Full Description
The Wandfish is one of the more formidable fish in Acquas oceans, not just because of its size and weight, up to twelve feet long and over a thousand pounds in weight, nor because of its toothy mouth and strong jaw, strong enough to mangle a hand, but because of the long ivory wand-shaped spike that projects from its upper jaw. Although nobody yet knows how a fish can have magic, it uses this wand when feeding to cast an electrical spell that electrocutes the water a few feet in front of it, killing or stunning any fish there, which it then swims up to and eats.

There are unconfirmed rumours of the Wandfish using its magic to heal itself as well, but most authorities on the Wandfish believe that such stories are merely tales of the sea and gross exaggerations. The fish is a deep blue in colour to blend in with the sea around it. Its favoured habitat is the coral reef, which it patrols looking for prey. When arguing with a rival of its own kind over territory or mating rights, it measures its wand against his and the smaller one normally backs down. Should both wands be the same size, they duel with them, thrusting and slashing with them like swords without using the magic within them. The first to take a wound of any kind swims away, so deaths in such combats are rare.

Mating Wandfish are known to stroke each other with their wands as part of their courting behaviour. They generally mate for life and their babies come not from eggs but directly from the female, and stay with the parents for up to two years before they are large enough to defend themselves, when they swim away on their own. Despite their magic ability, krakens and other large predators will take them as prey, and many have been caught by humans to eat and for their wand-like noses.

Additional Information
A wizard will pay well for a Wandfishs wand, as when elegantly and properly carved and prepared it can store a lot of magic in it. When the Wandfish dies for whatever region, its wand still stores one charge of magic. Should anyone press such a wand against someone else, even if the person doing it knows no magic whatsoever, the charge will ignite, casting a lightning bolt whose effects range (depending on the size and age of the wand) from unpleasant to downright deadly.