As the gerbil approaches the creature, it transforms into 'Jaws of Righteous Vengance', stretching it's mouth to 2 feet across, lined with adimantium teeth. The Jaws deal 2d12 damage for 1d4 rounds and ignore non-magical armour. Magical armour uses it's pulses for the level of armour protection provided. After the Jaws deal their damage, the gerbil reverts to normal and tries to make it back to the ammo bag.

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